Saturday, March 17, 2007

´NiGHTS into Dreams´ sequel Wii-bound

The sequel to the Sega Saturn classic ´NiGHTS into Dreams´ is being developed for Wii, the British Official Nintendo magazine seems to claim.

The current issue is promising to blow the lid off a new Wii title in its next issue. The teaser page reads "World Exclusive! Step back in time as a classic game makes a long overdue return." and shows the following images (the scans come courtesy of GoNintendo).

The stars in the picture above seem to suggest an outline. And the top would fit the game´s main character - ´NiGHTS´ wears a jester´s hat. Here is a still taken from the game´s ending.

And here is an image of the character superimposed onto the starry outline in the magazine´s teaser, courtesy of the NeoGAF forums (thanks to Vasuba and TSE).

Also, NGamer magazine is promising a big Wii exclusive. Here is their teaser (again via GoNintendo).

Both magazines belong to the same British publisher. It is likely that they will both reveal that a ´NiGHTS into Dreams´ sequel is in development for Wii.

EDIT A Sega or Nintendo representative who wishes to remain anonymous has confirmed this story to UK gaming site SPOnG (thanks to Cubed3 and ExtremeGamer3).

EDIT The story has been confirmed by way of an article in a Portuguese gaming magazine called ´Maxi Consolas´, including detailed screenshots.

Sources: Official Nintendo magazine (scanned by dc12iscool, via GoNintendo), NGamer magazine (scanned by Adolson, via GoNintendo)
Thanks to: Vasuba, TSE, GameOn Revolution, DigiHatesMakingNames


Anonymous said...

though I think it's unlikely, there have been rumors of Sega Saturn on VC and it might just be an announcement of that, with nights being the saturn's debut VC game. Maybe? Or an April Fool's joke.

Anonymous said...

It is the moon of Endor in the 2nd scan... SW is coming.

Tadashi Oshima said...

"It is the moon of Endor in the 2nd scan... SW is coming."

Endor has not as much water as this planet. It's probably just Earth.
It would really suck if it was "just" SMG.

Anonymous said...

I smell april fools somehow, and if it isnt i smell a breath of fresh air in the gaming community

M. Ferreira said...

I am particularly excited about this recent rumor. I loved the original, and have secretly been hoping for a Wii sequel or a VC release (Same goes for Clockwork Knight and Burning Rangers! :) ).

However, I have a sneaking suspicion that if this rumor is true, then a lot of people are going to go into the game with unrealistic expectations (it is a hugely hyped game among the fan community). That alone will bring a lot of disappointment to the new gamers that have heard of the "mind-blowing masterpiece" that is NiGHTS into Dreams.

Anonymous said...

I made a post on my blog about this. If this is an AF joke, ONM will lose tons of subscriptions.

Anonymous said...

sounds good Kid. :)

Sehr erfreulich.

But Little Big Planet PS3 only?


wii-man said...

I agree with arbiter, if this is another April Fools thing, I'm no longer going to listen to anything they write (hey, that could be a be-lated AF joke just in case you missed the first). OMN had better get it right!

Anonymous said...

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