Thursday, January 12, 2006

++EXCLUSIVE++ ´Seriousgamer007´ revealed++EXCLUSIVE++

Who is ´Seriousgamer007´? Have you ever wondered? Well, I am sure I know now and I´ll try to prove it to you.

1. The history

The guy began to gain notoriety on the Nintendo forums, writing mysterious comments, lies and contradictions.

He posted detailed tech specs (Google cache) only two weeks after posting:
Listen not one of us truly has an idea of what Nintendo is going to release. Everything is speculation until it comes out. No one knows what the Revolution is going to be whether it a visor,gyroscopic controller, make your own breakfast wafflemaker, or a UFO.
He even simply pasted a fake release date into Nintendo´s financial report right here. Then the first coming out in this thread:
Hi Everyone I feel that it is time to reveal myself and who I am. (...) I do not work for Nintendo. I am sorry. (...) I am currently in Marketing. Internet Marketing. (...) I manage Sales and Customer Service at my brothers Marketing Firm.
On his blog, he continued with his lies, though. Some months ago, he famously started to plug a company called eTraffic Jams here and here.

EDIT The above links are now defunct, along with the entire blog. You can find them mirrored on the Wayback Archive here and here (scroll down halfway). Here are some excerpts from those pages:
I have received credible news that Nintendo is now looking for leading search engine optimization companies to work for Nintendo to increase its online marketing campaign. (...)

Rumors abound have linked the Big N to and Furthermore even search engine marketing company SEOinc supposedly has been involved. eTrafficJams is arguably the number one seo company in the world. However it comes to no suprise that Nintendo is in talks with multiple seo companies.

Curious as to why certain gamesites and companies become successful on the web and other's do not? Want to know how became so powerful? Through good marketing of course. But ever wonder what separates the top gamesites from others? It is through good search engine optimization. (...)

The problem is finding a good seo company. Some are awesome while others are not so hot. There are several seo companies that are very good. is one. This is the company that used to optimize their site. The service will typically run you somewhere upwards of $20,000 or more every six months.

A little bit too expensive for most people. However another very prominent seo company that is known all around the web is They are offering performance based seo. A first in the industry. (...) performance based program is sure to bring new players to the game industry as well as other industries.

If you are interested in learning who the best seo companies in the world are look no further. I have compiled a list for all you website owners that frequent this blog. It is from an SEO Consultant's directory that rated top seo companies and I can not recommend or endorse any of them though they should all be good. This is how the pro's like IGN do it. In fact Microsoft did it with their Xbox 360 on their own search engine.

Top SEO Companies


Just thought you guys might like to know what drives the big players in the industry.


2. The proof

There was always speculation that SG007´s blog was in reality just an advertisement platform for eTraffic Jams. Now, I believe I can prove this is true. The eTraffic Jams website lists a Michael Pedone as President and CEO. When I called the company some time ago and dialled for the Sales department, guess who I was redirected to? Evan Pedone, Michael´s brother. Remember SG007´s confession from above?
I manage Sales and Customer Service at my brothers Marketing Firm.
Last night I called him up and wanted to ask some questions concerning the blog. He denied all involvement but made one fundamental slipup. In the conversation, he claimed to have no knowledge of the blog or the person. Yet he knew right from the start that it dealt with Nintendo and its next-gen console. I had never mentioned either. Here are some of the more memorable quotes from the conversation:
´We are not commenting on rumours or speculation´

´They could be false, they could be real.´

´We´re not claiming it (the blog) and we´re not disputing it.´

´We don´t work for Nintendo and to my knowledge we don´t have any part in this blog.´

´We do not comment on if we are with Nintendo or not with Nintendo.´

´We´re a top marketing company ourselves.´

´I know we do viral marketing and things like that and we do have non-disclosure agreements and I know what I´ve been told to say.´

´We have been in contact with videogame or console manufacturers. But other than that I am not really at will to disclose anything beyond that.´

´I wouldn´t necessarily say one person is Seriousgamer007. I would probably say Seriousgamer007, if I was to make an educated guess, being in marketing myself, I would probably say Seriousgamer007 is more of an entity, kind of embodies an image of somebody. I would say Seriousgamer007 (...) is more of an embodiment of a marketing idea.´
Some pretty contradictory stuff, eh? I didn´t confront Evan with those inconsistencies. Yet he still came across as rather surprised, especially when I mentioned the quote from the Nintendo forums.

3. The motive

So why is he doing it? Evan seemed to suggest that eTraffic Jams may be secretly working for Nintendo. However, if they really did have such big clients, they wouldn´t need a testimonial from a close relative, would they?

