Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wii: Sports ´might be the greatest videogame ever,´ says TIME

The Wii pack-in title ´Wii: Sports´ has earned massive praise from TIME magazine, its editor Wilson Rothman noting ´that it might be the greatest videogame ever made.´ His article goes on:

Early clumsiness fast became aggressive, aerobic, precise gesticulation. You develop a forehand, a backhand, even an overhead smash, just like on the real courts, and you work up a sweat doing it. Each time the virtual racquet hits the ball, it delivers an unbelievably satisfying "thok."

Looking on, my wife couldn't remember the last time she saw something as silly as two dudes jumping around, waving their arms and strutting like Agassi at a Grand Slam. But since the controls were so simple, she wasn't allowed to refuse when we told her it was her turn. (...)

By the end of the weekend, the little machine had hooked ten people of very different temperaments and interests. Only one among us, Chris, was a bonafide gaming guy, and his years of button mashing didn't give him an unnatural advantage over anyone else. Excited as I was about my own attraction to the Wii, I was stunned by its universal appeal.

Us gamers might be tempted to discount this statement. After all, ´Wii: Sports´ really is just a series of tech demos with some simple, yet effective packaging. But casual or non-gamers do find titles like ´Zelda: Twilight Princess´ simply too complicated. In fact, the author remarks about that game that it "looked okay but didn't hook me."

I believe we should note this comment as showing the console´s impact on casual and non-gamers. Nintendo´s strategy seems to be working.

Source: TIME magazine
Thanks to: Joystiq


Anonymous said...

Maybe Nintendo have turned a corner then........It would make some sense that a non-gamer would show dis-interest at the almighty Zelda franchise, whereas gamers are salivating at the prospect. so close i can taste it. on a side note, nice to see people making a few bucks on ebay. may do the same, anyone in the uk want to make me an offer for a wiigamer@ email address i snagged today? I joke its not for sale.

Anonymous said...

It's great , but i'd like to see more mature themed games on Wii, kinda like gears of war and such, and lots of 3rd party support, then Wii will have a bright future.

Anonymous said...

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