Friday, December 23, 2005

Zelda: Twilight Princess to feature Revolution extras, console to launch November 2006?

NGC magazine has news that the delayed Gamecube game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will feature extra content when played on the Revolution console. Obviously, this concerns compatibility with the Revolution controller. The magazine has also quoted an inside source stating that the console is due to launch in late 2006 and that the game - though still officially a Gamecube title - would be released around the same time. Here´s the story from the publisher´s official homepage:
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be playable on Nintendo's Revolution and will be released close to the console's launch date in the UK - which is confirmed as arriving in late 2006 - according to an exclusive news scoop in the latest issue of NGC.

While also still set for release on GameCube, the new Zelda adventure will contain special features enabling players to make use of Revolution's controller, so when the disc is inserted into Revolution it will give the player the option to use the next-gen console's radical device.
4 Color Rebellion quotes the original print magazine with more detail regarding the alleged launch (highlights added):
Back in September, Nintendo announced: “Our development team has decided to take extra time to add some incredible elements.” These were elements that Miyamoto and Zelda director Aonuma said were “simply far too good to leave out.” And they weren’t wrong.

NGC can exclusively reveal that Twilight Princess will be playable on the forthcoming Revolution using the upcoming console’s unique controller. Zelda will actually ‘bring in’ the Revolution by launching fairly close to the new system, which is set to be released around November of next year, according to our sources.

“But they also promised it would be out on Gamecube!” we hear you cry. Well, they weren’t lying. Twilight Pricess will be released on Gamecube - there’s no changing that fact. However, when you insert your disc into your Revolution, you’ll be given the option to use the Revolution’s controller, with all the advantages that this will bring.

So what’s the reason for all this? Well, it kind of makes sense. With Gamecube entering its twilight years, it gives retailers time to clear their Gamecube stock. And riding on the back of Revolution, it means that the game, which has now been in development for quite some time, will find as big an audience and gain the recognition it deserves - it will be the first port of call for those of us still with Gamecubes, and for those who have just bought a Revolution.
I myself regard it as inevitable that such an important title will have added value on the upcoming system. More so, it would only make sense to scrap the Gamecube version altogether and plan The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as a Revolution launch title. However, Nintendo has been quick to deny this, speaking to SPOnG. Perhaps, though, we will see a dual launch. I cannot imagine added content without added graphics detail. If only business-wise, it would be a missed opportunity.

Sources: NGC magazine, 4 Color Rebellion, SPOnG
Thanks to: SPOnG, Revo Europe


Falafelkid said...

Just for the record: the November launch date concerns the console´s UK launch. However, with a confirmed simultaneous launch worlwide the discrepancy to the console launching in other territories could be two weeks at the most. This would mean an early and mid-October launch for Japan and US, respectively.

Mr eel said...

I suspect that the Twighlight Princess will be a Gamecube game purely.

If Nintendo want to release it early next year -- as they have said they do -- it would be pointless adding any features specifically for the Rev. Basically it complicates development, with not much of a pay off.

It's only worth doing if they think TP will make folks wanna buy a Rev, which I doubt.

BUT! Nintendo are a close-mouthed bunch, so who knows?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Mr. Eel. Thanks for your comments. There is some reason to be sceptical of this story. SPOnG question the magazine´s validity (though they recently made a baffling mistake themselves, presenting the playable Rev demos MTV reported about as new, while they were obviously the same ones shown behind closed doors at TGS).

However, I don´t think Nintendo ever talked about an early 2006 release for TP, did they? The current info on the press server reads 2006, no more.

Also, TP would make people buy a Rev. With such a high quality game, I take that as a given.

Arsenis said...

Do you think is maybe to sell the game to people who wanna play it first on gamecube, then to the people who will wait for revolution.
the people who play it first on gamecube add replay value when playing on revolution.

Anonymous said...

err... could you fix the site? Seems like you left out a tag somewhere and all the whole page is a link.

Thunder Emperor said...

i say the console llunches in august in jap or us. remember merrick said 14 week lunch window. which is about 3 months. also gc lunched in august in the us. .so basically it m akes sense. zelda comes out in april the comes e3 in may, where you can play the rev with zelda. then comes august for lunch

Grandmaster B said...

For someone who doesnt pay for drinks at a convention he organised, nor even show up as well as well as not even quoting the person he spoke to Nintendo with, I dont see much of a reason to believe Spong.

