Thursday, May 24, 2007

3D after all?, part II

At this week´s ´Ubidays´ showcase event in Paris, publisher Ubisoft introduced its new casual games line with a trailer that ends with most peculiar footage. It shows a Wii game that appears to utilize a 3D projector.

Is this a real accessory? Of course, it has always been considered unlikely that Nintendo would get back into 3D technology so soon after the Virtual Boy´s demise. But why else would this be part of Ubisoft´s presentation?

Such technology has been rumoured to be an upcoming peripheral for the Wii in the past. Most notably, in November 2005, Nintendo star designer Shigeru Miyamoto told Business Week:

It's convenient to make games that are played on TVs. But I always wanted to have a custom-sized screen that wasn't the typical four-cornered cathode-ray-tube TV. I've always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that.

There were a number of similar comments hinting at the fact that Wii may not require a television display.

Rumours of a ´last secret´ concerning the Wii persisted for some time. As late as October, Nintendo of America´s Perrin Kaplan confirmed that some features of the console had not yet been announced, saying "We do have a couple of other surprises" and noting that they would especially please the hardcore crowd.

Later that month, Reggie Fils-Aime was rumoured to have hinted at a "big Wii revelation" that would be announced around launch.

Rumours regarding some kind of 3D projection device started very early on, especially in the wake of a brilliant fake and proof that a Japanese gaming company had invested in 3D projection technology.

Is this the final proof that we have been waiting for all this time? I myself had given up on the idea. Now, I am very much tempted to believe this must be real.

EDIT Ubisoft just got back to me about the clip. They claim that the projector is not going to be made available, but that it is simply a way to illustrate the way the game works. The game will be displayed like any other console game, they claim.

Source: Ubisoft Trailer


GWX said...

After seeing this trailer I am hping for this so bad.

Was that just a prop or was that somthing new?

What is going on.

Does the Nintendo ON have a REAL brother?

Why did Nintendo have everything under embargo?

Will E3 2007 Tell all?

I know this is one of those mysterious comments.

By the way I am going to e-mail Nintendo and UBI about this now!!
I meant to earlier but....

Anonymous said...

The die hard...stubborn Falafelkid...and his 3D obsession... ;-)

- you know who this is ;-)

Anonymous said...

well hopefully it's true. Looking forward to it if it iz real

GWX said...

You may live to eat your words.

Look at it this way. If that was suppose to be advertising the Mii Channel then why wasn't it done like it always this:

Instead it was done like THIS:

There is a big difference there.
That is either a UBISOFT developed peripheral or obviously Nintendo and partners. Or even just Nintendo themselves.

I think we will know more after the embargo is lifted on Friday?
or at E3 2007!!!

I am so excited over this I hope it wasn't just some prop for the ad!!!
...Full ad...

Anonymous said...

NO... simply no.

Anonymous said...


let it beeeeeeee


best wishes

- you know who this is


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, i'm shocked that you'd even give this the time to make a post about it let alone believe it for a second.

Just let it go.

Anonymous said...

I don't know... But 'If' that technology is ready for mass production and Nintendo would ship it with N-quality it would mean another rev○lution


Anonymous said...

Go read what Joystiq has to say on the matter and watch the full clip to see it in context. I'll wait...

Ok so having seen the entire clip, don't you feel a complete idiot?

Falafelkid said...


Go read what Joystiq has to say on the matter and watch the full clip to see it in context. I'll wait...

Ok so having seen the entire clip, don't you feel a complete idiot?

I was at the event. I watched the trailer in full right there, in Paris. And no, I don´t feel like an idiot. Why should I? Have you even read what Joystiq wrote?

My Life Coach won't spawn a breathing stick figure. And, no, Horsez won't come bundled with a four-legged subway companion.

But what of this final scene that isn't directly tied to a specific product? Is it a symbolic representation of the Games For Everyone brand -- or a glimpse at the future? Either way, it may help to get the buzz going.

