Thursday, January 31, 2008

This week in ´neues´: augmented reality demonstration

You remember that I quit my job with a general newsroom in October and became a full-time games and technology editor? As a reminder, I now work for 3sat neues, the German equivalent to the BBC´s Click, if you will.

This is the first of many shameless plugs of our weekly programme. But you will want to tune in, believe you me - even if you don´t speak German. We often examine current technological innovations that are making the rounds on the internet in detail and try them out ourselves. And a lot of them are directly or indirectly related to gaming or, specifically, Wii. Just remember my history of Super Mario in 4 minutes.

And this week, we will have another interesting demonstration for you. After we tried out Johnny Chung Lee´s now notorious 3D application for Wii in the first show this year, we have now invited the people behind Total Immersion´s D´Fusion technology into the studio, which stands for cutting edge augmented reality.

You are likely to remember the company from the DEMO events and various interviews. And you will remember augmented reality from the golden age of Wii mysteries and wild speculation. Here is a reminder from this blog:

Why 3D projection makes sense (February 2006)
The price of the future (June 2005)
Augmented reality is reality already (June 2005)
Not virtual, but augmented reality? (June 2005)

Watch 3sat neues

You can watch this week´s programme on television, as ever, anywhere in Europe at these times:

Sunday, 3rd of February, 4:30pm CET (3sat)
Monday, 4th of February, 7:00am CET (3sat)
Monday, 4th of February, 9:45am CET (3sat)
Tuesday, 5th of February, 1:50am CET (ZDF)
Thursday, 7th of February, 1:30pm CET (ZDF-Infokanal)

Better still, you can watch the entire programme and each individual item as a video stream (will go live Sunday evening) or download the entire programme and bonus content through our podcast page.

Source: 3sat neues


Anonymous said...

pretty sure me not speaking german could be a barrier to me enjoying this, but good luck either way, im rooting for ya.

Unknown said...

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