Sunday, June 19, 2005

Osoko is back, Melee updates.

Just to mention these recent developments, too: Osoko Tanaka published another two entries on his blog. As always, there is very little of any possible value in there. Here´s the only relevant bits:

You'll need a peripheric to can see games on HD-TV. (...) 4 cores means the most expensive system. Is better to be a dual processor. And best results. (...) Revolution Launch is expected to be on 2006.

I can tell you Nintendo was working in a new game for Revolution.
This game will be "mature". Nintendo wants to change his philosophie. It will be an action game and you will be able to use the "power" of the pad. For example, there will be some moments in which you'll need to be "silence" cause if you make some noise, you'll can be died on the battle(...).

He even gave interviews to some gaming sites not too long ago. I don´t know why journalists print his stuff without checking this guy´s really who he claims he is. In fact, in one of the comments on Osoko´s blog, some guy appears to accuse him of being Spanish rather than Japanese. The comments are in Spanish themselves, so I had to use Altavista´s babelfish to translate them.

ahh osoko tu no eres japones eres un espaniol que se quiere pasar de listo, por esos tus comentarios en ingles tienen esa estructura que le damos los que hablamos espaniol! ja! en fin, supongo que no hace danio un poco de fama facil...

ahh osoko your you are not japones you are espaniol that is wanted to happen of ready, by those your commentaries in ingles have that structure that we give those him that we spoke espaniol! ja! in short, I suppose that a little does not do danio of facil fame...

So this guy seems to suggest that Osoko´s use of English matches that of Spanish people. He refers to syntactical errors, I suppose, that may be common with native Spanish speakers.

Secondly, Melee Web Design updated their mysterious website The flash animation has been altered slightly to read "SOON" and "05". The graphics used for this bit are based on the same red squares with beveled edges that are used in the ON clip. Still no reply from young master William McClean, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Osoko is full of shit. Nintendo to have the most expensive system? Not in a million years. Why do you even continue to post his bullshit?

Falafelkid said...

I think it´s clear from my posts that I´m highly sceptical regarding Osoko. You have read the part about this guy being allegedly Spanish? And what I thought about gamesites interviewing him?

Anonymous said...

Osoko isn't spanish He talks with online magazines in english.

Falafelkid said...

Anonym, check the comments on Osoko´s blog. Or, if you have an argument, present it. Osoko being interviewed in English doesn´t mean he can´t be Spanish. Now if he responded to the Japanese comments on his blog... but he doesn´t, see?

Anonymous said...

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