Here they quote ´Prime Time Limousine, Inc.´ and name the company´s president: John Pedone. How stupid do they think we are? How desperate is that?

Further testimonials are almost all by local companies, incuding a now defunct food supplement supplier. And in the past (Wayback Machine´s cache) they even seem to have given a testimonial directly to themselves: Fixed Asset Software Sales was on their list in 2002. The domain is registered to the same address as eTraffic Jams. Admin is Michael Pedone.

And, finally, there are accounts on the net, like this one by Gracie Bowers or on this forum, that don´t exactly commend their work.

I don´t mean to say that eTraffic Jams is not a good company. They very well could be. There are also a number of positive testimonials on the net (that seem to be from independent clients). And the negative ones above could be totally unfounded. According to Evan, the company has 15 employees. If true, they must be doing something right.

Yet I strongly believe that a company like Nintendo of America would not be one of their clients, given the above facts. So, in my mind, Evan is most likely just blowing his own trumpet, or rather his brother´s (no pun intended).

4. Conclusion

So, in my mind, Seriousgamer007 is:

Evan Pedone
Sales & Customer Service
eTraffic Jams
26133 US Highway 19 North Suite 314
Clearwater, Florida 33763

Toll Free: 877-785-9977
Local: 727-791-8449
Fax: 727-797-6181

Please note that I am not encouraging anyone to use the above contact information. Remember that noone likes to be spammed. I could also just be plain wrong. However, the above information is freely available on the company´s website.

EDIT Today (July 1st, 2007) I have been contacted by Evan Pedone who kindly asked me to remove his name from this article. I do not see any grounds for doing so. However, I will allow him to present his case as a counterpoint. Here are some excerpts from a conversation between us, which took place via an instant messenger service.

I would like my name removed from your website

I am in dispute with the article on several basis.

One I am falsely accused.

It is primary on principle

You see I am no longer with

Therefore it has nothing to do with the company

I have not been a part of etrafficjams for over a year

My issue with the article is primarily my name

I can definitely understand your assumption. You are an investigative reporter. However I honestly have no connection with the blog nor ever did. When you contacted me I thought it may be good publicity but had no idea you would connect me with the blog. That was my error.

I was never involved. You put me on your blog. Apparently you have a very busy blog with a lot of users. That to my knowledge is really it.

There is particularly one quote I find interesting. He wrote: "When you contacted me I thought it may be good publicity but had no idea you would connect me with the blog. That was my error." Here, Evan Pedone clearly admits to wanting publicity (which he now appears to have changed his mind on). Further, he admitted to an error on his part when it comes to being connected to the blog in question.

He also refused to answer why the posts in question mention his brother´s company and describe both his and his brother´s position in detail (far beyond the information that was freely available on the company´s website). He also could not explain how he came to assume that, in our telephone conversation, we were talking about videogames and Nintendo in particular. That was a detail I had never mentioned.

I am happy to present Evan Pedone´s side of the story here. I see no reason whatsoever, though, to remove his name from this article. He admitted to soliciting publicity and further admitted to an error on his part. I cannot be made responsible for his errors.

I also strongly disagree with his claims that this article defames his name in any way. I am simply putting forward an opinion rather than making any factual claims, which is not considered defamation according to US law. This was made clear by the Supreme Court of the United States in the landmark case Gertz versus Robert Welch Inc.:

Under the First Amendment there is no such thing as a false idea. However pernicious an opinion may seem, we depend for its correction not on the conscience of judges and juries but on the competition of other ideas.

And, again, I am actively encouraging Evan Pedone to submit his opinion to this article, so our two conflicting views may compete for the reader´s attention. Finally, I am posting no data that is not freely available on the internet.

EDIT I took this post off the internet for a few months as an act of goodwill towards Evan Pedone. This was always meant to be a temporary measure, as I was in no way required to do so.


Anonymous said...


pn18 said...


Anonymous said...

That's some pretty fine detective work there! Makes good reading whether true or not!

Jason said...

No offense but if it is Evan he is not very bright at least that is how he portrays himself on his blog.

If it is evan.

