Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Xbox360 and Wii lead in terms of exclusive content

The Xbox360 leads in terms of games exclusive to that platform, Gaming Target reports. This applies to both released titles and the sum of released and announced ones. In terms of announced games only, Wii and Xbox360 are pretty much level.

The site appears to want to keep track of the exclusive game count regularly, illustrating the current situation with the following bar chart and information:

Xbox360: 88 (39 released, 49 announced)

PS3: 40 (8 released, 32 announced)

Wii: 69 (18 released, 51 announced)

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There are already bar charts the videogame equivalents of train spotters can look at. Videogame Charts and NexGen Wars both compare the three next-gen consoles by estimating their installed hardware base. Now, it seems, we have a third page - providing the information is both reliable and updated on a regular basis.

Wii is the real king

The numbers show that the Xbox360 has a clear lead over its competitors in terms of existing exclusives. But this is obviously due to the console launching with a one year headstart.

The title ´King of the exclusives´ must go to the Wii. In far less time, it has managed to reach the Xbox360´s level of announced games. This is owed to the Wii´s phenomenal sales figures, no doubt.

´Orb´ and ´Thorn´ are duds

Just one word of caution: I would highly recommend striking three Wii titles off the list. Most importantly, ´Orb´ and ´Thorn´ are simply not going to happen.

If the people behind these two projects, a group calling itself Crossbeam Studios, really were running a legit operation, why have they failed to attract a publisher for any of their projects?

´Orb´: Four years and only artwork

More importantly, why have they failed to produce a single screenshot since they went public more than four years ago? The Internet Archive´s Wayback Machine shows the earliest entry of the studio website as dated April 12th 2003.

Well, it has been a very busy week here at Crossbeam Studios. Greg Szemiot and myself have been working on a little project together that we are both very exited about, However I don't want to go into to much detail about it at the moment. Work on "Orb" is still going along well.

Since then, they have only managed to can projects: ´Accunia´, ´Antivirus´, ´X2´ and the aptly titled ´Shattered Dreams´ all disappeared from the website. They would also be the only developer trying to make a buck off of Google Ads.

´Sadness´ just as phoney?

In the case of ´Sadness´, developer Nibris never replied to my mails, asking for an interview at the German Games Convention (effectively denying network television coverage). They have also recently lost their publisher. So do not expect this game to ever come out, either.

EDIT I just realized that the site seems to not update the post, but posts separate updates every time. So the site to bookmark would be this one, I guess.

Source: Gaming Target
Thanks to: MaxConsole


Anonymous said...

crossbeam has always been a lie... ever since "kenton bailey" (of "playbomb"/nintendo on fame) announced that he was part of their team, i knew it was bullshit.

sadness, though... *sigh*. i want that game to be real. i still have hope.

great job as usual falafelkid. just because i don't comment much anymore doesn't mean i'm not lurking and reading your updates every single day ;)

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

I never expected that something like Sadness would eventually become an actual game...tsk tsk wannabes

The should really just stfu up like Silent Bob and stop hyping their ghost project


Anonymous said...

I've got to ask: how many of those exclusives are first party? While I realize that Nintendo's first party games are a huge selling point for their consoles, it's still a factor that should be considered.