Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Konami denies ´Silent Hill 5´ rumours

Brazilian gaming site Player Zone has posted an exclusive story, claiming that ´Silent Hill 5´ will be a Nintendo Revolution exclusive title. Translated via Babelfish and slightly corrected, their article reads:
Konami Computer Entertainment Japan and Nintendo yesterday announced the development of ´Silent Hill 5´ for the Japanese company´s new console, the Revolution. Although everyone believed that the horror series´ new instalment would be PS3 exclusive, it seems that the Konami team was seduced by the Revolution´s innovative control. According to the series´ producer Akira Yamaoka: "We are excited about the great possibilities of the new control. We believe that the Silent Hill series will make a leap forward and the Revolution is the solution to enable our innovative plans ". Silent Hill 5 will be launched exclusively for Nintendo Revolution. The first images will be published, according to Yamaoka, during the Eletronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which will take place in May of 2006.
However, Konami of Europe know nothing about this. Further, they clarified that a producer will never annunce new products. Only the publisher does. The producer may be quoted in the press release. But that release will be issued by the publisher. Nintendo of Europe was unavailable at the moment.

Further, the article is dated 29th of December 2005. If they really had broken the news, the story would certainly be official by now, almost a month later. It seems to me that this story is based on a wrong translation from a Japanese original. Yamaoka may have expressed interest in the Revolution. But it appears unlikely that ´Silent Hill 5´ will be a Revolution exclusive.

Sources: Player Zone, Babelfish
Thanks to:Nintendo Central, Cubed3, Revogaming, Nintendo-Centrum


Anonymous said...

Meh, no loss

Jon Gardner said...

I can still dream. *sigh*

RGB said...

No loss? The more support the better, dont be so arrogant.

Anonymous said...

A little OffTopic
Have you seen the result of the console combo poll on joystiq?
Great results for the revo!
So sorry for the OT
Luca S.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Luca. No, thanks for the link. Great news for Nintendo, undoubtedly. Joystiq caters for more than the Nintendo community and a poll among more than 7.000 visitors will have to be kind of representative. Thanks.

Shoxware Games said...

Whoo, Silent Hill 5 on Revolution! THAT would be too lovely, i loved the previous games (except The Room).

It's highly doubtful, but i still hope that SH will come to revolution!

Anonymous said...

I send a letter to `In-Three´, the company that`s going to "dimensionalize" theatres at the end of 2007.

>Dear Sir or Madam,
>it would be nice, if you can tell me,
>that a videogame-company is interested
>in your 3D-technology. I can`t find
>such infos on your website, but heared,
>that Robert Rodriguez has stating they
>knew of a game machine that would exploit
>this new wave of 3D entertainment well
>before Hollywood could jump in on the market.
>Raphael Müller

Here`s what they`ve to say:

>Although we know Robert R., we are not
>involved with video gaming. What we do
>at In-Three is Dimensionalize movies
>into 3D. Video gaming is not our expertise
>at this time.
>We do have a dialogue with other
>that are involved in 3D video gaming.

So, nothing important here, cause we could imagine, that there were developments or types of research in this direction, before.

But also it means, if In-Three knows a company, that`s involved in `3D-video gaming´, it sounds believeable, that Robert Rodriguez also has heared such movements of the industry or even a concrete company, that`s going to jump into this buisiness.

Let`s wait and see. E3 will tell.

Blizz419 said...

hey rapheal i got a tip for you on your english, keep in mind i'm not disrespecting you in any way you usually have interesting things to say just thought i'd help when you type "infos" it should be just info no "s"

Airaku said...

perhaps it is fake, we will find out soon enough, Konami could very well be being lip tight about it. None of the 3rd partys are really annoccing their games, so time will tell.

Raphael do you have a source, or no, I would like a way to contact In-Three, and I will try to get to the bottom of this. Thank you


Blizz419 said...

revolution_Gamer_0069 your fake too

Blizz419 said...

first off you claim this picture is real, that its solid proof or whatever, then in the comments on your blog you say "I do not know if this is real or not so I am not to sure, but time will tell." you contradict your self
you have nothing bro your fake, and this screen is fake

Anonymous said...

Like I said on another forum, Konami is still on NDA. Therefore, they can't talk about neither Revolution nor their projects.

Any 3rd party will deny any projects.

Like Nintendo did to Zelda: TP being compatible with Revolution controller. Nintendo denies it but didn't say it won't happen.

Blizz419 said...

if it comes to Rev i highly doubt it will be exclusive

Anonymous said...

@ blizz419

Don`t try to help my english. ;-)
It`s already dead.

RIP :-(


"Raphael do you have a source, or no"

What kind of source? Maybe this one?:


Or a picture of the mail?

On topic:

I`ve never played a `silent hill´-game, cause I never owned a playstation. But I think, it`s a great game-concept, wich would nicely fit in nintendos lineup. Also (it seems, that) we`ve lost Resident Evil.

JHalasi said...

I hadn't heard about this, thanks for finding this info. I'm a big Silent Hill fan, and despite being a PS3fanboy I'll be buying a Revolution as well.

P.S. I sourced you on my post about this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I knew that a lot of games out be announced at E3, but I never knew that only Nintendo (or the publisher) could do it. That's a new big deal to me.

Anonymous said...

29th (28th) of december is the equivalent of April Fools day in Latin America. So it is clear that it is a hoax.

Airaku said...

Blizz419, I never claimed it was real, I said ZeroMaru claimed its real, no I am not fake, I never claim somthing I do not know, I'm sorry if you think I'm fake. Thats ok Belive what ever you want. It dosent bother me because I know what I know. So peace out buddy!

Anonymous said...

The article probably fell for a similar article in a different magazine. I don't remember which it was, but it was posted on Innocent's day, 28th Dec. (April Fool's Day's equivalent in Spanish speaking countries). The difference is, that original article marked it as a hoax already.

Hmm, In Brazil, Protugese is spoken, not Spanish like in the other South American countries. Perhaps Innocent's Day therefore isn't known in Portugal and Brazil.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to add that I'm a big Silent Hill fan or else I wouldn't have even commented on this news. So I hope Nintendo's new console gets it's own SH game just like it could happen with RE, as Capcom suggested. But first, Revolution must prove itself. If its userbase is large enough, the console automatically draws in developers.

Anonymous said...

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