There is obviously quite a difference between the other elements and this one - in that it is not related to a game that has been announced and appears to show what at least could be a concrete peripheral - and that in itself makes it worth picking up on, even leaving the past facts and indications concerning 3D holographic technology aside.

So... how do you feel now?

Anonymous said...

Will I can understand them doing to show how the game works...but if thats true then it works with a 3d projector? Seriously though, Why show it like that? Ubisoft has always showed footage of the player (OVER-REACTING)interacting with the t.v to show you how its played. They have prety much done it with every game.

There has been alt of strong rumours about Nintendo and a 3D-PROJECTOR. I remember a big movie producer saying a Japanese video-game producer would be the first to the market with ths technology? And as has been mentioned reggie and perrin have both said there was other secrets concerning the Wii.

I feel like I shoudlnt believe what my own eyes have wittness, even with Ubisoft stating to you falafelkid that it was to show the viewer how the software is played. I know alot of people have spread rumours galore in the past about augmented reality and other such radical ideas but this one has always seemed to me that it could actually work with a company like Nintendo behind it.

Hopefully we will all find out on friday when the embargo is lifted?

P.S Hasnt Internet gaming sites been restricted on what they see at the media event? Something like that anyway....maybe its because everything will be leaked before Nintendo wants it to be......just a thought :)

mr_sauce said...

I agree with what touch-gen said. I remember the comment about the movie producer. The producer was Steven Spielberg. I think and hope that this is real! Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I would be surprise if Nintendo wasnt looking into this kind of technology. Question is...will it really be for this generation? Hard to say, Wii's visuals are alot more simple than 360 and PS3'S HD-graphics. So it'd be alot more possible to display them.

To be honest I think its best not to get our hopes up in times like will come someday. Maybe now? Please god yes, but only if they can do it well...a mistake I think Nintendo would not repeat, lol.

I just cant get that Image out of my mind...

Falafelkid said...

Hi Mr_Sauce.

I remember the comment about the movie producer. The producer was Steven Spielberg. I think and hope that this is real! Only time will tell.

Actually, it was director Robert Rodriguez who was rumoured to have made those comments at the cinema tradeshow Showest, as IGN summarizes, citing Broken Saints creator Brooke Burgess, who the rumours originated from:

Burgess claims to know an agent who spoke to Robert Rodriguez, stating they knew of a game machine that would exploit this new wave of 3D entertainment well before Hollywood could jump in on the market.

Burgess goes on to say he spoke to an industry friend about his new theory, to which the industry friend said that Nintendo had shown a real-time 3D add-on for GameCube behind closed doors. When? At last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Burgess claims the Revolution will certainly sport wireless controllers, among other, unknown wireless capabilities.

Check Broken Saints for the original story.

Anonymous said...

you know... it had occurred to me that nintendo might not launch the wii in 3d right out of the gates... it might frighten some people away. give them the wii as-is first, let everyone fall in love with it, (give them a long break from having spent $250 on it,) and launch the projector as a peripheral for another 300$. same price as an xbox/whatever but cut into two easier-to-swallow payments, plus eliminate the initial shock of the 3d that would've scared some casuals away.

you guys know me... well, anyone who's been reading this blog since "the beginning" knows me. i've always been the #1 3d-wii theory supporter. i'm sure glad to see this "rumor" surface again. at this point it almost feels nostalgic ;) thanks falafelkid. you're the best.

-"superfan" tactics.

Axel F. said...

Falafelkid!!! -> didn't i told you about this story??

rememebr when i dealt with you about this story of "next generation of sims in the walls of your rooms"

What do you have to say now?

Axel F. said...

I told here and somewhere else that EA chief executive france said in a broadcast that the next gen of sims serie will be "displayed on the walls of your rooms"

ha ha!!! facts are giving me right!!

Anonymous said...


Falafel,it's been many months since I looked at your site. As soon as I read this news on joystiq, I had to check out your thoughts on it. And sure enough, you still believe!! Hardcore man! It's like Bush is still waiting for news on WMDs in Iraq!

Axel F. said...

HUhhh!! watch the entire trailer!!