GDC have basically confirmed it as a fact, and if the magazine gets printed as that then maybe they may have legal issues if it isnt true. One would think it would to actually get it printed?

However both are not respected journalists so who knows which is true.

Thunder Emperor said...

reggie has gone on record to say that tp was coming out in april.

sheik said...

hopefully they have 2 versions one 4 cube and one enhanced graphics for revo.

Grandmaster B said...

OK then.

Anonymous said...

From a casual gamer standpoint, why buy an old gamecube game for the shiny revolution? It wouldn't be hard to get hardcore gamers to buy the Rev or TP, but casual gamers will probably only get a Rev.

Added functionality will be cool, it could get people hyped for the Revolution Zelda.

bankai said...

hi there !

Hey Falafelkid
from the german website gamefront:

Revolution soll weitgehend fertig sein

23.12.05 - Nintendos Revolution-Konsole soll weitgehend fertiggestellt sein. Das behauptet die Dengeki PS in ihrer aktuellen Ausgabe in einer Kolumne, in der sie allgemein über die gesamte Videospielindustrie berichtet

in english: Dengeki PS reports that revolution is finished to a large extend. they are talking about this in their column about the whole game industry in general.

man, i could have translated it better, but im lazy right now :D

lu^_^K said...

But Sony is not far to release the PS3 (Spring 2006?) , how Nintendo going to take advantage if they launch the Rêv to late :). I hope see a revolution in the next 6 month .

Red Bull and Vodka said...

@Thunder - Gamecube launched in November in US about one week after X-Box. I remember being stood in line outside a 'Target' @ 4am and it was cold as shit. In North Carolina, where I was living at the time, it's not cold in August...

Anonymous said...

seriousgamer just released a new game list.

is that legit?

Stomped said...

Nothing from seriousgamer007 is legit

He is a tool.

However, tbis blog have a few interesting things:

Anonymous said...

Spong's validity is questionalble all the time so why are you Falafelkid are never skeptical of them?

Thunder Emperor said...

@ Bankai

Bleach is the best anime oon the planet.

@ red bull

i thought it was augst, but in japan it lunched in sept i beleive casue i know the jap lunch date was moved from jul to sept. I didn't by my cube at lunch

Carmine M. Red said...

I believe that the stated discrepancy that Jim Merrick was wondering about was 14 weeks (a little over 3 months) from start to end to get the Rev out in major territories.

That said, I just can't shake off the naive fanboy in me who wants a late spring/summer 2006 launch. Launching within 2 months of TP would be most effective if they really wanted to experience that boost, and given that TP (or RE4) already looks almost as good as many blase X360 titles on a standard TV, I don't think it'd suffer at all.

jon said...

This makes sense to be available for the revolution. It will draw some attention to the new console. I like the option of being able to use my gamecube controller and the revolution controller to play the game. That way if I get bored of swinging the revo-mote around I can pick up the old reliable and go at it. It's nice way to intraduce the new idea of game interaction. It think they should do it. Once the revolution comes out the gamecube titles will be less disirable to the puplic. Why buy old when we can buy new with extra features. It may be tough to market if they dont release it for gamecube about a month earlier.

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on this until I see it from somewhere reputable.

Nick said...

I'm just going to copy and paste my comment on this subject in the comments section of the previous post. I can't believe how many news websites are wetting their pants over this tidbit without bothering to examine the source. There's nothing that separates that magazine from the fan speculation we've been hearing for the past month. It's yellow journalism. See the scans for yourselves:

My response last night:

On the NGC Zelda scans: I don't think anybody doubts that this issue of the magazine is real and on the stands, but its credibility is a whole other matter entirely. You'll notice that every shot of Twilight Princess is lifted straight from captures of the E3 demo sequences, and all the "exclusive" information - uses for the controller, the Revolution release date - are little different from the state of Internet speculation at press time.

I also highly, highly doubt the game will be pushed closer to November rather than seeing release in April. It's already not selling any Cubes, and a move like that wouldn't come unless Nintendo decided to take an extra half-year to bump the game to Revolution (itself not likely, because interface design comes so early in the development process).

NGC is an independent magazine - in their own words, "100% unofficial". The only way they'd beat an official publication to the punch would be if they scored a juicy exclusive interview, and they don't have a single quote to support that.

Not fake, but not true.

