Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Must-have Wii game: ´Golden Eye´

Activision has set a new benchmark for Wii shooters with the release of ´Golden Eye´, the remake of the classic N64 game. Every Wii owners even vaguely interested in action should purchase this game.

The graphics are astounding, the levels beautifully crafted, character animations are extremely fluid and lifelike, the AI is among the best I have experienced in any game, the actors' performance ranges from good to excellent, the music score is a perfect fit and the frame rate almost never slips below a comfortable measure guaranteeing fluid camera movements. And that is not to mention the online multiplayer, which will keep you occupied for many months after you finish the engaging single-player campaign.

Joystiq has a full review here, if you want to find out more details. But believe me: this is as close to a 360 or PS3 game as you are going to get on Wii. And even across all platforms, ´Golden Eye´ is just a great shooter that can be compared with any other title in the genre.

Just how did they get those graphics out of the machine? Me and another expert believe that there are horizontal lines missing in order to maintain the overall graphic quality at a stable framerate. I have contacted the studio Eurocom for confirmation and will update soon. ´Call of Duty: Black Ops´ is pretty good on the Wii, too, but you will experience framerate difficulties here and there. If you want the best action game on the platform, ´GoldenEye´ is it.