Anonymous said...

why?!!! you too? omg the guy have more promotion than all the blogs combined when you see the reality, thats what he or they want, they have caugh all of the blogs in their little "game" wake up and continue the good work....stop the sg stuff it hurts the blog more than not having nothing new to inform at all

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym. If you mean that this kind of publicity is what the company is after... I am not sure. I am convinced that whoever is behind SG007 knows nothing about marketing whatsoever and I told Evan, as well. I don´t think they are getting much of a reputation from it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Falafelkid! I think you may have just unmasked SG007. Evan's surprise alone at your mention of SG007, when immediately afterwards he claims that they are contacted about that thing often, speaks volumes. And that he even conjectures that SG007 is an "entity" is just too coincidental, given that something like 'SG007 is an entity of eTrafficJams' appeared on the SG007 blog months ago. The evidence is just too damning to deny.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who cares?

norebonomis said...

best reveal ever!

Anonymous said...

someone go to his blog and say stuff like: who know whats a crap name... evan.
and see if you get any reaction

Anonymous said...

Heh. Best article I've read in the last 6 months.

I hope you're right. Because innocent people will die otherwise =P

Anonymous said...

all i can say is DIE ETRAFFIC JAMS! i am always finding malicious cookies on my computer for them. Now i can put things I hate together and uber hate them.

Finn Haverkamp said...

You know, this is pretty cool.
I cant stand seriousgamer007, but in the phone conversation he said that he has been contacted about this before. So therefore he would have heard about Nintendo before if others had actually contacted him.
Awww! I dont know what to believe.
Whatever I belieeve its not seriousgamer007, though.

Finn Haverkamp said...

You know, there really is substantial proof here. However, he does a great job of denying that hes serious gamer, so much so that I believe he's not. He sounds nice, even though seriousgamer is crazy.
Ive got another idea, he says that seriousgamer is an entity, and that they do viral marketing, maybe the whole company is seriousgamer, using the revolution to get alot of viewers on the site, then suddenly post advertisments.

Anonymous said...

I should be able to stop by their office this weekend!

I live pretty close to eTrafficJams

I think its 5 mile away!d

Anonymous said...

SG says the same about you guys here so who is right? As far as I'm concerned, this blog only exists to steal some of SG's popularity.

I think both blogs are full of shit either way.

Anonymous said...

If you browse throught this page, you can see that he or his brother also listed their xbox live gamer tag. Its "Rocxstar 360".

Falafelkid said...

I think both blogs are full of shit either way.

Yeah, just like NZ Guy said: Why are you back here then? Want a double helping of that yummy brown goodness?

Anonymous said...

How could this blog be full of shite? It only lists speculation and possibilities. SG tries to claim he knows things, and all he does is push hype (which he can't back up).

I've kind of been ignoring SG for a while, basically since his site had a confession saying that it was made by this company. I don't know how people still 'believe' in him after 'he' 'himself' gave up and admitted the connection. It even said that it had been a viral marketing campaign. It was all on 'his' site some time ago.

Anway, good job posting up a phone number and address. You've just caused a whole lot of hell for that guy, I'm sure, as half the people who read this blog are as mindless as all the people who read SG's blog. They'll basically take it as a 'cool' way to attack SG, and feel like they're in some form of community (or a club, or something). I could see it all ending up much like Penny Arcade got under fire from Jack Thompson (or whatever his name was) because some dumbass kid went and sent death threats to him.

Anonymous said...

Great another dumbfuck contacts one of these companies. I doubt seriousgamer is nothing but a teenager. Now you are going to have all these little fanboys contact these companies and they are not even a part of the Revolution or Nintendo. I can see a lawsuit coming for the owner of this blog.

Shoxware Games said...

SG007's blog will be shut-down in a couple of days! YAY! You did it, falafelkid! You will go down in history as the demigod who saved the world from this jerk!

He was a 17 y/o canadian all along! Oh my - this kid must get a life soon!

Falafelkid said...

Hey Anonymous. I think you ought to slow down here. Obviously, you don´t know much about the history of that guy (or have more personal reasons to flame here).

SG007 revealed himself as a fake twice, but always continued to post mysterious comments, contradictions and lies. Once he swapped allegiances and started to plug the Xbox360, heavily criticizing Nintendo and its strategy. His comments, like his confessions, were always arbitrary and short-lived. So: no, he never outed himself. And I gave himself a fair chance of bowing out of this whole charade with grace and dignity intact. He refused.

This guy is not doing Nintendo any favours, nor its fans. He is building up ridiculous hype, which simply cannot materialize and will result in the community being disappointed.

And the only reason behind his scheme is that he wants to advertise his company, which is as selfish motive as any and in no way justifies abusing this community, which is what we does. It´s intolerable behaviour and required an action like mine.

I do not condone anyone spamming him (if only for the fact that I could theoretically wrong) and I have asked people to abstain from doing so. But it was vitally important to have all the facts out in the open, so the community can see this guy for what he is.