No jokes ! it comes from official ubisoft paris event!!

mr_sauce said...

Sorry. Thanks for correcting me...It's been a long time since that interview.

MtnHippy said...

Oh man this takes me back to a beautifully anxious time of page refreshes and patent digging.

Just for old times sake, here's what started it all:

Anonymous said...

Interesting. But what I really remember is the news long ago where NASA had given money to a japanese developer to put 3D stereoscopic functions in a gaming console. Everyone thought it was Sony but looks like it could be more for Nintendo.

Ubisoft's response sounds very fishy. Especially seeing as the game on there seemed to not be any game I've seen them announce. And if it was a more metaphorical thing then why have the Wiimote in teh scene. Why not make it reality and throw the Wiimote away. Very suspicious. I think this may be one to hold onto boys.

Anonymous said...

hehe....nice to see you back on tracks Falafelkid!

Like SuperFan I'm also a true believer in 3d projections.

My take on this, (the same as before) is that this thing will (if extended SuperFan's theory) be the next harware to replace the curent generation console. PS3 have expected lifespan of 8-10 yesrs. Nintendo's goal wa to hit the market with a console with a price of 100 USD. If Nintendo have indeed put out the Hidef (720p/1080i) option for good. They may have in 4 years forward a 100 USD console to the massmarket. And to ensure the lifestyle, or market habbit of getting a new console every forth year. nintendo will have this 3d thing in place insted of a totaly new console.

So to cut things short. I agree with what SuperFan said/wrote. But would also point out that Ubisoft ad quite came, strategicly on time when rumours about Sony making a "price frindly" PS3 model. What I mean is that the Ubisoft ad (either indipendent or in conjuction with Nintendo) have drop a hint of things/experience to come for gamers - if they could wait another 3-4 years.

I'll would also add that when taking this 3d device into concidiration. I think a console without HiDef graphics dosen't mean anything, coz th display will apparently not be based on the conventional display technology. This 3d display will project its visuals on the thin air, therefore will look like a nice picture only with an opacity of 80%

anyways thats my take on it.. :)



GWX said...

ah the old Nintendo ON clip.
I checked the site the other day[] and strangely enough it dissappeared(it has been up for years even after the Wii launched, it was still there).

Then the other day I checked(as I do from time to time) and it was gone!!!

Now at UBIDAYS this thing shows up from ubisoft in a trailer???


But yeah, we know its fake. The thing UBISOFT showed is what it is AND Nintendo ON( is the creator of it).

So ok what ubisoft showed was just showing the create your Mii feature of Wii but in a different way?

You know them adverts on TV for creating your Mii? Those just show people doing it on a normal TV?

So why is it that Ubisoft had to do their trailer with a 3d holographics thing?

But its cool, its over.
We now know it means NOTHING as Ubisoft said to you Falafel kid.
(I e-mailed both them an Nintendo Uk about it)

Enjoy your gaming escapades everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

as much as i WANT to beleive and did before launch, if you watch the video, the hologram isnt always properly matched up to the location of the projector, especialy in the last few frames it comes out of sync with the camera rotation, suggests to me that its camera matched 3d

also, there is no wire connecting to the projector for power or data and the unit looks a bit small to be a real projector.

Anonymous said...

Before E3 06 I really believed a 3D display was a possibility, but I just don't buy into this stuff anymore. Ubisoft, unintentionally I would guess, casually implied 3D with their Rayman trailer a year ago. I think this is a case of their marketing department, after seeing the rise it got out of people before, deciding to use the concept to their advantage and generate hype.

I have no doubt that Nintendo has at least looked into 3D technology, but perhaps the seeming indications are nothing more than coincidences. Just look at the PS3 commercials lately. If someone started a rumor about a PS3D peripheral, I think there might be enough circumstantial evidence to start building a case for that too.

All this speculation, even if it turns out dead wrong, hasn't gone unnoticed. I'm sure Nintendo, if only the American branch, realizes now that 3D technology is something many consumers want.

Tadashi Oshima said...

