Friday, July 01, 2005

3D after all?

Now this could truly be big news right here. There is a very interesting link circulating the community now. It´s to NASA´s so-called Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Technology Transfer program (SBIR/STTR), which "provides an opportunity for small, high technology companies and research institutions to participate in Government sponsored research and development efforts in key technology areas."

The particular page details one of three such projects with the Physical Optics Corporation (P.O.C.) of Torrance, California. This project is entitled "3-D Visualization System for Robotic Teleoperations" and is described as fololows.
High quality, real time 3-D visualization system with no position restrictions for viewing and no hardware for the viewer to wear.
That´s interesting in itself. But the potential bombshell is hidden under the heading ´Commercialization´:
* $750,000 contract with U.S. Army to develop technology for medical imaging
* $300,000 of support from Japanese company to develop for game applications
I have just had a very interesting conversation with Rick Shie, the company´s senior vice president. To begin with, I tried to pull the old trick on him, presupposing what you are actually asking about. So I asked him outright about Nintendo´s $300,000 involvement and what practical use the gaming giant was getting out of this investment. His answer was to note that he got plenty of mails about this matter today, already. He then went on to say that he is bound by a non-disclosure agreement (N.D.A.) and couldn´t say too much about it. Mr. Shie didn´t confirm the company in question was Nintendo, but he also never denied it. Given the fact that I boldly presupposed the connection in my question, I regard this a very likely scenario. Every company with such a contract is bound by an N.D.A., but that doesn´t prevent them telling people who they´re NOT working with.

If this is true, an important question remains, though: Is Nintendo trying to implement this technology with the Revolution? Or are they merely gearing it up for future use? To answer this, let´s briefly go into the technology involved. The project is internally referred to as a "3-D Real-Time Video Display System". These two images are courtesy of P.O.C.
* The components are a triple-CPU computer network called ´Chromium Cluster´ for processing the images provided by a 3D-input source. Each CPU contains a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 processor with 512 MB of DDR. Incidentally, didn´t Iwata mention the same RAM specification? I am no hardware buff, so this could just be a coincidence, I guess.

* The data is forwarded to two LCD projectors generating a stereoscopic image (meaning one image for each eye) via turning mirrors (to flip the image, I guess).

* This is projected onto a holographic display screen (built into some kind of table in the prototype shown, but other implementations are possible). The screen makes the system unique, because it does away with goggles or any other hardware the viewer would need to wear.

* The last important component is the interfacing software. It is compatible with "Windows PC based 3-D software such as OGL (Open Graphic Language), Direct X, 3D Max, and MAYA.OBJ. The software will work with operating engines such as LINUX and Quake III."

This last point is very important to note, because this means games will not have to be specially programmed to be compatible with this technology. Rick Shie specifically mentioned that he had demonstrated the technology to people who had brought their laptops with them and plugged them in to see their own 3D data (from CAD programs or 3DS Max), transform into true 3D.

I asked Mr. Shie if all these components could be packaged in a videogame console for a maximum price of $450 (which I believe is the maximum amount a console could cost its manufacturer). He said that the major cost components are the projectors and the clients would have to assess the quality - price ratio. The holographic screen, he said, could easily be mass produced. He did say, however, that the best possible application, in his mind, was in arcade halls. So it´s still possible that they are actually working with Sega or Namco on this one and it´s destined to become the next arcade blockbuster. But still, a home version of this technology is "possible to implement," according to Shie.

Also, its big advantage over previous 3D systems is that the system is ´frequency matched´, significantly reducing symptoms of fatigue and strain on the eyes. I am sure we would all agree that this would be Nintendo´s first and foremost pre-requisite for getting back into 3D visuals (after the Virtual Boy fiasco).

Lastly, let´s discuss if the company would be up to the job of supplying a videogame giant. P.O.C. is one of those companies that impact on almost everyone´s life but who noone has ever heard of. They are a small systems integrator with a very varied portfolio. they are apparently very big in the cellphone sector, supplying displays to global players in this market. They also do lots of government research, hold dozens of patents with plenty more pending and often license their technology to third companies. They have been around since 1985. They are undoubtedly up to the job, in my opinion. Let´s discuss.