Anonymous said...

that blog is not professional in anyway. you can tell it is a kid fanboy. I think that it is a canadian kid. does it make sense for any of those professional companies to have this kind of blog. it is not exactly any of their target markets. I hope gets that interview before tuesday.

Anonymous said...

heh, look what you did! You FINALLY MADE SG007 REVEAL HIMSELF!

check it out

ends up you're wrong, but hey at least you got it out of him... stupid 17 year old...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he is a 17-year old Canadian. I really think Falafelkid has unmasked him, what a coincidince isn't ik...?

Falafelkid said...

Hi disrupter006. Yup, I guess we´ll never ´really´ know. However, SG007 must have received a ton of mails threatening him with all sorts of action, legal or otherwise. And he only once seemed deterred (when apparently eMagin got in contact with him, also forcing him to shut down and still he continued).

So I guess the only reason for him to shut down (should he really do so) is the same kind of reason for him to run the blog in the first place: selfishness.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense now seeing how his grammar was so bad. It makes sense that he was canadian and it was his second language. any middle school student would have better grammar

Anonymous said...

In the phone call you can tell that is not seriousgamer. That guy is just a sales person. What credentials does a sales person or customer service person have in blogging? furthermore that guy obviously works when the blog is being updated. that would mean he has to sale for that company and write in the blog. I dont think so. You can tell that guy is in now way a part of that blog.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the phone call says he is not the blogger. Am I missing something? I dont think that it is seriousgamer. Doesnt make sense.

Anonymous said...

I got a great idea. Let me call a company ask the guy if he is seriousgamer. If he says no he is just lying. right? Because that company is Nintendo. So wait have you ever heard of him? Yes. But you are not him? No.

So that is funny arent you a Nintendo representative? Yes.

But you are not seriousgamer? no.

Ok Then I will post this on my blog and say it is seriousgamer just to get attention.

This is the dumbest article ever. Good way to get people to your blog though!

Anonymous said...

Not Him.

Anonymous said...

I dont think that is seriousgamer. I do think Serious is a big fuckhead who played with are hearts. Lets have a war with Canada!

Anonymous said...

No way that is seriousgamer.

Good groundwork but not him.

Anonymous said...

Good job Falafelkid! In one way or another you uncovered seriousgamer007. He is nothing but a kid from Canada whos name in Jean.

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* lets not get into the "i h8 canada" crap. The last time Canada and the States were at war, the White House was burned down, and soon after the States lost a good many of their slaves to the underground railway. Also remember that the US's largest partner in trade is Canada (although mabye not for long).

To anonymous: the point was that the interviewee claimed not to know serious gamer, then when they were asked if serious gamer worked for them or somesuch he said that seriousgamer just ran a blog. If someone doesn't know about seriousgamer, how can they know serious gamer runs a blog?

Secondly, this blog has been running for some time, has alot of hits, and is based on honest speculation. Seriousgamer's blog was based on a steaming, heaping pile of whatsit. Just because this blog debunks serious gamer it does not mean that it is trying to attract seriousgamer's crowd. I, for one, don't really want to see them spamming this place up with ignorance (at least, any more than it already is).

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.

Here me out. I have a lot of respect for SeriousGamer007. I dont think we will ever know truly he is and what he does. I dont think we will ever know if he worked for Nintendo or not. I think that he is the single greatest mystery of the Revolution.

How could he know about the controller being used in 3D space? How about eMagin? Or the virtual console?

There are two people that I would love to meet and that is Shigeru Miyamoto and the other is SeriousGamer007.

SeriousGamer to me epitomizes gaming.


Anonymous said...

Jean aka SeriousGamer was a hell of a hypester. I bet that is all we will ever get to know of him. That and he was Canadian.

Anonymous said...

I loved to read his articles even if they were rubbish.

Anonymous said...

ummm... I might not know anything about journalism, but isn't it considered "unethical" to record a phone conversation without telling the other person that it is being recorded. Again, I don't know, but it just seems wrong.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure thats mostly a north american phenominon; falafelkid's from europe. In some places you're kept to your word, but here in North America, privacy laws make sure you can lie all you want.

Anonymous said...

I agree that is not seriousgamer on the phone.

Anonymous said...

has anyone considerred that this company actually works for either sony or ms to overhype the rev, leaving us feeling letdown when we see the real thing? just a thought. maybe that's y hes shuttin down the site, ms probably said its time to stop before everyone catches on.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Privacy laws say you can lie all you want in North America? And Europe is better?

Screw that dumbass. If it wasnt for America all of Europe would be speaking German. It was only 65 years ago that there little armies were running all over the place over there.