I'm not saying that it's an impossible idea, or even a bad one, but there's nothing new to see here. Keep waiting.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a Nintendo fan but they have angered me to the point that I will no longer support them. This BS of launching in novemeber 2006 and delaying Zelda has made me sick. I hope this ruins their plans. Nintendo sucks just like SONY and MS. The gaming market is going to die because people have realized that gaming is a waste of time and nobody cares anymore. I have now decided to take every step allowable by law to sabotage Nintendo's Revolution and the gaming industry as a whole.

saviorofhyrule said...

Here's the pics from the magazine, From here

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7

Someone on IGN Boards posted this, but I don't agree with the theory.

saviorofhyrule said...

Oh, sorry Nick, I didn't see your comment...

Anonymous said...

Going with what Nick said, most of that article was just made up of speculation on how the game could be controlled. They really only said that the Zelda will have some control with the revolution. It is very well possible that it is like that special shop advance shop in oracle of ages. It was a gameboy game and if you played it on a gameboy advance you got this special shop. At one end of the spectrum it could be that, and besides full blown controls, there could be a middle ground where you just use the controller in some mini games.

Raph said...

falafelkid, can you fix up your blog, all your text is a link, its kind of annoying.


Eithan said...

Is there anybody in the UK who can confirm that this thing is real? I really don't trust those images until I see something a bit more permanent, like the actual magazine.

majik12 said...

I really hope its full blown revoultion controls. I mean, I would not mind waiting for the game if it got exponentally better control system. This is nintendo's premier IP, and a nintendo system has never launched with a zelda game. They have the oppurtunity to relases the game completly playable on the gc, in its original form and at the same time to make it a killer app rev launch title.

I imagine this game to be the system seller, and Nintendos main example of what the remote can bring to traditinal games. I think nintendo is going to really push this game at launch. I think once people play zelda with the remote, they could not care less if it has graphical enhancments on the rev or not. And no one would care that they had to wait so long, as Im sure everyone feels about all previous zeldas. I have never regreted waiting for a zelda.

And who would want to wait another 2-3 years for an original rev zelda when they can wait another 6 months and get one at launch and one in 2-3 years?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I used to be a Nintendo fan but they have angered me to the point that I will no longer support them. This BS of launching in novemeber 2006 and delaying Zelda has made me sick. I hope this ruins their plans. Nintendo sucks just like SONY and MS. The gaming market is going to die because people have realized that gaming is a waste of time and nobody cares anymore. I have now decided to take every step allowable by law to sabotage Nintendo's Revolution and the gaming industry as a whole.

Heheh, anonymous, that's fantastic! =) I wish you luck on your quest!

nz guy said...

I dont think nintendo would need to polish off the graphics for the rev because the zelda series has always been about gameplay. and its not like were talking about a green square running round or anything. In therms of weather its a good idea or not, I think it is. Firstly people who own GC will buy it then there will be some stock left (of course) so new console owners who buy a rev will think 'oh i hear thats a pretty mean game' so will clean out the stores of it.

and then of course everyone whos involved with sony will cry and say 'What have we done, please forgive us nintendo' and the good people of nintendo will reply 'Ahhh no'and orinise some sort of mass murder.

this of course is still in the development process.

Johnny B said...

Zelda TP is the last franchise title coming to the GameCube, which is why its necessary to keep it a GC game. However, making TP freehand compatible will ensure that its also a popular Rev game. So, even on a very basic level, it makes sense to include Rev extras with TP. Perhaps there will be more to the Rev extras than just freehand compatibility. Yeah, its a stretch, but I think online multiplayer TP is possible.

Arsenis said...

either way Zelda will be playable no matter what 'cause the revolution is backwards compatiblew/ the cube it even has cube controler ports.

Arsenis said...

either way Zelda will be playable no matter what 'cause the revolution is backwards compatible w/ the cube it even has cube controler ports.

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. Quick word to Raph: This blog is meant to be used with Firefox. However, I looked at this page with both Firefox and IE and it looks fine. What browser do you use? And what URL is this link to?

Luca S. (Italy) said...

ehm this have nothing to do, with the revolution but.. Merry christmas and Happy new year to Falafel Kid and to all the readers!
P.S Firefox is surely the greatest web browser!

Anonymous said...

i am using safari and have the same prob. it links to

pn18 said...

merrü christmes tu all te rieders ant spetzualli tu falafelkit

Anonymous said...

There is a new update on the revealing
the revolution blogspot ;)

Falafelkid said...

