Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wii kiosks to boast two screens

There is a YouTube video by an apparent GameStop employee circulating the community, which seems to validate the recent pics of Wii and PS3 demo kiosks. The video comes courtesy of the good people at GoNintendo. Here´s the embedded clip:

Now, you might think that there is little news in that clip. Well, there was one aspect that really caught my eye. On the Wii kisok, why is there a secondary screen above the main one?

The GameStop employee believes it´s for the controller shot, showing your hand movement while you play. While that´s of course a possibility, does that really make sense? Why would you (or bystanders) want to watch your hand move on a screen when everyone can perfectly well see it move where it is, i.e. at the end of your arm?

Here is the scan of the kiosks for closer examination:

I really am baffled by this. Is it just very late at night - or could this possibly be a hint at a yet unannounced Wii feature?

Sources: GoNintendo, GoNintendo


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that its just a screen that shows what you should be doing... sense its new and all. I doubt that its anything else, because in normal households we arn't going to have 2 TVs (especially that size ratio) like that. All the suprises are told allready besides the Wii-fi stuff.

Anonymous said...

It could easily be used to show OTHER people using the remote in key sections of the demo so that you can learn how to play. That way you can try out the moves you are watching people do while you play.

Another option is that the above screen can be constantly playing a promotional video loop while others are playing.

So perhaps it is demoing Wii Sports. A great game, but it does not indicate the power of the Wii or is the sole experience of the Wii. So a video up to shows clips from Metroid, Zelda, Super Monkey Ball, Wario Ware and more.

Anonymous said...

Once again.

Theres no Nunchuk in that pic/vid. Why?


Anonymous said...

I think you are misunderstanding that. I believe it shows a video of what to do with the remote during the game, not a video that shows what your hands are doing..

Anonymous said...

Personally I think it points towards the expressions on peoples faces and how they enjoy the experience, and 3rd where is the small camera? Could it be that there is a camera with the wii also?
Lets be realistic, it isn't hard and could be the last secret.

Anonymous said...

The screen above might be showing someone else playing at another location, or another kiosk in the same store.

RGB said...

Your reading too much into it. It will be nothing more than to show you on the screen playing. This can be used for people watching also as they usually people stand behind to watch. It is just added marketing as Nintendo realise that it is important to stress that you have fun while playing.

Kevin said...

The second screen probably is used just to shows samples of how to use the Wiimote for people who don't know how to play Wii. For example, if your playing WiiBaseball the top screen may show an animation of a person swinging the controller like a baseball. This makes the most sense to me because you know some animations are going to be harder then others. Some games will require you to pull more complex motions with the Wiimote then games like the WiiSports.

Even if there was a camera for the Wii I hardly doubt it would be used in a kiosk. Microsoft and Sony don't use theirs for the kiosks and besides usually games that utilize a camera are more complex and are not the type of games that should be available for trying out for a kiosk anyways. Anyways this is my thought on the subject.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i thought the guy in the vid sed he thinks it would be for funny "head" shots of people playin the games.

ill check

RGB said...

Kevin why add another screen for that? It just as easy to put it in the demo of the game before you play on one screen. Costly venture for something that can be done in a another more practical and cost effective way.

Anonymous said...

yea he says it will prolly shoe your gestures so im tinikin thats facial

Anonymous said...

shoe??? wat the hell i mean show

Anonymous said...

anyway, the pic on the small screen seems to be a person playing so it seems to be a reaction display which would be hooked up to a camera in the kiosk i gues.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:
PS3 wont be released in Europe until next year:,2789,882858,00.html (sorry, in swedish)

Anonymous said...

Meiiii,fantasiert er sich wieder seinen scheiss zamm in seinem großen Microcosmos..


-The Irrelevant Annoying Laughing Stock

Anonymous said...

The upper screen is really tiny, I'm pretty sure it's for the Wii trailer shown at E3 (or next week for that matter).

Vince said...

Screen? :-D
That is no screen!
That is where they put in little paper ads which show the game that is currently playable...

Anonymous said...

The small screen seems to be about the size of the Wii... Maybe the Wii has its built-in own screen after all? ;-)


Anonymous said...


if the camera is in the wii unlike xcrotch and pisstation 3 it would make sense to use it.

Anonymous said...

Saw them already...but *cracks up for videos last line and laugh* XDD

910do said...

Hi Fal'

if you haven't notice the small screen is the same size as the wii, it revives my old theory of the wii having a portables screen of some sort, and the kiosk will show how it will work.

Anonymous said...

910do - is there an echo in here? ;-)


Jon Agirre said...

That's not an aditional screen. It's just a paper ad. Remember that girl in pink from the Excitetruck ad? That's it.

Sorry to ruin your joy, folks.

Anonymous said...

@ jon:
i agree, it obviously is the excitetruck-girl.

BUT: why would there be an excite-bike-paper-ad when there is wii-sports running?

my guess: its a small monitor which shows trailer of all games you'll be able to play from the demo-disc inserted in the wii.


Anonymous said...

The second screen shows what will be on your DS. Many Wii games will come with a corresponding DS cart.