Friday, January 06, 2006

No Rev controller functionality for ´Zelda: Twilight Princess´ after all?

According to EuroGamer, the recent NGC magazine report about ´Zelda: Twilight Princess´ featuring special Revolution controller functionality is wrong. Apparently, Nintendo sent them an email and debunked the story. Here´s what they wrote:
The article in the January edition of NGC Magazine is pure speculation. Nintendo have made no new announcements regarding ´The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess´. We can however confirm that the game is still in development and that it will launch on Nintendo GameCube in 2006.
I myself still believe that Nintendo would be foolish to publish such a high class title without added features for their upcoming console.

Source: EuroGamer
Thanks to: Joystiq


Anonymous said...

It would be like making GBA game now and it would feature some things that can only be used in DS.. You all can think the usefulness about it.
But I myself, think, that it would be cool to fish/swing sword and so on.

Anonymous said...

Well no duh it's not going to happen. Can you even imagine the amount of extra coding that would be necessary to basically add in a second entirely new control engine?

Falafelkid said...

Ever wondered why the game was delayed? I´ve played the code at E3 and GC and the levels I played were finished.

Anonymous said...

to anon

they did it for metroid prime 2 in just a couple of WEEKS.

Anonymous said...

I never bought the fact they were going to put REvolution features into Twilight Princess.

The timeline didn't make sense. Probably late 2k6 for the Revolution launch while Twilight Princess is probably an April 2k6 launch.

I believe the game was delayed plain and simply because it wasn't done yet. Just because you can play a level or two on it at E3 doesn't mean jack. There's alot more work that goes into making a top class franchise like Zelda. This isn't EA we're talking about. This is Nintendo.

Plus to include Revolution features on a game six months before the Revolution will come out doesn't add up. I doubt the hardware will finalized enough that Nintendo could release something to retail for hardware.

Anonymous said...

i guess a lesson is to be learned here,
there is no 'real news' unless it comes from the big N itself.

for myself i think it would have been verry cool to have rev-controls for Zelda but if they did it for that game they also could make some engine's for past games like star wars rogue leader, maybe 1080, marioparty games, battalian wars, both metroids and some others, and let us download them on the revo as an update.
As anonymous said..."they did it for metroid prime 2 in just a couple of WEEKS." you would asume it ain't a long time job to code such a thing...
Or is that something stupid to think?

would make me happy.

i'm out, cheers

by the way: Falafelkid you are doing one mighty job here, been reading since august or september (don't realy remember correctly) and always was a joy to read your stuff...(excluding the news of the Zelda delay of course...)

thnx, gotta go boss is coming...

Anonymous said...

I think releasing Twilight Princess late into the year with limited Revolution extras would be a slap-in-the-face. The game was announced for Dec. 05, then pushed to first quarter '06, and if they push it until Oct. or Nov., I will be one pissed off hombre.

The whole thing is that this would basically be the weakest launch title for a system ever. What if Nintendo had released Super Mario World for the SNES in time for the N64, with analog-stick-use as a feature? I don't want to see a SNES calibur game on the N64, and I don't want to see a Gamecube game launch with Revolution. Sure, it would be cool to play Zelda with the Rev controller, fishing and swinging the sword, but there's about a 99% chance that Rev will get its own Zelda game a year or two down the road.

Okay, that's long-winded, and it's too early to really make a good point, but to sum it up: Twilight Princess should have been a December release, and pushing a Gamecube game to launch with the new system is beyond stupid.


Anonymous said...

Slap in the face indeed. I got a tip for yall. Just close your eyes and go to sleep tonight to wake up for the pre E3 Conference... withotu all the hype, the spoilers and so on... Ahhh.. it would be GREAT, would it? but im too much of a geek and excited not to look every SINGLE DAY for revo news, and it seems you guys are too.

Anonymous said...

I dont agree its better to launch Zelda as a pure GC game, and in it bundle commercial for the Revolution. When Revolution is relesed u could have Zelda bundled with it like a free game (As SuperMario Bros for Nintendo 8bit.

To relese TP with added fetures for a console that isnt on the market yet would only confuse consumers.

"Its better to fall sometimes than to never ever stumble"