So when you try to diss America lets say that this is still the best damn country on the planet.

What is europe good for? Free trade nonsense? Privacy? Gimme a break they are practically socialist.

Anonymous said...

His name is Jean and he is from Canada. I believe that more that that phone call. The guy clearly wasnt seriousgamer007

Anonymous said...

Well you were wrong about SeriousGamer however at least you got him to reveal himself. So score one for you. Personally I believe it was Jean. A 17 year old kid seems a lot more plausible.

You could also tell on the phone that the guy really wasnt SeriousGamer. If he was he would talked about the Revolution with more conviction and knowledge

Anonymous said...

A Canadian kid had us going. Makes sense since his grammar fits that of a person with english as a second language.

Anonymous said...

I live in St. Pete florida. Which is about 25 minutes from eTrafficjams. I drove their today. There was only a few staff members in there offices. However it is actually a decent sized company. They all seemed like they were in their 30's - 40's. After seeing the company I just left. I can tell you this much.

After seeing the company I dont think that it would be involved with the SeriousGamer blog. They looked like any other I.T. Company. I cant picture them doing it.

I definitely believe it was Jean from Canada

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think about this, I stopped reading SG a LONG time ago, but I just wanted to say that your voice is awesome. It remids me of Stewie's from Family Guy.

Anonymous said...

I still believe Evan Pedone is SeriousGamer007. There are too many specific inconsistencies to describe here. But in general, Evan's defensiveness, odd comments, and knowledge of SG007 and Nintendo is fairly good circumstantial evidence alone. Evan even contradicted himself many times, a hallmark of SG007.

The single most damning piece of evidence though has to be Evan's
'entity' statement. Not only is that completely out of place but its also a reaffirmation of SG007's claim that 'SG007 is an entity of eTrafficJams.' And this after Evan said they didn't comment on rumors or speculation.

I find it hard to believe that Evan put all that work into the SG007 blog just for a couple thousand hits for eTrafficJams, but I am convinced that Evan is SeriousGamer.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you correctly identified SG007 may be debatable but oen thing certainly isn't: GREAT JOB! I'm glad you got rid of the lying sack of doggy poop! Personally, I think you are right, I woudln't be suprised if that guy runs multiple crappy blogs like sg007 just to get internet traffic on whatever google/yahoo are showing as hot topics.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous:

Actually, while the States technically liberated Paris, their D-day assault was a loss and a massacre. The only front that won on D-day was the Canadian front. Also, Nazi Germany was never going to controll all of europe. If they succeeded in war, it would not have been the end for them. No society would be happy under that rule, and theres no way they could find enough racist aerians to keep the population under controll.

The states did NOT win WW2 singlehandedly, and COULD not have.

Anonymous said...

To those who posted the stuff about Germany and Europe:

What's the purpose of bashing Europe and Germany? Hitler and the Nazis were barbarous insane people, there's no point argueing about that. America also liberated and defeated the Nazis in 1945, if not singlehandedly, though, as anonymous pointed out. But what the hell are comments like "Americans Kick Ass and Germans take it up the Ass" good for?
This is a NINTENDO BLOG, for god's sake.

Yes, I am German, I am 18 years old and I'm sick of listening to people making us responsible for our past. Wake up everyone, it's 2006 and the people living today are in no way responsible for the political events that happened in the past. In fact we are confronted with the remains of history and suspicion against Germany in our daily lifes, but there is no reason to be ashamed of being a European or German in these days.

I could name a number of arguments against America's politics in the past or the current form of "democracy", too. But I won't for a single reason: it doesn't matter and today's Americans are not responsible e.g. for the war in Vietnam their ancestors had to fight or for the way Bush and the government act. They are citizens living their lives in America as we are Germans living our lives in Germany.

Really, I thought civilized cultures in the 21st century were intelligent enough not to confuse past with present and instead trying to hold together rather than sharing racist views.

Seems like I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

That is not seriousgamer007. All that information about etrafficjams is readily available on the internet. All I believe is that you caused that guy probably a lot of grief from phone calls from 13 year olds wanting to know if it is him.

Furthermore the guy on the blog said his name was Jean. So the only reason why you would still claim that he is seriousgamer is because you want to feel like you found him out and you want more traffic to this blog. The bottom line is that SeriousGamer revealed himself and it is not who you said it was.

So let it go.

Oh yeah and America did with the war in Europe with pretty much only one ally. That was England. The French had a pathetic military and the Canadians are nothing special either.

Anonymous said...

Since when is it ok again to record people over the phone without telling them? Must be a German thing.

