Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wii microphone confirmed, channel rumoured

A microphone peripheral for Wii has been confirmed. EB Games has listed a Disney Interactive title called ´High School Musical´, a Karaoke title which will ship in August with a microphone peripheral included.

On top of that, Rumor Reporter has learned of many microphone-based games already in development, as well as an entire channel which will make use of the microphone:

Rumor Reporter has exclusively learned from several insider sources that Nintendo will be releasing a microphone peripheral for the Wii. This once-rumored accessory is already being developed in co-junction with several game titles, some of which was shown at Game Developers Conference and previous events. Recent conferences at GDC 07 also indicate that this is the first official public showing of the peripheral to numerous press outlets. (...)

Furthermore, Rumor Reporter has learned that many more titles and experiments are also planned, including a brand-new channel based on the microphone’s capabilities. Karaoke singers should definitely take notice.

The latest rumour conerning a microphone for Wii is just a week old, a summary of the various rumours of the past is included. Again, I have always thought of a mic as a given.

What a possible microphone channel might be like is another thing, though. I myself am hoping for a fully-fledged voice messenger using Miis.

Sources: RumorReporter, Nintendo Wii Fanboy, EB Games
Thanks to: ConsoleWars (German)


Anonymous said...

"I myself am hoping for a fully-fledged voice messenger using Miis."

That sounds similar to the Sony ‘Home’ service; using the blutooth headset to talk to other users (not to mention this could be done on PC for many years). In my opinion Linden Lab (creators of second life) were ahead of everybody on this. It seems that Sony and Nintendo are attempting to cash in on this social networking craze. I wonder when we are going to see a ‘Live’ version of this on 360. It’s only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking.
Those slots on the back of the Classic Controller might hold a Mic attachment.
Probably not the first to think it, but...
Possible Super Smash Bros Brawl use?

Anonymous said...

there are some rumors flying around about nintendo's lack of (basically ANY) big announcements at GDC because of some kind of embargo involving their stock prices. what the hell is going on?

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

So, an outright peripheral? I suppose that rules out the wiimote's crappy little speaker doubling as a microphone... which would have been neat, if a little awkward.

Smith said...

Nintendo Wii has been doing well!

Anonymous said...

it would be cool if they made a mini-game for the mic channel where you try and impersonate nintendo characters and they score you out of 100.

Anonymous said...

i really think the mic peripheral will be a headset, or a bluetooth phone-lookin earpiece. having an odama-like microphone would really suck.

-"superfan" tactics

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