Friday, May 18, 2007

´Harry Potter´ game shows off Wii´s graphics power

A developer walkthrough of ´Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix´ shows a marked improvement in Wii graphics, previously a bit of a sore spot with the Nintendo console. The video, courtesy of GameTrailers, shows off a level of graphics quality that is unprecedented on the Wii.

The entire academy and its surroundings are rendered beautifully. The polygon count appears to be very high and the textures are simply stunning (especially in the common room in the beginning). Draw distance is extremely high. What is more, the entire academy is accessible without load times.

I have never cared for ´Harry Potter´. This game looks set to become a stunner, though. I thought the very first scene could only be pre-rendered. It turns out to be in-game. And alongside the great graphics, the game is ideally suited for the Wii remote.

But this video perhaps promises something that goes far beyond this one game. It seems to herald the second generation of Wii titles: games that feature great gameplay and original controller use, as well as great graphics.

Source: GameTrailers
Thanks to: QJ


Anonymous said...

wow, ya, i dont care much for harry potter at all, but that is hot.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the second generation of Ubisoft games will be better looking. I would love to see a sequel to Red Steel. A new Red Steel game with improved graphics and better controls would be a huge asset to the Wii game library.

Unknown said...

im on it doggoneit

renegade of funk said...

i hope the gameplay is the same as the graphics :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Flaffi alda jetzt übertreib mal nich


is schon nich schlecht aber besser als Resi?

na ja

Anonymous said...

well its ok but its still not wii graphics its a ps2 engine with bells on but i get ur drift

Anonymous said...

I think the graphics shown in the video still are not great.
But the next released Nintendo Games (Mario Galaxy, BWii, SSBB)
will indeed look very good.


Im not too impressed.
Maybe it's because the video seems so dark?
Or maybe it's because I have zero interest in Harry Potter.
It's nice to see a third party movie based game showing some solid visuals.
I'm still really pissed about Spiderman 3 for Wii which is a complete joke visually.

Anonymous said...

funnily, the mere use of normal mapping on the main character in Dewy's adventure makes it the best looking Wii game to date....Resi4 has vastly higher poly counts higher rez textures etc. yet the normal mapping makes Dewy appear more sophisticated from the first's a shame that that technique isn't supported in software that you can just "switch it on" as is the case with Microsoft's seemingly requires advanced knowledge of the capabilities to make of it on Wii...their first game, Elebits, for example was void of any normal mapping as far as I remember...

-The Irrelevant Annoying Laughing Stock

Anonymous said...

oh..sorry..make that: requires advanced knowledge of the assets/ tools and general structure of the system to make use of it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of shader support the Wii's graphics hardware has, and what it's based on. It's obviously not DirectX, so the programmable shaders that the xbox and PC platforms can boast might not be making an appearance, but that certainly doesn't stop the effect from being used. After all, Doom 3 was an OpenGL game...

Anonymous said...

why would a custom gpu with a advanced TEV UNIT not shaders need direct 10 or direct anything its like saying your desel car wont support petrol pcs and pc ways of doing things dont apply to a custom chip set and dev kit

how ios wii a pc and how is a custom nintendo way of doing things gpu a pc gpu

tev tev tev tev shades moron

Anonymous said...

What the HELL ASS are you saying? Even overlooking your horrible grammar and total lack of any form of punctuation, that entire BLOB of text is gibberish.

You may want to rephrase, and take a serious look at the period key next time.

Metaldave said...

I'm sure they could do Oblivion on the Wii after seeing that video, the castle didn't look much different from the castles in Oblivion. I know a Wii version would not look as good as PC but they could at least TRY.

Perri said...

Does look quite good to me. You've gotta watch the higher res trailer at gametrailers, looks better than the stuff recorded off the screen

Anonymous said...

have you seen the new Metroid shots kid?

they look sooo Cube...)-;)-;

RGB said...

IALS why do you bother coming to this blog if all you do is make fun of the Wii? Fal also doesnt respond to your comments basically due to the fact that your a try-hard attention freak, who makes hardly any sense with his english a majority of the time and who also only watches (not play) good graphics on the TV screen.

The Wii is sufficient for the moment on the graphical side and the next batch of Wii games should be significantly better, Harry Potter is somewhat evidence of this.

Anyway thats all the time I am wasting replying to you for now.

Anonymous said...

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- Irrelevant Annoying Laughing Stock

Anonymous said...

try-hard attention freak?

lol...what the fuck is wrong with you B? are you B the blog Sheriff or something?;)So what..I just say what I think..I don't know why that should bother anyone except you, Sheriff B of course..

Seriously b, are you gay or something?(-: Have I raped your (Wii) mother?

lol....poor guy



Anonymous said...

To all people who spread hate
on this board.
You are a child.
Grow up.
Why make people mad?
I don't get it.
We need to ignore flaming troll bridges.
You make people upset.
Karma is a bitch and it will find you.
You hurt inside and it shows.

Anonymous said...

wii supports a 16 stage realtime recurculating fully programmable texture shader tree i.e new TEV UNIT......



wii applys its blending and shading effects via z buffer trick

its compleatly differant to how a shader does it

so stop saying a gpu with tev lacks shaders

i could say ps3 or pc gpu lacks tev it works both ways

GWX said...

I too don't give a damn about potter, but that game LOOKS great(from the vdideos, which still don't do it justice as when actually seeing it in person) and actualy it looks like it weill play great.

If only I were 10 year younger?, I would try it.

Hmmm maybe I could rent it when it comes out for my nieces/nephews and get a sneak play in.

naaaah. Am not into harry potter.

But its shows that developers have ONLY begun to tap into Wii's graphical power.

I mean I personally get upset about all these PS2 ports and half- assed developed games with Wii-mote controls tossed in.

But the fact is the Wii is only 7 months old after launch(US)
Its 6 months in UK/Europe.
So, when has a console shown its best graphics/or otherwise in only so many months of launching eh?

So, just all you wait.

You know, I know this cannot be, but it would not suprise me if at E3 Nintendo came and said somthing like oh all these other companies have taken the time to detail their specs of their systems' capabilities on paper and their systems are HD true "NEXT-GEN" and and all that blah blah...

But we have developed a unique system whereby even with these low specs(on paper) our console is so efficient it is capable of endering graphics that seem even better than PS3/360.

Honest to god it would not suprise me. Well it would in a way but, you know.

Technology is a funny thing. Just when someone comes and says we have the power, a disruptor can come along and say oh yeah but look what I have and I can sell mine for cheaper.

So even though I know that will never be, the Wii can definelty shove some sweet stuff to the screen.

We just won't know it until developers start taking advantage of it(like Harry potter here) and don't forget this is only 7 months max into launch.

Wait till we start to see more titles that have been properly worked on.

Oh and don't forget. E3 is around the corner in July.

And remember, never "trust" Nintendo.

They always seem to have an ace up their sleeves.

Rememeber I said that. Just remember, heh. :)

Anonymous said...

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