Why go people crazy about some imaginary peripheral you can't play on.
Tell what could be displayed in a floating 30cm² cube except something like this boring floating head.
Small(everything smaller than something you can stand in) volumetric displays are the most complicated, yet most useless way to display a 3D world.

Anonymous said...

to oshima:

You should think about the possibilities when you mix it with the wii-remote. You'll be able to see those fish hanging on to your fishing wand in the air . You'll be able to view your games from every side without any camera issues . Think cooking mama, you'll be able to really touch the food on your table . Would be nice to smell it then also ;) Maybe the next add on will take care of that . But to be serious ... I'll just have to wait and see what they'll come up with in the future. Let's be happy with what is allready here.


Tadashi Oshima said...

But you would see your fish only in these 30 cm², and even worse, you see only the fish and a cut-out water surface, but no landscape, or even your fishing rod. Don't forget the size. The more objects, the smaller they have to be to see them all.
Volumetric displays are only good for displaying objects, not whole scenes.
On top of that, volumetric displays will NEVER be sensible, as you suggest, since they are just light.

Tadashi Oshima said...

But you would see your fish only in these 30 cm², and even worse, you see only the fish and a cut-out water surface, but no landscape, or even your fishing rod. Don't forget the size. The more objects, the smaller they have to be to see them all.
Volumetric displays are only good for displaying objects, not whole scenes.
On top of that, volumetric displays will NEVER be sensible, as you suggest, since they are just light.

Anonymous said...

@Tadashi Oshima
"On top of that, volumetric displays will NEVER be sensible, as you suggest, since they are just light. "

Oh yeah?
Well check this out...



Tadashi Oshima said...

@somegermanguy (I'm german myself, btw)
What I said, not sensible. Just "hot air" ;)
You see as well, it's expensive and looks quite bland and wavy.

It may look cool, but is not very practical, especially not for games.

What really is needed is something that takes ones whole view and provides a perfect picture with depth. Even modern LCD glasses only provide a screen suspended in black space.

Anonymous said...

@Tadashi Oshima
My fault. I haven't slept much. Since you were refering to the light I thought you meant "touchable" with sensibel (fühlbar oder eher fassbar statt vernünftig).


Anonymous said...

there are some strange things hapend...

do you remeber the old internet-video from nintendo?

i rember people wondering about the end in this video:the guy is closing the wii with his remote,but the tv is not on(you cannnot close them twice)
and the wii is not next to the tv, it s on the table..
now this new video from ubisoft.
there, the "machine" is on the table, too..... ok, it could be a coincidence, but who knows...
+ the strange sentences from myhamto: if i could do anything i would make it so, that you dont have to sit in front of a tv....
and the connection with poc
( )

there we can see that is pssible to see 3d without glasses.
and nintendo like it to show things in the internet to see the reaction of all viewers.perhaps nintendo wanted to see in the new video, how people think about this technology, if it s good or not.
i know that a lot of people think, that a machine like this hologram would be too expansive,even when exists a prototyp.
but in the mass-market-production it is not so expansive,remeber the nintendo-power-glove in the past had cost 75.000 dollar for its prototyp, but then for all only 100 dollar.
so impossible is nothing!!!!
perhaps we can use this machine in a few years. who knows.....

Anonymous said...

Crysis on wii?

Anonymous said...

I just ran across this juicy hint at your elusive "Lightsaber Wii Game" Falafelkid!

It's embedded in this article:

And in it, the article references George Lucas himself!

"The head of the LucasArts, the game division for "Star Wars" series creator George Lucas, told AFP a Wii game that lets players wield virtual light sabers is on the horizon. "

ARGH! I can't wait for this game to be announced and denounced once and for all so that I can stop seeing hints everywhere I go!

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

Anonymous said...

@ Carmine "Cai" M. Red...

Excellent, I remember when Falafelkid first reported this title. I can just imagine this title....stills sends shivers down my spine! Lets hope they are working close with Nintendo on this title or at least they make it amazing!

Anonymous said...

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Rosalind said...

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