Monday, July 07, 2008

Nibris updates website, dates ´Sadness´ for fall 2009

The self-proclaimed Polish videogame developer Nibris has updated its website, dating the release of their alleged Wii title ´Sadness´ which they now promise for fall 2009. The website is still partly under construction, as the brief welcoming message explains:

Welcome to our new website. Take a moment to explore it. Premium features are coming up soon so don't forget to visit again.

The company also has a new slogan: ´You will feel it´, which hints at the direction they want ´Sadness´ to take.

Dear player, thanks to our games, we want you to experience genuine feelings - emotions, sadness, fear or joy.

There are no new media for their upcoming games. In fact, no other titles are mentioned. There is merely a brief game description for ´Sadness´ in sub-par English:

Game description

The study of fear and the borders of human imagination... A trip to the darkest corners of consciousness, in all of us... A trip to the hell of the subconscious and not necessarily to return...

This gothic horror (atmosphere) is not the game of the action. If you're counting on shooting, litres of blood and piles of dead bodies then unfortunately you won't find this here. We are preparing for a mood which will not leave you till the very end of the game. An irregular scenario decides on such issues as schizophrenia or narcolepsy. Apart from an extremely complex and rich-in-the-shocking-factor scenario, the power of our production is innovative use of the Wii controller.
Sadness is black and white psychological horror game in which you control Maria - Victorian age aristocrat trying to protect her 8 year old, blind son from monsters trying to get him. Action is set on the verge of XIX and XX century, in ruins in woods of Russian Empire. Entire game focus on psychological aspects of fear and player interactions with Alexander.


Coming soon (this vacation maybe).

Nibris further claims that some staff members will be attending the Games Convention, which is to take place in Leipzig, Germany from August 20th.

The studio has also posted the following job vacancies for their Cracow, Poland office: programmers, project manager, 2D animators, 3D animators, 3D artists, 2D (concept) artists. Additionally, they are considering applications by animators and asset artists (2D & 3D) to work from home.

In addition to FOG Studios and Emergent Game Technologies, which were already associated with Nibris, the studio now also lists the publishers Slitherine Software and ZOO Digital Publishing as partners.

I will soon publish my in-depth investigation into the studio (after my first such article on Crossbeam Studios). Please stick with this blog until then. Thank you all for your patience.

EDIT Here is a little taste of what my article will unearth. The job page shows two images, work01.jpg and work03.jpg. If you enter work02.jpg, you reveal the following image which shows a Wii development kit.

That is a real Wii dev kit. I have seen one myself once. But does that mean ´Sadness´ will actually be published on the console? Wait for the in-depth article and find out.

Source: Nibris