Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wii sells twice as many units as PS3 on eBay

The online auction house eBay has sold almost 15.000 PS3 consoles and a little over 26.000 Wii units so far, Reuters reports via Yahoo:

Popular items on eBay included Sony's PlayStation 3 -- 14,675 have been sold on eBay for an average price of $1,186.39 from November 17 to November 24 -- and the Nintendo Wii. Since that product debuted on November 19, 26,708 have been sold for an average price of $412.53.

Albeit limited to resellers on this particular platform, these are the first official sales figures released concerning the two contenders in the next-generation console war.

Of course, there were many more Wii consoles available than PS3s. But it should still come as something of a surprise that more Wiis were sold on eBay, since most PS3 buyers so far seemed to have been resellers while people in the Wii queues appeared to want the console for themselves.

Also, consider that the PS3 figures show sales over eight days, while the Wii figures only include six days of sales.

EDIT Just for reference (and also to brag just a tiny little bit), this story has now been covered by GoNintendo and Codename Revolution. Thanks to Kevin and Fahid for linking me.

Source: Yahoo


Anonymous said...

I would image the main reasons we've seen more Wii resales are:

1. More available units.

2. Cheaper items to buy for resale, can buy 2 for the price of a PS3.

3. With all the talk of making money from PS3 resales more people will get involved looking to make an easy buck.

The more interesting aspect is the amount of profit made. I've been watching the UK ebay sales of Wii and to be honest the vast majority are seeing very little profit if at all.

The anticipation for the Wii in the UK is not all Nintendo would have hoped, whether they realise this i don't know. The advertising has been pretty much non-existant so far and the preorder sell outs are probably mostly people looking to resell. There are few people i know who will be buying a Wii.

I have a spare preorder one i have considered reselling but to make a profit of £20 it's not worth my time and effort. Factor in the risk of nobody wanting one and i am pretty sure i'll just cancel the preorder.

The only real sales figures we can rely on are those we get when consoles are more readily available. I suspect for Wii that will be early next year, the PS3 might not be until summer next year.

Anonymous said...

I’m I the only one who seems to think that this is a bad thing? All this is saying is that twice as many people did not want to keep there Nintendo Wii, or never intended to in the first place. So nearly 30,000 people purchased a Wii just so they can make a small profit; very sad.

On another note; I was just playing Wii sports with my friends last night and it was a blast. Also played a little bit of Rampage but that wasn’t so great, some of the motion sensing seemed to be thrown in there at the last minute. Overall it will definitely be the new console to have at parties/get-togethers for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

I suspect they never intended to keep it in the first place, rather than deciding to get rid of it.

People will buy them to make a profit, even if they plan to buy one themselves in a month or two.

The PS3 ebay sales in the news and the fact it's cheaper are the key reasons why more Wii's made it on ebay.

Anonymous said...

no shit sherlock maybe wii has more units go back to preschool

Anonymous said...

When I was waiting in line for the Wii, there was a family ahead of me that was buying three consoles - one to keep and two to sell. I think that happened a lot with the Wii.

Anonymous said...

but the BIG DIFFERANCE between wii and ps3 is wii buyers seem to WANT THE wii were as ps3 sems to be about the hype and the re sales the wii seems to be doing a DS allover again

those familys having fun and VR interacting with tvs



RGB said...

Shaun, how do you know they are not online shops selling them?

And either way the units are being sold to a consumer who will play them in the end so you can talk about its just people reselling them if you want. It makes no difference. It is only when units are not sold is where the issue.

People can also talk about the Wii selling more than the PS3 cause it is half the price. The PS3 will face this issue from day 1, and you can also compare a Toyota being sold against a Mercedes.

Toyotas sell more in volume however the issue with the gaming market is that 3rd parties are thrown into the equation and they wish to sell software on what will turnover more units for them. The higher the install base, the better it will be for them.

Anonymous said...

This blog is lame.

Anonymous said...

Why does this guy keep talking about PS3? Does he want a PS3 or something, and is just jealous? Seriousely i don't give a shit, just report on nintendo.

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