Thursday, September 14, 2006

All Wii Channels revealed

There are major updates on NOA´s Wii page. On this page Nintendo has revealed even the (previousy) secret channels:

Mii Channel

Fun 3-D caricatured portraits of users, or Miis, created in this channel can be used on characters across a variety of Wii software. In addition to storing Miis on the Wii, several Miis can be stored in a user’s Wii Remote and taken to a friend’s house to play on another Wii console. Each member of the family can have his or her Wii Remote personalized with their own Mii.

Photo Channel

This channel allows users to retrieve digital pictures from an SD memory card inserted into the Wii console and display them on their television screen. Users also can manipulate the photos in a variety of fun and creative ways, such as zooming into details or creating mosaics, puzzles or slide shows. Users can even add an MP3 tune from their SD memory card to their slide shows. It provides a fun and easy outlet for people to edit and show off their digital pictures.

Forecast Channel

Users can access free local weather forecasts after turning on the Wii console. When connected to the Internet, the WiiConnect24 service automatically updates local weather information.

News Channel

Users can access the most up-to-date breaking news from around the world, organized into a variety of topical categories. When connected to the Internet, the WiiConnect24 service automatically updates this free channel.

Wii Shop Channel

This is where users go to download video game content, including classic video games originally played on the NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis and NEC TurboGrafx platforms. Here the users may buy Wii Points with a credit card or redeem a Wii Points Card purchased at retail to add points to their account, then redeem points to download these Virtual Console games. Users also can use points to download the Opera browser used in the Internet Channel.

Virtual Console Channel

After users download Virtual Console games from the Wii Shop Channel, each game will appear in the Wii Channel Menu as its own Virtual Console Channel. To play the game, users simply select the game's channel.

Internet Channel

This channel dramatically changes the relationship between a user's home, the television and the Internet. Users download the Opera browser with Wii Points. Then they can surf the Internet right from the comfort of their couch. They can do quick research while watching a television program ("What was that actor's name again?"), or book travel plans and shop during commercials. The service is compatible with Macromedia Flash and also runs AJAX software.

Wii Message Board

Forget hand-scrawled notes tacked to the refrigerator door. Users can leave messages for other family members on a calendar-based message board. They also can use WiiConnect24 to send messages to people outside the home as well. Even better, people can trade photos and text messages with cell phone users. The service also allows for incoming messages targeted at software, such as a new map or weapon for a game. Games can constantly be updated, thereby extending their playability.

Disc Channel

This channel allows users to play either Wii game discs or any of the entire library of Nintendo GameCube discs.

Thanks to: DAFREAKZO


RGB said...

I'll be buying from Japan anyway so tough luck for you yanks. $212 from Japan sounds very nice indeed and I dont mind waiting a couple of weeks!

Anonymous said...

Wii need better grarphics

babble said...

The Channels are a big thing in my opinion. This is what the Wii was missing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be the provider of possible bad news for us european people, but it seems that nintendo could wait until march 2007 to launch the wii on the "old continent"

the source :

If that's the case, excuse my french but it seriously f*****g sucks!!!!

Once again, the biggest market seems to be much for the so-called "worldwide launch", but let's wait for tomorrow to see if the rumour becomes reality....

If it happens to be true, i'll have to cancel my preorder, and buy a U.S. one, as Perrin Kaplan confirmed to "wired" that the machine will indeed be region-free....

now let's all pray, my friends!!!!

[mec] rincewind

Falafelkid said...

Hey rincewind.

Thanks for the link. This would indeed be shocking news. However, the source is Argos, a UK electrical distributor and mail order catalogue. So the source is about as reliable as Gamestop and EB, if that much. So I am willing to bet my money on a November / December Wii launch.

P.S.: If the Wii was to launch so late in Europe, Nintendo would have postponed the NOE event until much later, since they seem to want to emulate the Apple of announcing a product and launching it shortly thereafter (at least, they want to reduce the long timespan in between).

Falafelkid said...

By the way, the Argos page is here and the image in question is here.

I just think they mixed things up because of the PS3.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply, fal, my hopes obviously rejoin yours ;)
The moment of shock passed, i have to say that, after reflexion, the news doesn't quite fit with the decision of Iwata san to be present to the european conference tomorrow.

If indeed the european launch was to be so late (and thus so unimportant in the mind of NCL, the "big bosses"), then why the presence of Iwata san....

To conclude on another conspiracy theory, I suppose you've seen that, on the website, two features remain to be announced.....a link with Iwata's presence tomorrow??? ;)

And BTW, really nice blog you have here, I've been reading you (and your most eloquent "commentators") for a year and a half, and you really did a great thumbs up for you my "news-provider" friend

[mec] rincewind

Anonymous said...

Great new blog people!



Astrality said...

