Sunday, November 19, 2006

Guy in Wiimote costume

There was a guy in a Wiimote costume walking around the PS3 lines this week. Have a look:

This is not something I would normally post, but it is quite entertaining ("You know what? Wii has rumble in the controller." - "[sad pause] Yeah.") and also allows for some degree of speculation. Is this just a fanboy with too much time on his hands or is this some kind of viral marketing? What do you think?

Source: YouTube
Thanks to: Xtremeboarder


Anonymous said...


That must be Tactics the Super Fan




Anonymous said...

I doubt its apart of Nintendo's marketing plan since the person in the suit is the same person who shows up in one of 1up's feature stories where they discuss possible injuries by playing with the Wii.

I also think the person inside the suit is Sam Kennedy, 1up editor.

Anonymous said...

Red Steel ratings so far:

Gamespot : 5.5

1UP : 5 out of 10

Edge : 5 out of 10

Remeber how you pulled heat on me because I had my doubts about how Red Steel would end up Kid?


Here is an excerpt from the 1up review:

"Wii games might not push as many polygons as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 games, but we do know that they don't have to look this bad. Normally I wouldn't complain, but at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft showed off a snazzy trailer that it promised was actual gameplay footage. That was clearly not the case -- the game doesn't look anything like that infamous target video. It looks worse...a lot worse.

Graphics alone wouldn't matter that much, but I actually had a hard time getting through the game because of the poor visuals. For example, a large number of levels require you to take out sneaky snipers who position themselves on ledges far from your sight -- pretty common, sure -- but when it comes time to return the fire, the textures for the snipers are so bad that only way to find them is to let them shoot you (and hope you don't die) and then trace the fire back to where they are hiding. Even then half the time I couldn't find the enemy and had to rely on my pointer turning red to signify I finally found the source of my frustration."


Anonymous said...

*ignores ials*
i think if nintendo where to pull a stunt like this the costumed person or people would be loaded with facts they would be preaching to the crowd.
would be cool tho

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid, you know that this isn't a viral marketing trick. :P

NOA would never do something so... nonirritating.

Anonymous said...

Kid,Superfan,D-Bone and 910Do are the only individuals that the IALS respects on this blog!

The rest is bananas.
(gr...b...,blizziboy nz guy)


Anonymous said...

And by the way...Jeff Gertsmann su.. di... in the industry!


Anonymous said...

Here's a conversation that happened a few minutes ago on the GameSpot Wii Launch Live Feed. They were interviewing fans from Toy's R' Us:

GameSpot: "So, how do you like the launch so far?"

Fan: "Pretty good. I can't wait for the Wii. Are you guys from IGN?"

GameSpot: "No, we're from GameSpot." (laughs) "What games are you getting for the system?"

Fan: "Probably just Zelda. Why'd you give it an 8.8?"

GameSpot: "Well 8.8 is pretty high, don't you think?"

Fan: "No. That's shit. It deserves mu--"

GameSpot: (Cuts off interview) "Alright. Let's see who else we got here..."

I lol'd SO hard. I just saw it before my eyes. Some kid with a foreign accemt. No older than twenty.

Good 'ol Nintendo fans.



Anonymous said...

It was Sam kennedy from 1up you plumb.

Anonymous said...

no it was just done for the 1up show, nothing else. ZOMG NINTENDO ON IS REAL!

Anonymous said...

dude i love bannanas.
your not invited to my birthday party lol :P

Anonymous said...

hey fal, i dont soppose youve heard anymore about the 'last secret' have you?
i gues its a bit late for that now anyway

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA nice, ials. no way, man. this guy has WAY bigger balls than me. at GDC, with the bomb sign, i was getting shit from everyone, but god damn. this guy was probably getting ALL KINDS of shit.

just want to take a second here:

it's been an awesome ride. your website has been a constant inspiration. you've always been a breath of fresh air amidst tidal waves of "revolution" bullshit. thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this for me (for all of us).
of course, i'm disappointed that my "revolution" wasn't anything ridiculously crazy... i just thought for SURE we'd get 3d. guess i was wrong all this time. maybe next gen. wii is awesome. i can't wait to have a great time with it for the next few years. normal video games were getting boring. maybe "wii" will be our "revolution" after all... just not the "revolution" i imagined.

thanks for everything falafelkid. it's been a wild ride.


-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

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