Anonymous said...

That guys is so not SeriousGamer. You can tell that is not him. I think the phone call sucked to be honest.

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest post on this blog. There is no way that guy is SeriousGamer. Slip ups? You were obviously asking the guy questions he did not know the answer to. Meaning he really wasnt as familiar with the blog or this whole thing as you would like.

I dont believe that is SG. I think Jean from Canada is SeriousGamer.

Anonymous said...

I think Falafelkid did something illegal by recording him without getting permission. That is illegal in America. I think Falafelkid should be sued.

Also I dont think that was serious. I think falafelkid just wants more people to this blog. Falafelkid is a jerk

Anonymous said...

@ anonym who wrote the thing about America's allys:

England was not America's only ally. Ok, the French were not able to help that much, but the USA was also using the help uf the Soviet Union, even though Stalin was a communist. I know that the American President said about that alliance: "Germany first."

@ Anonym

"Must be a German thing".

I'd like to point out that the USA PATRIOT ACT grants the FBI in America EXACTLY such a right. Since 9/11 it was asked to give more rights to intelligence agencies for tackling terrorism. Much protest has come up since then regarding sections up from section 201 of this act. The so- called "Sneak-and-Peek searches" allow the FBI to monitor any activity of a subject, including all communication ways without having to notify the subject.

Before writing such unqualified and stupid comments go out and learn the rules and laws of your own country. *rolleyes*

Back to Topic:

I'm also not quite sure if this Evan is really seriousgamer, but good work anyway. Whoever SG might be it's not necessary to know his true identity. Everyone knows he's fake and that's the most important thing.

@ Falafelkid

Entschuldige bitte den kurzen politischen Exkurs in diesem Beitrag und meinem vorhergehenden, aber ich kann diese Arroganz unwissender Amerikaner langsam nicht mehr ertragen. Ich bin bei weitem kein Patriotist, aber beleidigen lassen müssen wir uns auch nicht.

Fantastischer Blog, mach weiter so.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it was him. Who knows and who cares.

Anonymous said...

Yes Nick, I agree with you. He it´s trying to confuse so hard that it´s obvious that it´s him.
He is not very clever.

Anonymous said...

I think Falafelkid did something illegal by recording him without getting permission. <---- Jajaja, it´s him, it´s him!!, it´s so obvious =OP

Anonymous said...

He just posted a picture near his home in canada on his site

Anonymous said...

I dont see why he would deny it if it is him. He would get credit for it. I think that it is Jean-Luc. He is an attention getter and he obviously wants credit for it.

I dont see why he would deny it personally.

Anonymous said...

And Just like that he is gone. Goodbye SeriousGamer007.

Anonymous said...

sorry but some of the posts about Germany here are disgusting. I live in the UK in a city that was almost entirely destroyed during WWII but taking a jab at Germany in this way as soon as the smallest possibility arises is just a revolting cheap shot. If you also truly believe that American reasons for allying with the Soviet Union and Britain were largely motivated by anything other than long term economic reasons you are truly misguided. Your mindless patriotism when you claim “when you try to diss America lets say that this is still the best damn country on the planet” could not be a better example of such ignorance and unworldlyness which surely suggests your statement to be far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

I'm American and I found the comments disgusting.

And it isn't illegal for someone to record a conversation over the phone without telling them, it's just courtesy. Falafelkid isn't a cop and therefore does not require a warrant and is not required to give notice.

The thing about him mentinoing Nintendo before you even said anything about it is pretty much evidence enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, here is a pic of SG007's blog from many months ago, that shows one of his many 'entity' statements:

Notice that etj stands for eTrafficJams. It was the only evidence I could find that SG007 did make such statements (though I remember them quite distinctly).

Anonymous said...

To me it is obvious that Jean-Luc used the information readily accessible on the internet to find a cover and he used that company.

The guy who answered the phone said before that he received these calls in the past.

Furthermore this was posted in the past when people contacted other members of etrafficjams. When they first contacted them they had no knowledge of the blog.

eTrafficJams is not behind it. Jean-Luc was clever in finding the right companies. AKA eMagin for one, Gyration for another. eTrafficjams is the third company.

No doubt in my mind that it was Jean-Luc.

Furthermore even if it isnt illegal to record a persons phone call in Germany without them knowing. It is still unethical and the person of this blog should be ashamed of themselves. Just like the people that recorded Bruce from eMagin and then claimed he was SeriousGamer. Falkid has done nothing new but only add to the mystery of who SeriousGamer is. I dont believe for a minute we found him.