Sorry to all the Safari users out there. I will see what I can do after the festive season. In the meantime, I wish all of you a merry christmas, lots of presents and happy and relaxing days with family and friends. Give your Nintendogs an extra bone, let Samus ceremoniously fire some charge beams into a pine tree and colour Link´s hat red.

rhopa said...

off topic
right, with safari, the whole page is a link… so sad ;(

thanks for your job and merry xmas
/off topic

Anonymous said...

... or maybe we could say that :

- Nintendo didn't hesitate a few years ago to change a N64 game (can't even remember its name) into StarFox for GameCube, because when you launch a system, and you got such a perfect title (Zelda might be Nintendo best seller), it's the best thing you can do to help the launch...
- if Nintendo don't (and I'm not saying they won't) put out Twilight on Revolution, it might be because of the revolutionary graphical possibilites of the Revolution (the last secret), which could need a different way of producing the game graphical engine...
- Nintendo don't care about how Zelda could look on Revolution, cause the revolutionary feature is the controler, and the first games on Revolution won't look any better than Zelda Twilight on played on a GameCube...

Shoxware Games said...

@ stomped: yeah, you're right, revolutionspecs.blogspot is very reliable... c'mon the ON!!!!!

@ all: merry christmas.

Thunder Emperor said...

Merry christmas everyone and a Happy Newyear.

Which means Rev lunches soon than last year


Falafelkid said...

Infendo claims that the console will launch in May, after all. A local Nintendo rep is supposed to have told someone close to the blog´s author. Sounds not too reliable. I don't think local Ninty reps would even know at this stage.

Thunder Emperor said...

fal dengeki is statingthat the rev is complete besides some tweaking here and ther but the console is done

Anonymous said...

seriousgamer blog

is that game list legitimate? if it is that would be friggin crazie.

Stomped said...

One more time...

SERIOUSGAMER007 is a fake
He even declared himself a fanboy than just want to hyper everybody with his bullcrap.

Don't be a fool

Stomped said...

All of you

Read this:

Anonymous said...


is it at all possible that you could archive a bunch of this news so the front page loads faster? it seriously takes forever and lags my browser...

also, looks like revealing the revolution has returned to the internet, have you recieved any contact with the poster?

Anonymous said...

hey FALAFELKID the revealing the revolution site is back online and has updated just thought I would let you know I dont think this guy is fake he has been right quiet a lot


Raph said...

Falafelkid, heres the link it takes to: I'm using safari on Mac os X, but I've seen the same comment from other users. Archiving could be quite handy for those of us who have slow coputers and connections.

By the way, there's a new post of revealing the revolution blog on freewebs. Not much there but babble about ssb, a first half 2006 release date for zelda TP, and a "news bomb" he wants to keep secret until february (for some obscure reason, you will understand", he says)...

He also refutes (not entirely) the possibility of a visor, but says that nintendo has thought of it. hum.. After reading n5_dev's blog, im left sort of guessing; the idea of the visor as an optional (but highly recommended) add-on was attractive...

Think of the frustration... The guy from revealing the revolution said the ON was nor entirely fake nor the revolution. The guy from N5_dev said he knew of the latter's blog, that some of his information was "interesting" but one should "beware". It's a goddamn conspiracy thats what it is. I'm starting to think some of this hype over the last secret isnt the works of Nintendo in the first place. I mean, could it be part of some viral marketing campaign?

Anyway falalfelkid, what do you think about the "big one"? Could it relate in some way to the ON? Im beggining to think so, even I didnt believe so in the first place. And it really kills me to revive the ON fire. I CANT WAIT, ive become a goddam news junkie, I telling you... Its a good thing were getting in 2006, cause I want some official stuff coming down to the common of mortals here. Some guys at nintendo must be just laughing with our vehemence pf "i want to believe" to find that "the truth is out there" :) xfiles

Anonymous said...

Haven't it ever came to any of you guys that all these fake blogs is probably all under one person? Sure he can diss the other blogs by debunking them but he can just do that to cover his tracks.

Requiem said...


Mr. Inc's blog is becoming more and more legit. With the release of the No End Soon video, I can almost garuntee he is who he says he is.

First of all, 15 seconds into the video, it says "Nintendo Revolution." Then at the end of video, the top two selections of the end menu stated "Nintendo" then something I couldn't make-out.

Also, I have a theory about the TP: Rev capatibility.

