Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reggie ´not aware of any secrets´ while GamePro confirms earlier comments

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has contradicted his recent comments regarding the Wii console having a last big secret.

In a video interview with editor Rich DeMuro, Fils-Aime says he is not aware of any secrets:

DeMuro: What do you make of all the rumours surrounding the Wii and is there one that you wanna put to rest?

Fils-Aime: In terms of what´s gonna be in the box, that´s set. It´s gonna be the Wii console, everything you need to be playing right from the get-go. A Wii remote a nun-chuk and Wii sports. That´s the launch. All of the other news, if you will, are the packaged software, the Virtual Console content. All of that is still being finalized as we speak. But in terms of what you get in the box, that´s set.

DeMuro: No secret annnouncement that is gonna be made eleventh hour?

Fils-Aime: No, no wonderful secret announcement. At least not one that I´m aware of. So then it would really be a secret.

I have contacted GamePro editor Tae Kim who is credited as confirming that Reggie had talked about a last big secret. Here is what Tae replied:

That answer was provided by a former editor who recently moved on. I took over as the Pro for Nintendo Wii and the site automatically attributed all the answers to me. This is a quirk with our site. For instance, I was the Microsoft Pro until recently but if you look now, all the answers are attributed to the current Xbox person. I unfortunately did not author that comment and so cannot provide you with an answer. I apologize for the confusion. (...) I contacted the person and he says that he had a contact at Gamestop who told him this. Outside of that, I don't know what else I can tell you.

Let us briefly examine the interview. At first, Reggie seemed intent on evading the issue, mentioning how only the box contents had been finalized. This would have left the back door open for any secrets regarding the Virtual Console or WiiConnect24, for example. Only when pressed about a last-minute announcement did he actually rule one out.

This is in keeping with GamePro´s response. They are confident that their source is accurate. I therefore strongly believe that Reggie decided to deceive us, rather than reiterate his earlier comments at the conference (which he must have meant to be confidential). After all, a secret is only a secret for as long as it is not talked about in public.

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to add fuel to the fire, but i've watched that interview and i haven't drawn the same conclusion everyone else seems to have. It's probably just me though.

Reggie basically said there will not be any 11th hour secrets revealed. That was it, at no point did he say there are no more secrets. He said that is all there is in the box, he did not close the door on the possibility of other stuff you get that are not physically in the box either.

Am i wrong here and i missed something?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Shaun.

Well, Reggie did say "No wonderful secret announcement. At least not one that I´m aware of." However, he only said that when pressed on the issue.

You are quite right that he only wanted to point out that there were no surprises in the box. That is what he initially wanted to say, anyway.

Anonymous said...

He said that in response to:

"No secret annnouncement that is gonna be made eleventh hour?"

So technically come 12:01 (1 minute after launch) the secret rumours can start again :)

Cyriel said...

I really really hate this :(
All these rumours drive a Wii-fan mad. What to believe and what not!!? :s Now even Reggie gives an answer that STILL leaves doors open. I think i'll go hunting baboons in africa untill the lauch.. Falafel, you're welcome to join us =D

Anonymous said...

for the last time...THERE IS NO SECRET !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

is the secret 480p? i know it does 16X9, but i dont remember what was said about 480p.

Anonymous said...

I definitely don't think there's going to be a hardware addition (ie mini screen). I think that the final secret will have something to do with the WiiConnect24 capabilities. This will be announced just before the PS3 launch.

Anonymous said...

SOme information Aside from this topic.

Japan is lining on games stores and it is not for the Ps3 but to pre-order the wii and still buy a Ds lite which is still sold out.

Even tho that the ps3 launch is in the 11/11.

source here:

Anonymous said...

In the US they are already starting to
line up
outside of stores for the PS3, perhaps if Nintendo attempted to advertise the Wii (TV commercial, radio) people would be more aware of it. Grated the PS3 commercials are terrible and make no damn sense, but at least they are trying.

Anonymous said...

Of course there's a secret!

Any piece of information you don't know is a secret until they tell you or you find out for yourself.

Nintendo let you think what you want to think, if you convinced yourself something that isn't true that's your problem!

Besides hype is half the fun, deal with it!

Anonymous said...

^ I disagree , when hype is based on lies it's not fun, " oh we still have a secret for the hardcore people" P.kaplan

" oh yeah we do" R. fils aime
' actuallt we don't no more secrets' R. fils aime.
and the sad thing is that people are still beleive on this BS, the console will lauch in few days, YOU KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT IT !!!! deal with it, there's no sci-fi tech ....3d proj...etc, IT'S OVER !!! go buy a wii and give it a rest already.

Anonymous said...

Please don't play with us fal, I am so done with Wii secrets. My poor wounded pride has already been shattered knowing that I can't fly to mars with the machine, and play twilight princess with martians, BECAUSE ITNERNET GAMING WON'T BE AVAILABLE UNTIL 2007. Thankfully my i-adapter will let me read people's thoughts.

(that was a joke by the way)

Anonymous said...

I spel reel gud on my "itnernets".

Anonymous said...

anon, the Wii can do 480p. That's been known for months and months and months.

Anonymous said...

its easy peasy lemon sqeezie

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GWX said...


Anonymous said...

I,m still slightly annoyed that I won't be getting a virtual 3d headset, 3d Project, high definition video, NURBS, Parallax, Cube or Displacement Mapping with my Wii.

Damn you Falafelkid, you built my hopes up so high.

I still think there are secrets still to be revealled but except for the cpu I doubt any are hardware related.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Reggie is hiding something. I would like for there to be another secret, and my twisted mind actually believes there might be one. But the thought that I'll be able to walk into a store in about 9 days and walk out with a Wii...well, secrets are small in comparison.

Anonymous said...

There are no more hardware secrets. The thing is already past the manufacturing stage as many videos on the net has shown. The game websites have dev boxes and retail boxes of the Wii and none are claiming to know of a final secret. Heck even the GamePro source that everyone seems to be attributing the secret quote to is gone. Pretty convienent. But it is funny to read other people's posts that mention the NURBS, i-adapter, etc. Hopefully someone archives this site or updates Wikipedia with all these crazy theories so we can bring them back when it's time to speculate about the successor to the Wii.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

some guy,

just recently, i saw a commercial for redsteel on the tv. and it still looks like a typical Nintendo commercial. it had real people in some context with the game and then they show a person playing the game. i haven't seen it play again after that, but i, for one, already know that Nintendo has started their advertising campaign. as for ads just for the wii, word of mouth is the what they're going with. it's people like me, who tell everyone about the wii and it's capabilities, that gets Nintendo their free advertising.

Anonymous said...

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