Do you know how easy it is to call people up and find out a little information? When Bruce from eMagin was called SeriousGamer007 they said that because he said he was a pilot in many of his online posts. Well when people called him it turned out he flew Cessnas. Low and Behold everyone thought he was SeriousGamer. Now as it turns out the same thing has happened again.

Low and Behold someone called this poor guy up and found out a little information. Furthermore they are all over the web with all kinds of articles about their company. It is way to easy to find a cover in eTrafficJams.

Way to easy.

I dont buy it that they were behind SeriousGamer at all.

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it they do have like hundreds of articles all around the web. I can see where someone could just of grabbed the info off the web. Its not like they tried to hide any of their information. If etrafficjams was behind it they would of probably tried to hide their information a little bit better.

Anonymous said...

Definitely without a doubt it was Jean-Luc. I dont doubt that he was Canadian and he did.

He did after all post a picture of canada right near his house before signing off.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? We will never no for sure so whats the point?

Anonymous said...

You guys are all paranoid like this is some big conspiracy. I think you guys did it to yourselves. When you found out it was just a kid from Canada you are all let down. You wanted it to be something more than it is.

Anonymous said...

One last thing. I know I have written the last two comments. However I must state this again.


Ok I am done.

Anonymous said...

Wasup ya'll. I dont think thats him personally. But who knows. Jean or whatever the heck his name is seems more likely. The boy from Canada needs to get an arse whuppin. I am done with this topic though. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

This says exclusive? Exclusive what? Exclusive theory? This article is bullshit. Its nothing but theory.

Also treat the germans with a little respect. They make a helluva good sausage.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, as said before by many other people.
but then as many people also said, we may never know..and it doesnt really matter.
but in my mind, I really think that is Seriousgamer007, but I suppose I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is one mystery that will never be solved. No one knows and no one will ever know, unless of course SG

Anonymous said...

I went to etrafficjams website. They have some big clients. Dupont Registry are the magazine publishers of that exotic car magazine.

Maybe they do work with Nintendo.

Also ICESoft is a client of theirs. They worked with NASA on the Mars Rovers according to their website.

If you go their it even say etrafficjams optimized their site.

Interesting dont ya think?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous. None of eTraffic Jams´ clients are ´big´. At least not those listed in the testimonials. One of them is bankrupt already and that company still being listed (along with another company belonging to a close family member) would suggest they do not have a lot to show for themselves.

Also, check out SG007´s new blogs. None of them are active yet, but he´s certanily not gone yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Falafelkid,

I am going to have to disagree with you. Dupont Registry is very big.

They are one of the largest magazine publishers in America. They have their exotic car magazine as well as a celebrity magazine.

Check it out-

I think that may be a hole in your theory.

Dont worry I still like your blog just call "A Spade a Spade" will ya!

Anonymous said...

I looked at their site as well and that one company that he mentioned

They have a lot of big clients. It looks like eTrafficJams does have big clients and companies that service big clients.

One of their companies is Raytheon. They are huge. They even have Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

Check it out Falafelkid. Call it like it is.

Anonymous said...

In Falafelkids defense he may not be aware of these companies since he is from Germany. However is international. Anyhow it is an honest mistake.

You may want to fine tune your article a little bit more dude. They got big boys on their list. I bet they have more that arent on their website as NDA's.

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. I have checked both the duPontRegistry and IMSolutions links. You are right, these companies are bigger than the ones I picked up upon. But we are still not talking multi-million dollar companies here. Not by a long shot.

Thomas L duPont may be a millionaire, but he doesn´t seem to make much money with those three magazines. Forbes writes that they have a "combined paid circulation of just 87,000", which is nothing.

Of course, they are still very glossy products catering to some of the most rich and famous. But that company - albeit a prestigious client, I´ll admit that - is nowhere near a company like NOA businesswise.

If they really had such big clients (and could not name them because of NDAs), would they really put the owner´s brother´s company on the testimonial´s page? It really looks very desperate and those other clients cannot convince me otherwise.

Anonymous said...


You guys are obviously living in a fucking dream world. No offense this blog I used to love but this is getting a little old.

Do you guys honestly think that any of these companies etrafficjams, Nintendo, gyration, or emagin give a damn about this blog. Do you really think that they are even involved at all with any of these blogs or gaming conspiracies?

Absolutely not! You want to know why? Because I called etrafficjams today.

Guess who I got! I got evan and spoke to him. He wasnt even aware that you posted anything on your blog. He looked at and you know what he said?

Looks like were getting free advertising.