Is Nintendo using Zelda as a template for Action-Adventure games for next-gen? Assuming that Mario, Metriod, and the Camelot RPG (announced well over two years ago) launch with the REV, that's four huge titles in four different genres. And assuming that all four of those games are nothing less than spectacular, couldn't they "show the way" to third-parties trying to do the same thing?

Maybe Nintendo thought it would be too late to show how an Action-Adventure game should truely work on the REV, assuming Zelda REV comes out a couple years after the REV launches. Maybe that's why they added this specific functionalty and are launching so close to the REV.

We've said it before. Nintendo needs to get the ball rolling right out of the gate. It needs to show us how games are revolutionary in many different genres. Zelda can now claim the adventure genre, with the rest following suit.

The more I think about it, the more this move is pure genius!

ColdBlooder said...

hi! first i like to wish everybode a merry christmas and a good start into the year 2006.

on a board i found a link to this thread :

"leaked" (or faked, don´t know) screens and even a video of the game "no end soon". two developers, who claim that there studio is in europe , (see ) and that they are working on that game. ok, nothing special. but theres that video. its really nothing special too, you only see a loading screen and a very poor menu (wich seems ok, since its in a very early stage of development). there is one thing that makes me wonder. a few weeks ago most of the readers were sure that they must be working for ubisoft, wich fittet perfectly when you read the facts about their studio they wrote. on the video is the typical ubisoft "intro movie" you see in every ubisoft game. and remember, ubisoft announed that they are working on a first person shooter for revolution. i don´t say that this is real, but there is so much fitting into this story that it should be worth a check.

@falafelkid: i hope you find some time to do a little research on this story.

Metaldave said...

I think Nintendo will release TP still in April like Reggie said. Think about it. If Nintendo confirms that when played on Revolution Twilight Princess will indeed have the Revolution controls, then people planning to buy a Revolution will already have a game to play on it months before the system releases. Even though we all would have beaten Zelda with the Gamecube controls, having the Revolution controls as well will make that game so valuable that it will sell through the roof in April(on Gamecube)and then in November for the people that don't have a GC and only buy Revolution. Or it will just sell consistently though out the whole time. Either way we win! Bravo to Nintendo if this is true because it gives both sides strong reasons to buy Twilight Princess. Brilliant

Raph said...

The no end soon vids and pics are like blurry UFO snapshots. It's a conspiracy i tell you! BUT the guys on say:

"You should look forward to his speech and check this blog right after his speech (D.I.C.E.). Within a few hours after Mr.Reggie his speech we’ll update with lots of news. This new policy allows us to reveal many more things, so you can expect a very long read and .... maybe even more."

This is very interesting and it relates to what I said about the revealing the revolution blog. He said he had a news bomb but wanted to keep it for february. After the D.I.C.E. announcement, there will seemingly be a change in NDA's of some sort, added with what they call "solid information", although not quite as big as the pre-E3 conference. Well well well, I think our next rendez vous is . The information seems to be coicinding pretty weirdly these days. And what if this was coordinated?

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. @Anonym: I have thought about archiving, but to my knowledge I cannot integrate a search function via blogger. It would be hard for you guys to refer back to older posts, not knowing which months they were posted in. That was the prime reason to leave all posts on the front page. However, I do realise that it´s getting quite long. Are you all happy to show only the current four posts? And does anyone know how I could integrate a search function so that readers can easily find the article on, say, the NASA project?

@Coldblooder: I regard the screens as fake. Developers would not be testing on tv sets, but on computer screens. They would use development kits and a controller would be physically connected to the kit via cable. I have seen the PSP dev kits, for example, and the controller is a PSP permanently plugged into the kit. Dev kits are essentially custom-built PCs and as such are connected to computer screens.

Also, I doubt very much that a developer would be willing to share a tentative title as well as their publisher. My girlfriend is a PC developer and while I know which publisher they will work with for their next game, this information is regarded as confidential until both parties involved are ready to announce the deal. Ubisoft is a big one. You wouldn´t want to piss them off. And breaches of contract incurr hefty fines and a a bad reputation for the studio. Look at the whole fiasco with ´Digital Jesters´. Who´d want that?

