Thursday, November 02, 2006

´GamePro Expo´ to revive ´E3´ in its former glory?

The ´GamePro Expo´ has just been announced and looks set to replace the ´E3´ as the prime industry event, GameSpot has learned. The show will run from the 18th until the 20th of October 2007 and take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the ´E3´ was held in recent years.

The ´GamePro Expo´ is organized by the magazine´s publisher, the International Data Group (IDG), and also has the approval of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), who used to organise ´E3´.

Meanwhile. the ESA looks set to go ahead with its ´E3 Media Festival´. The event will take place in two hotels sometime in July 2007 and will target a mere 5.000 hand-picked attendees.

Source: GameSpot
Thanks to: Joystiq


Anonymous said...

I have a question; won’t this just run in to the same issues that the ESA ran into. The industries leaders do note want to dedicate so much of their resources for a single show. Will a name change really make them change their minds? Also, do we really need another expo?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kid you got to watch that South Park episode its funny as hell!

Also are you going to buy any games at all or do you get them anyway through your job ??

If so which ones do you look forward to most and why ?

Last but not least, any RTL 2 Wii coverage we can expect in the meantime ?

Thanx in advance



Falafelkid said...

I just watched the recent South Park episode about Cartman´s obsession with the Wii. It´s so brilliant, I just had to post the link again in this post.

It is episode 155 from season 10, see here. Thanks to Some Guy for the link to the clip.

Oh, and here´s my favourite bit of dialogue (SPOILERS):

"You have been frozen in ice for over 500 years. (...) Please be careful. You are frail."

"Is the Wii out? Where´s the Wii?"

(turns to screen) "Ah, Nintendo Wii. A primitive gaming device used in his time."

"PRIMITIVE? It has motion controlled controllers, asswipe!"

Anonymous said...


You knOw who this iiiis!

It's IALääääS your Blog Gespeeenst!


Hi Hi

I know you are there!
You caaaan't hide!

I can seeeee youuu !

Don't you worryyy!



Anonymous said...


You already showed up!



Anonymous said...

Derb oder?!

Die Folge ist echt KILLA!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kid mach mal bißchen Werbung für dann post ich auch mal wieder was ! ;)

Und ja genau, vergiss auch nich den ganzen Nintendo Pr Leuten und Entwicklern bescheid zu geben zwecks

Dem einzigen Blog auf diesem Planeten der sich ausschließlich mit Wii Grafik befasst.

Denn du weißt ja Kid, Konkurrenz belebt das Geschäft.

Bin mal gespannt wer nächstes Jahr die besseren Blog qouten hat von uns beiden.

Mach dich auf einen harten Kampf gefasst. is the future !

You hear me kid?!!!

Everything is going according to plan!!!

madcrasher said...

So what's this going to do to PAX?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kid gib dir des mal mann die Motorstorm Bilder auf Eurogamer schauen gar nich sooo viel besser aus als Excite Bike und außerdem is Motorstorm viel langsamer.

*lol*kannst du dich noch an den ersten Teaser erinnern ?

Des is ja'n Unterschied wie Tag und Nacht !

Is ja mal billig!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fal,

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