But finally, I would also like to urge everyone to not contact P.O.C. anymore. We have found out as much as they are going to say at the moment. They are under an N.D.A. and receive too many mails already. Also, there is simply no point in contacting them if you are not a member of the press with official credentials. Please don´t contact them anymore! Also, once again thanks to Raphael (quoting this source) for telling me about the story.

EDIT As I realised now, the story was first posted on my good friend Phalanx´s blog in this post, quoting someone, apparently claiming to be a developer, who came up with the link. I can´t vouch for this guy, though. I´m trying to contact him.


robotplague said...

Very interesting, if this is the case with the Revolution i'll welcome it with open arms. But I wouldn't put too much stock into this just yet, maybe for future projects. Thats my thoughts on it at least.

Anonymous said...

wow that would be great i guess...but wouldn't i have to buy a screen and stuff then? and everytime i wanted to move my system wouldnt i haev to rearange the way everything was set up? idk maybe i just didn't understand it

Anonymous said...

You have a photo bucket problem.And the holo image throws off my allignment. Just something I would fix...

Falafelkid said...

Yeah, sorry for that. I´m moving the photos off the photobucket account now. But it´ll take some time. Bear with me here, please.

lectoid said...

Like the guy said, it would be better suited to Arcades.....
Namco owns a lot of arcades.....
Namco makes arcade games.....
Namco is a Japanese company.....

And I don't see something that's in the prototype stage being release in about a year. Nintendo was going after simplicity. How many people are going to be able to set up this kinds of gear. I agree they could make it simple, but it's just too much.

But, I hope i'm wrong.

dlphnmod said...

Well there was the one guy on phalanx's blog who described the holographic display in the controller, but there is one thing that does not jive.

Nintendo has told us all along that the controller is the big gun, so we can rule out the possibility of this 3d being anywhere but on there, but here's the problem.

If it takes 3 1.6ghz cpu's to generate the 3d image, you would need another fast cpu to run what we see on the TV. And that my friends is way too many chips and way too much money to include in one console.

Commenting on the 450 dollar price you asked about.......he alluded to the fact that that range would be the lowest realistic price for not the highest quality render, but you and i both know that Nintendo will never take a loss on hardware that size and they will never price their system higher than the competition.

I'm feeling that Nintendo may be involved in this, but it must be for some other application. Possibly the next game boy?

Anonymous said...

why gameboy?

Anonymous said...

Well this fits in with the post on

Check the entry titled - New Email from the Revolution Engineer
I have recieved a new email from the Revolution Engineer, A.K.A 19D.O.R.Evolution:

PMB said...

*Each CPU contains a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 processor with 512 MB of DDR.

Nintendo is working with IBM not Intel.

*Incidentally, didn´t Iwata mention the same RAM specification?

Iwata never released RAM specs, except that it's by Mosys... The 512 MB of flash memory is for storage not RAM

Marius said...

I'd also say, that it's Namco not Nintendo...
Or maybe Sega - didn't their Outrun 2 first run on this board that's based on the Xbox1?

19do said...

it is very sad to see my revelations STOLEN by other people who say they are the first to know.

CHECK what i've posted in the website under the REVOLUTION section and then LEGGETE QUA topic
or my emails in english that PHALANX's blog at
has kindly published under 19do or the revolution engineer 2 or 3 days ago.

it is sad,very sad.

Falafelkid said...

19do. If you claim to have broken this story, good on you. I never stole anything, though, if that´s what you´re implying.

Did you read the credit at the end on how it came to my attention? I always write exactly who got me on to a particular story.

Phalanx is a good friend of mine and I normally read everything he posts. This story, however, I didn´t see. No fault of mine, here. I can´t keep up with every site and every blog every day. But, as always, I have stated my sources truthfully and correctly. No need to call me a thief, at all.

Now then, if you claim credit for the story, back up your source. Please tell me how you came by that link and why you claim to have seen a working prototype. As you claim to be another rev developer, I am afraid you´ll have to convince everyone you´re not just another Osoko Tanaka. I´m looking forward to hearing from you.

