Sunday, June 12, 2005

Helmet is a hoax

Okay, so the helmet is definitely fake. A guy called Will on the Engadget thread linked to the picture of the original (440KB); it´s a motorcycle helmet by BMW. He placed it next to the apparent dev kit manual cover in this one and there´s no mistaking.

But don´t despair. There is fresh rumour. The British web design company that had registered the domain (and who had previously a very simple still on it with no further links) have revamped the site and are showing a cool flash animation on it that looks kind of official. The swf object is titled pre-release. And another intriguing detail: The message in the end reads ´Nintendo ON - comming soon´, obviously insinuating some kind of communications function.


Anonymous said...

look for the same "Comming soon" text

Falafelkid said...

Seen that before. It actually gives that message for almost every heading on the front page. Either it´s a clue of sorts... or these guys just can´t spell (the same goes for Matt from IGN).

whitedragon33 said...

Don't know if you guys knew this here yet, but the "helmet" was made by thought-epiphany (aka Mephisto) on Moz La Punk's web forum. This is kinda old, but meh...

Falafelkid said...

Yeah, I remember that name Mephisto. He should have spent more time on the Japanese, if he really was out to fool us all. Just like the newest controller mock-up, see above.

Anonymous said...

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