Friday, March 16, 2007

Wii tops February hardware sales in US

The Wii is continuing to outsell all of its competitors in the US by a clear margin. Here are the latest NPD figures (via 1UP). Figures in brackets are last month´s sales.

Wii: 335.000 (436.000)

Xbox360: 228.000 (294.000)

PlayStation3: 127.000 (244.000)

While PS3 results are again poor, Sony is doing well with another console. The PlayStation2 sold 295.000 units, more than twice the amount of its successor.

After the shocking news about Nintendo´s flawed online platform two days ago, this should convince us that the Wii is selling phenomically well and clearly beating all competitors - at a time when there are no online games available yet.

Also, Nintendo stocks seem to have recovered from their first serious blip (in early February) in well over a year. The underlying trend (200-day average, shown in red) proves a continued upward trend.

Source: Kreissparkasse Cologne

Sony Corp. stocks are much more volatile in comparison. After an impressive recovery since Christmas, the underlying trend (again shown in red) has turned from negative back into positive.

Source: Kreissparkasse Cologne

Both graphs show the stock as traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

So will it matter, in the end, that Nintendo´s online platform looks as if it will be flawed? Not as much as we thought, perhaps. Because the numbers clearly show that the console is a runaway success - with the first online game more than three months away.



Falafelkid said...

This just in:


“Innovation has been the cornerstone of Capcom’s successful history ,” said Michael Pattison, Senior Marketing Director, CE Europe. “By introducing a whole new level of interactivity, this title reinforces our commitment to pushing the limits on how people view and play games.

Legend has it that a revered pirate named Barbaros once stole the world’s treasure and hid it on a mysterious island. Though no one knows of its exact location, stories about the untold riches that lay in wait have been passed down through the ages, driving pirates from all walks of life to pursue the alluring prizes. One of these treasure seekers, a young apprentice pirate named Zack happens upon a mysterious talking skull, the skull of Barbaros himself. Barbaros promises to reveal the key to the island, if Zack will help to lift the curse he is under.

Players will explore a variety of wondrous environments and stages, solving puzzles and interacting with the world in search of vast riches and the ultimate pursuit of becoming the greatest pirate the world has ever seen. Inventive gameplay mechanics and controller movements allow players to move and open objects, transform items, unlock new pathways and navigate through perilous stages based on a variety of themes including a jungle, ice temple, volcanic caves and more, each with their own sub-areas. Players will rotate handles, turn keys to open doors, play a piccolo and much more in order to solve the progressively difficult puzzle stages and collect Barbaros’ legendary treasures.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason you are posting this as a comment to another story? Just seems odd to me.

Anyway, this game does look fantastic. They have got the artistic style looking right, the game itself sounds like it could be fun. Lets hope this announcement by the European division is an indicator that we won't be waiting too long in Europe for this title

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym.

Is there a reason you are posting this as a comment to another story? Just seems odd to me.

Why not? Those stories don´t merit their own post. And if I can be among the first to post them as a comment (since the companies have just mailed them in), I might as well keep you updated this way.

Incidentally, there is another press release, fresh from my inbox.

SEGA just announced that Streets of Rage, Sword of Vermilion and Bio-Hazard Battle will be joined on the Virtual Console by Sonic Spinball, VECTORMAN and The Story of Thor on April 6th.

Anonymous said...

wii tops the sales charts again look everyone commonsence is profailing for once in human existance

DeepCutstheKnife said...

From sales numbers like these maybe, just maybe I'm not in the minority after all! I never really saw the problem with Nintendo's online service. I don't like online multi-player that much. I miss real co-op play.

On another note, if this keeps up for the rest of the year, we can finally put to rest the idea that the Wii is just a fad. While, not FPS and gore fests, the Wii is getting decent games and I see more on the horizon. I guess only the future can really tell.

Anonymous said...

They should make a new vectorman for Wii..

off topic: may be old but... interesting pics from patents.

Anonymous said...

casual and non-gamer don't need online-play. it is that easy!

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