Hearing the rumors about a late Wii-launch in Europe, march 2007, absolutely terrified me. Especially considering i was told about it by a friend on the phone while i was at school, so i thought it was official info :P But now i'm a bit more relaxed, disaster might still strike us europeans but i think you have a very good point Falafel:
"I just think they mixed things up because of the PS3."

That must be it.

However, now when I guess there won't be any rumors regarding the Wii anymore, i just want to take my time and Congratulate you, Falafelkid, for a wonderful blog which i've been a frequent visitor of for almost a year. Everything from news, rumors, speculation to your personal opinion about stuff have been thoroughly enjoyable to read and i hope to have you on my Wii contact list later when the console finally reaches Sweden :)

Rock On!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out all the new Wii game videos at

Falafelkid said...

Hey Astrality and Rincewind. Thank you both for your comments. Hope I can get all the news to you as fast as possible.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Falafelkid for the concise roundup of all of todays news, and for providing us with a riveting read as always.


Anonymous said...

does any1 else feel betrayed/letdown. i've been following this blog for like a year and a half. and this is it... wth nintendo? Im a 30 year old fanboy, and you broke my heart for the last time. who the hell makes these crappy decisions?

ok so we are gonna try to go after the mainstream non gamers, at this price point it will fail. the controllers are too expensive, which is going to leave me supporting another dying console for the third time in a row.(i know they are making profit, but ya know what i mean).

also wth happened to the other hardware secret, that perrin eluded to earlier this year? was it that they would be removing dvd playback?

this also pisses me off, i realiz that we all have dvd players already. but i'm a minimalist, and was really looking to remove my larger dvd player and having this be my entertainment center piece. no longer.

for the first time i'm not buying at launch. i'm gonna sit back and watch 4 a bit. i pray ninty pulls it off. but i think they missed a golden opportunity to really take to sony and ms.

Fal, what are your thoughts? Am i all wet?

your most avid reader,


still praying for the hmd

Anonymous said...

People - dont worry about argos, they have no idea what they're on about. To test this out I signed up to their 'wii pre-oder' and got this in my inbox:

" The next generation gaming is set to blow your socks off, but STOCK WILL BE SHORT.

However, don't worry, as you have signed up to receive notifications from Argos on the Playstation 3, you will be one of the first to find out how you can get your hands on this revolutionary console.

At the moment, Sony are still to release the launch details of their new console. As soon as further announcements are made, we will contact you immediately and let you know how you can order at Argos and bag yourself one of the hottest products of the year.

This exciting new console features:

* Unique motion sensing controller that will immerse you in the game
* Access to download a huge catalogue of NES,
SNES and N64 games
* Backwards compatibility with GameCube titles
* DVD movie capability
* New, innovative games including Wii Sports, Excite Truck and Super Mario Galaxy"

they seem a little confused to me so i wouldnt give this any credence

Anonymous said...

o yeah, and keep up the good work Fal, this site is the best source of wii info by a mile

Anonymous said...

Okay so its them lazy ass motherfuckin devs and not the Wii hardware who are unable to get some nice graphics out of it!

To all people including myself who ever doubted Wiis graphical capabilities take a gander at this screenshot of Metroid Corruption:




Anonymous said...




I want everybody to comment on this screenshot including Kid! this screenshot says more than 1000 words ever could.


Lord_Darcia said...

Im also very underwhelmed by what nintendo has shown so far. With the exception of zelda, mario galaxy, and red steel, all other games look like fun mini games. However, I will make final judgments about Wii when i experience and play it myself. I dont think its fair judging a system by screenshots alone.
Also all games have been made using the gamecube hardware. I really do think that nintendo has more up its sleeve then what we are seeing.

Here is why:
#1) whats with nintendo securing all these wierd patents? Falafel has talked and discussed about them in great detail, yet i wonder if we are seeing any of those patents taking effect on launch.

#2) Mr.Miyamato stated that "he dreamed of a day where we could play games out of a cathode ray tube box" what the hell does that mean?

#3) ATI has said themselves that wii has more in store for us then we think.

#4) All launch games have been developed using gamecube hardware with a little bit more ram and some special effects (alpha kits). Wii's architecture closely resembles gamecubes, the alpha kits DO NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL HARDWARE POWER OF WII.

My hypothesis:


Third party developers (especially the lazy ones) are very sloppy when it comes to using new hardware effeciently. Current xbox360 games like need for speed, have a choppy frame rate, and look like xbox games with maybe more lightning effects. Whenever new hardware comes out, developers are still thinkin from previous hardware. Only the most talented developers who totally submerge themselves in programming and artistry come out with polished games, and those polished games take time, resources, a good talented staff. Dead or Alive 4, Gears of War are good examples of this.


Because of the rising costs of new hardware of ps3 and xbox 360, this leaves developers with relatively low budget, to truly be under the shadows of developers who are the big guns in the industry. However this begs the question: what really makes a good game? Do you really need toy story like graphics to make a good game? NO! DS AND GAMEBOY ADVANCE IS PROOF of that.