Also, ´No End Soon´ is everything but a catchy title for a game, in my opinion. Though apparently just a working title, it doesn´t really seem to give away any content. Consider ´Fable´ by Molyneux. It used to be referred to as ´Project Ego´, which was obviously not going to be the final name, but betrayed the idea behind it quite well. Also, have you noticed how ´No End Soon´ spells ´NES´ when abbreviated? I think this is just a kid with too much time on their hands.

Carmine M. Red said...

Latest rumor? This IGN Revolution Lobby board post links to several sites claiming to break news of the hardware completion status.

The fanboi in me wants to say it's true, but there's no way I'm letting myself name it anything but rumor at this point.

~Carmine M. Red

Carmine M. Red said...

Re: My last post

It seems much more probable that the reports have been mistranslated, and that the REAL news may simply be that the Revolution Launch configuration has been pretty much finalized and that Final Dev Kits are going out. I highly doubt that the Rev is being manufactured yet.

~Carmine M. Red

franjo said...

What do you think about the return of the rumors about the ON and THE BRAIN as part of the revolution?
I read the n5_dev blog and the article stomed linked referring to n5_dev.
When you sum up all the quotes than I think it seems that it could be real. Also the fact that nintendo wants to make a real revolution. The controller and/or new graphic technics couldn't make a "real" revolution.

The fanboy in me wants it to be real but the other part is a bit skeptic because: wouldn't it cost alot? doesn't nintendo wants to make a system for everybody?

But if it is true and it's cheap I think nintendo really could establish a new sector of gaming were they would be the monopolist.

What do you think?

Stabby said...

N5_dev is now officialy FAKE. Here's the story:

Nintendo made a Revolution website wich is called:

Because of this, N5_DEV had a good reason to claim that the Rev's official name is MS:

5. You said the Revolution might be called "MS" what does that stand for?

=> Let us say that the final name of Revolution is a very sensitive subject, so i give you some clues but not the whole thing. You'll know at the beginnong of 2006, believe me.[/quote]

However, there are more websites with the letters 'ms' because 'ms' stands for 'Microsite'.

Sorry people, he is now confirmed fake.

Anonymous said...

Is this your only proof he is fake?
Maybe the microsite name has nothing to do with it.

Stabby said...

I'm pretty sure it's no coincedence. Isn't it enough proof? There's not much needed to proof someone fake. Just give it up already.

m-m said...

Oh, please, stop with the ON. I´m spanish. Pablo Belmonte is well known in some spanish forums. The ON is all fake. If Nintendo is working on a visor-or some sort of stereoscopical/panoramical/personal viewing -it cannot be like the alienating, scaring, dangerous thing Belmonte imagines.

Anonymous said...

That whole thing about the revolution able to play the new Zelda got me thinking.In that Nintendo On video,there was a part where they showed a gamecube and a ?box.What if nintendo is still hiding something?What if the On video holds clues to Nintendo Revolution Day?

Grandmaster B said...

Stabby, I had already brought that up a long time ago.

It doesnt prove he is fake because of that though.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you think ON would be a bit too much for Nintendo? Not only that, but do any of you wear glasses? Any visor would have to accomodate the use of eyewear, thus would be big and clunky.

Big, clunky, and futuristic are frightening (ie - controllers that are big with bizarre shapes and many buttons, aka what Nintendo DOES NOT want) to people, in particular the older age group, whom Nintendo is trying to get involved in the business.

No matter how small a visor is, it will still need to allow people with eyewear (and all the different shapes they come in) to play, lest Nintendo cut off a chunk of its profits.

Anonymous said...

WOAH! Ok guys this has been reported on other blogs and it just happened to me.

try it out if you don't friggin believe me!


why is it redirecting to here!?

nintendo blog

Is he hacking into their system or something?

Anonymous said...


It does redirect to that dumbass's BLOG! Why in the hell is it doing that? Oh and why in the hell did you linktify everything else but the blog comment. Here you guys go that are to lazy!

blog comment

SmashbrosRulezzzz said...

I tried it and it happened to me as well. I saw it on that blog first.

This is pretty weird. Looks like seriousgamer hacked into their systems or soemthin

Anonymous said...

Doesn't redirect me anywhere (page not found). I'm using Opera.

Also, people assume others of being able to "hack" just any website too easily. If anything other than a browser feature (guessing where you meant to go), it's quite possibly a simple little trick with DNS names and such.

For instance, you could go to and make a free address like and have it point to Nintendo's webpage just the same.

Unless I'm missing something.

Metaldave said...

I too get a "page can't be displayed" message. Maybe Nintendo stopped him from doing that.