Other than that he didnt even care. Furthermore he said that the information you have on your blog is incorrect and he clarified it. I cant remember all the details off hand but it all made sense and they have some big clients.

Also they are family owned and operated.

After reading your article I thought that maybe (MAYBE!) you found him. However after talking to him I realize that there is no way he was involved.

Anyways this is all blown out of proportion.

And Falfalekid you need to tell someone before you record him. Luckily evan told me he hasnt received any phone calls and was unaware that you posted this.

I even asked him if etrafficjams was trying this for advertising and evan brought up a good point. Gamers arent an seo companies demographic. Neither are game companies.

Furthermore he even explained the other site that you said was registerd under his name. That was his brothers wifes site. And that is how there company got started. I even saw that in news articles about the company.

Furthermore evan told me that this was all a part of describing to customers what kind of company they are.

After talking to evan I realized that he wasnt a part of this at all. Furthermore I realized that he really didnt care about this blog.

Do you want to know the most suprising thing. He also said that etrafficjams never sent any legal action to seriousgamer. He said that no legal action whatsoever was taken against the blog.

Seriousgamer lied. Bottomline.

If you dont believe me call him yourself. And Falafelkid I have lost some respect for you.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a recording of this phone call, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

No I didn't record it for two reasons. One I am not Falafelkid and two I dont have the equipment to record a call. If I did I would of asked evan if it was ok.

Anonymous said...

haha I dont give a fuck about this guy, but good thing you stopped him from convincing innocent children of his bullshit.
And big lol@ himself with his 30 anonymous comments here, also a big lol@ the people who did (or are there still people who do?) believed him.

Anonymous said...

If all the anonymous posts were by that company that would mean all they do is watch this blog and post.

Get real people. I dont think so.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a break, that guy is obviously serious gamer. Great journalism btw. For the most part, the only people who really know about serious gamer are kids in their early teens. There is no way on earth that emagin guy could have been familiar with the blog for any other reason. Good riddance to bad rubbish. And all these "it's not him posts" are probably him too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they dont care about a bunch of bloggers? Honestly why would they care?

This is a viedogame blog run by kids.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous.

This is a viedogame blog run by kids.

If you are talking about me here, I consider that a compliment, being 32 years old and getting on a bit. Thanks, mate!

P.S.: There are advantages to old age, though. Correct spelling, for a start ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like was behind the SeriousGamer007 blog the whole time! They are sneaky!

Anonymous said...

I like RevoGaming.nets website. It is actually pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just read this whole comment thing and while it may very well be Evan, it might not.

I do admit, Evan does a GREAT job of playing stupid on the phone call.

Your voice is funny and awesome, Falafelkid.

Anonymous said...

Old news. was and is behind seriousgamer007.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey or whatever his name is was behind the seriousgamer blog. He runs the website. He Pm'd me on it. It actually was a damn good idea. Generate hype to a blog and then transfer over to your legitimate site.

Long live Nintendo!

Anonymous said...

At first I was suprised by Ramsey being behind it. But he emailed me his reasons and they are legit. I like RevolutionReport moreso than RevoGaming though.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, now people can finally stop believing I'm SeriousGamer and my credit can be restored (Playbomb).

Falafelkid said...

C´mon people. Do you seriously believe that Ramsey Kobeissi is (or was) Seriousgamer007? I just spoke to him and I must say that I think that is highly unlikely.

He told me that he got mail from SG007, telling him that his name was not Jean at all, but that he was a junior marketing executive, working for Nintendo and that he was about to move up careerwise.

He claimed to work for an outside marketing company and mentioned some kind of collaboration with Golin Harris (NoA´s PR company).

I stand by my opinion that Evan Pedone of eTraffic Jams was SG007. It just makes far more sense.

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid I am going to have to strongly disagree with you. It makes no sense for an seo company to be involved with a gaming site. Their is nothing to gain for the company financially. It makes much more sense for a gaming site to have a blog that hypes a console and then for that traffic to be rerouted to their site. That makes sense (at least to me).

Furthermore I believe that SeriousGamer was a huge attention getter. Therefore I do not buy that he would ever give up that blog. That is why I believe Ramsey was and is SeriousGamer. And in all honesty the man is brilliant. I take my hat off to RevoGaming.

Anonymous said...

It was an entertaining article but I think it is clear that Ramsey was doing this just to get traffic to his website. Dont be suprised if other sites begin to use the same tactics that Revogaming used.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey has already confirmed he was SeriousGamer007.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: SeriousGamer007 turns out to actually be Jean from Canada. It is official and there was a video released on youtube with Jean.

Falafelkid you were wrong.

Unknown said...

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