19do said...

@ falafelkid

i've never said YOU stole from me, but other people all around the web repeatedly do.
my complain was in general and not about you.

i am not another osoko tanaka or whatever else like that because i've not spoken about saltwater.
i've described what i've seen in a room of a r&d department in tokyo (and not kyoto): a real demonstration of an already existant and cheap technology applied to the user interface of a computing system though in a prototype form.
i've never told of a definitive product because i'm not involved in the interface development but work for a third party hardware supplier about low-level customization of the system bus.
have a nice day.

Raphael said...

Livewire Games interviews Shigeru Miyamoto.


"Sitting in front of your monitor with a controller, there's really nowhere to go from that paradigm, all you can do is make it prettier and faster - What Nintendo wants to do is open up that road, create something that goes beyond."



raphael said...

But on the E3 show Iwata said, that there is a connection between...

- TV
- console
- controller
- internet I think the revolution has nothing to do with this NASA-projekt.

Aaron Stanton said...

Even if this is Nintendo, I can't see how it would impact the Revolution. Seems to me that part of the reason the 3D rumors disappeared after E3 was because the system was partly revealed, and without any special display. Requiring users to buy a special monitor would be a pretty big kink in targeting a wider audience with an inexpensive piece of hardware. I think that more interesting is the suggestion that this could be used with current PC hardware without special programming. I'd assume that would mean it uses some sort of special 3D video drivers, much like Nvida's drivers for 3D shutter glasses. Least, seems like a good guess. It'll be interesting to see. Much like the instantly rechargable batteries, there's all sorts of new tech that's going to change things down the road, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice, maybe there is some other way to use the technology. Doubt that Nintendo would want a setup like that.

Anonymous said...

It s hard to guess...but maybe if we suppose that this mysterious japanese compagny is nintendo, nintendo will integrate this in the controller.

Anonymous said...

I want some follow-up from the dev kits out controller final article :D

Falafelkid said...

There will be one shortly, anonymous. I will be meeting people this month, I hope. And I will get some info then. I have even been told (though I can´t name any sources) that ´July is traditionally an interesting month´. Interpret that as you will. But I will at least update you on this pasticular story within a few weeks.

Anonymous said...


Marius said...

Anyone else already heard about GORGONBOX?
See for details -> there're definite similarities to halo2/ilb.

Anyone thinking this could be another n-game by Nintendo?
Black/blue design is familiar, as are some of the "slogans" featuring in the trailer they've already decrypted...

See the comments for a forum link where the whole meme is linked to the NAVY (a recruting program similar to America's Army?)

me: unsure about this...

Anonymous said...

has anyone had a look at moz la punk recently, looks like a new 'source' has turned up, and causing a bit of a furore...

MR.Nintendo said...

Hi Falafelkid,

I sent you an email but that was failed to deliver. I sent it again, hope this time you can receive it.

Thanks and bring us some good news.

not that anonymous said...

Re: gorgonbox - I thought this was confirmed to be a new viral marketing campaign for the navy? I haven't done a lot of research, but that's what I was able to turn up.

DlphnMod said...

OMG someone update the blog!

not that anonymous said...

hey falafelkid, how do you feel about breaking the pablo belmonte story after you, and not giving you any credit?

Marius said...

Re: gorgonbox - discarded methinks...

Anonymous said...
I've felt it for months, but didn't actually write until the signs were Clearly all in place. The funny thing that actually proved it to me and got me writing about it? Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Don't laugh if you don't know what your talking about. And that's pretty much anyone laughing.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this true but i do know that nintendo most likely needs to do something special to get back in the game.

Anonymous said...

I not sure if the is true but i do know nintendo is probably going to hae to do something special to keep in the game.

I hope that last time they just got caught off guard. this time maybe they will catch back up.

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falafelkid said...

As many of you know I am Gay. Can you imagine what we can do in the bedroom with a hologram?

Power to the Rainbow

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falafelkid do you really believe the revolution will be that good? I hope your right. I am a big ninty fan myself

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