With all the new blogs coming up, even I have started my own. Don't worry its nothing but news and speculation. I just want to support the Revolution like everyone else here:

Blizz419 said...
are you telling me you dont see whats wrong with that? you have 2 .com's
thats the problem. cuz the pge is working fine for me

Blizz419 said...

so therefore even if that link did direct to seriousretard007 it has nothing to do with hacking nintendo's site becouse the two .com's make it a different site, not nintendo's

Anonymous said...

I just entered in my toolbar and it redirected me to

Now either that guy is a hacker or his website is really linked to nintendo.

Oh and by the way I have it in my favorites area and tried it. It still redirected me.

Nick said...

Would everyone stop giving seriousgamer007 any attention? Nintendo is not redirecting to his site. They have way too many controls in place to allow this to happen. I will bet that all of these posts are made by the same IP. They are all seriousgammer trying to get "Street Cred" that he is affiliated with Nintendo, and for everyone that replies with "Oh he must have hacked Nintendo" is helping him build this. Don't respond to his comments and hopefully, he will go away. (Although I truly doubt that).

Googleplexer said...

I don't have much to say about TP, other than it would make sense to have a unique feature when played on the Revolution.

About searching the site:

Using Google, type "site:URL Keyword" in the search box.

So if I wanted to find info on cube mapping, I would type:

"site: cube mapping"

Make sure there is a space between the url and the keyword.

It should be easy enough for people to search using that.

Blizz419 said...

towards this post

Anonymous said...
I just entered in my toolbar and it redirected me to

"Now either that guy is a hacker or his website is really linked to nintendo.

Oh and by the way I have it in my favorites area and tried it. It still redirected me."

are you an idiot? seriously, the redirecting only happened when you had like that with the 2 .com's which makes it a completely different site, so give it up if you still believe he is a hacker or assiciated with nintendo becouse of this than you are one big fuckin idiot and probably shouldnt even be allowed online. Nuff said

Anonymous said...

simple as this:

Zelda is "the" selling point here!
That means either GC or REV will matter, coz those who are waiting for Zelda game will either buy it for their alreday on hand GC or buy the game along with a new REV.

Either way, Nintendo will have dune a win win situation here.

...and it would be smart for Nintendo to have Zelda work with the new "Remote" controller so that people can try it out - means a longer learning curve for those who consider it alienated.


Anonymous said...

2006 Nintendo predictions:

1.) The Revolution launch will be for the fans, and by that we mean Nintendo fans. It will not have a Metal Gear Solid 4 or a Gears of War, but rather will impress with a new Mario and Super Smash Brothers accompanied by a new IP at launch and a handful of third party titles. In terms of games available at retail, it will be the smallest of the next-gen launches.

2.) The Revolution's downloadable game library of all past Nintendo consoles will at the same time be considered awesome and a disappointment. Nintendo will make as many of its past games available as possible and include new levels, modes, and items. Third parties will not be as present at first due to the hassles of licensing and most will be for sale or packed with games (i.e. new Castlevania comes with a pass to download all past Castlevanias). The Revolution launch again will be mainly for Nintendo fans, past and present.

3.) Many of the developers who spoke so highly of the Revolution will not show any game plans for it in 2006, instead using business sense based on GameCube performance to "wait and see" whether or not putting their ideas to market is worth it.

I predict the same thing also.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous. I completely disagree. First of all, Games are fun is not exactly IGN. Essentially, they run a non-professional website. The Google ads and that amateurish design are reminiscent of a blog (pretty much like mine, actually *lol*). I am just noting this to say that these guys have no more access to industry insiders than I do, probably a lot less.

Now to the topic at hand. Among their other predictions was this one:

The heat over the pre-E3 conferences will be the biggest yet and the conferences themselves will easily outdo last year's. Sony's showings will be most impressive looking and will be the "winner" for hype generation for the casual market.

I almost needn´t comment on this. With Nintendo having booked the Kodak Theater and there still being at least one secret to the console, I am sure they will easily steal the show. How Sony´s offering, including the Cell chip and Blu Ray, could be the ´winner for hype generation for the casual market´ is beyond me.

However, I do understand some of the concerns voiced in the points you quoted. In fact, I welcome the idea of such predictions for the coming year and will write such a post myself in the next few days. So, thank you for the idea. But I do think this guy´s predictions are largely unfounded and way off.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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