Point 3: Gamecube/Wii hardware is easy to program for and relatively cheap. This gives the developers who are shadows under the big guns to truly shine and be reflective of their innovation and ideas. The unique controller and online connection further emerges the player to be involved in gameplay which is not possible in ps3 and 360.

Point 4: Nintendo beleives that
3-D graphics are reaching a level of saturation. I agree to this to a certain extent, while we have ways to go to reach toy story or even final fantasy advent children grafix, it comes to the point where you have to ask yourself:

"Just how many freakin polygons do you need to create a sphere, or a cube? how many polygons do you need to create a starship in star fox? "

Im an artist, and I have to admit that unless you have a basic strong core foundation on color theory, shapes and patterns, human anatomy, animal anatomy, 2-d & 3-d perspective,and motion kinematics, then it does not matter how many different varieties of paint brushes you have, or how many paint sets, color pencils, markers..etc,..all of those tools are WORTHLESS IF YOU CANT DRAW OR PAINT WELL.

I am assuming that nintendo feels the same way about new hardware power. It does not matter how many pixels, shaders, pipelines, speed, polygons the machine is capable of. Unless you know how to make a good solid fun playable game with DECENT SOLID 3-d graphics and innovative gameplay, all that hardware power is worthless and will be used ineffeciently. I think nintendo wants us to go back to the basic core foundations first.

Point 5: Keep in mind that playstations 2 launch was absolutley horrible. Launch titles were mediocre to crappy at best, and some games looked WORSE on ps2 then dreamcast. Remember DOA 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 2? Ps2 was incredibly difficuilt to program for, but eventually with time and dedication we got top notch polished games like Metal Gear solid 2, final fantasy 10, gran turismo 3 and 4, and tons of other good games which are optimized specifically for ps2 hardware. Eventhough im a bit underwhelmed with Wii launch games, it is still so much stronger than ps2's launch, or even xbox360's launch, despite using old gamecube hardware for development.

Point 6: Nintendo wants a smooth transition on their vision of changing video games forever. A new way of playing games-A REVOLUTION. Right now, its NOT about the graphics, but a good solid core foundation on what the hell makes a good game? Its inteface, connectivity, and playbility that needs to be dealt with FIRST before you progress into making better graphics. Usually with every system, you have a handful of mediocre to crappy games, with only 2-3 games that truly stand out. I think nintendo wants their hardware to have 80-90% of its games to stand out. This can be possible with the unique controller, inteface, and online connection.


The controller, inteface, online connection, and forcing developers to go back to the core foundations of making a good game with limited hardware is the FIRST PHASE of the revolution. The next phases I believe has to do with its recent secured patents. Once developers of mastered the art of making a good video game, a new frontier of playing video games can emerge.

A) The nintendo hardware does not support HD in 720/1080. Maximum resolution is 480p. Wii neither has a DVD player nor HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. I beleive that nintendo will finally introduce some sort of Augmented Reality or stereoscopic 3-d or holographic projection technology.

B) The nintendo wii hardware will probably be the most effecient and easy to use hardware in making NEXT-GENERATION graphics. It does so by eliminated the need to support HD, and creating a hardware architecture with no bottlenecks, redundancies, or uncessary waisting. You can create the illusion of next-generation graphics by using highly effecient short cut methods that do not put a strain on GPU/CPU and does not compromise quality, nor does it requrie huge amounts of RAM or hardrive space...

Tell me what you guys think

Anonymous said...

i think you need a PS3, start saving, we'll be having some serious wii fun if you want to join us,

Anonymous said...

As an oldschool and experienced gamer, i must confess that Xbox 360 delivers the best gaming experience in our time. The Wii and PS3 did not fulfil the wishes of the communinty. It is obvious now, that the 360 is a huge success, except for japan. But with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey the 360 will also win in Japan. The Price is ok, the games are ok, and the console is next gen.
But now i will wait until the wii comes out, and i after this disappointig press conference i will absolutely not preorder one, although i am a nintendo fan.

cOrMiN said...

Anyone else wondering what's going to show up in the "coming soon" links on

RGB said...

Anonymous said...
As an oldschool and experienced gamer, i must confess that Xbox 360 delivers the best gaming experience in our time. The Wii and PS3 did not fulfil the wishes of the communinty. It is obvious now, that the 360 is a huge success, except for japan. But with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey the 360 will also win in Japan. The Price is ok, the games are ok, and the console is next gen.
But now i will wait until the wii comes out, and i after this disappointig press conference i will absolutely not preorder one, although i am a nintendo fan.

I've been playing games for 24 years now and sorry but I have the exact opposite view on 360. And no me being a gamer for 24 years has nothing to do with it but simply pointing it out to you only.

I still think there is no need for a 3rd console.

babble said...

People join me in the chat room. It's the European event now!

Anonymous said...

Aussie Wii Date Dec 7th $399.95

Anonymous said...

250 euro! i dont get it, why?

Anonymous said...

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