Thursday, June 09, 2005

Augmented Reality is reality already.

Posting some of my last post also on the Nintendo forum, some people thought that AR couldn´t possibly be viable for today´s game industry. People thought that it would require hardware that no end user could afford for decades to come. Well, they are greatly mistaken. AR technology is readily available and has been in use for years, even for games. One of the most prominent examples is the ARQuake project developed by students at the University of South Australia. Another is the AR version of Pacman, developed at the Mixed Reality Lab at the National University of Singapore. Serious, you wouldn´t believe what scientists are able to create with perfectly ordinary hardware. Slightly off-topic, check out the Mind Games research group at the Media Lab Europe. They build interfaces that allow you to control games with your brainwaves. That´s right! To control a game you just think of the direction you want an on-screen character to move in. Seriously, you guys wouldn´t believe what science has in store for us. And we don´t know this stuff not because that technology is too high-end to bring to the market. Often, it´s just not researched well enough or noone has been willing to take the financial risk of developing it for the mass market.


Thomas said...

The Gizmondo supports AR gameing for under £200.

Of course, its not a headset, but GPS and Camera gives it ability to have AR on the screen.
They had a nifty demo at E3

Falafelkid said...

And Gizmondo combines AR with gyroscopic technology. I´ve linked to the PDF document on the Tiger Telematics site where they announce it. If they can do it, Ninty can!

falafelkid said...

I just got an email asking if I was Gay.

Yes I am Gay. So what? I am open about my lifestyle. I am also a Nintendo Maniac.

falafelkid said...

I just got an email asking if I was Gay.

Yes I am Gay. So what? I am open about my lifestyle. I am also a Nintendo Maniac.

falafelkid said...

I posted twice. My bad.

Power to the Rainbow!

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Dude I love this blog. Falafelkid has it going on!

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