Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No prophets without profits

First of all, I am still waiting to hear from my source and bring you some exclusive news. Please be patient for a few more days.

In the meantime, I would like to write about the self-declared prophets that just get far too much attention. Aries sent everyone haywire, Osoko Tanaka is now giving interviews to game magazines and Team Beta will dish out "more information (...) as we are given permission to release it."

And people believe them without hesitation. But why would these prophets risk their careers only to be able to share top secret info with us? Because they simply are not who they claim to be. Why do they do it then? To get attention and feel wanted, most likely. Every prophet is in it for a profit. They don´t just do this for the love of god, they have an agenda. Also, consider that no developer and no exec in their right mind would ever divulge any sensitive information because they would be violating non-disclosure agreements that entail hefty penalties.

The newest breed is different, though. These prophets claim to be just ordinary guys like us who have, apparently, stumbled on something big. There´s a guy calling himself INMHS trying to resurrect the so-called N-game on this blog.

Now, for those who don´t know: the N-game was a hunt for clues which started on the now infamous Moz La Punk blog. The idea behind it was that Nintendo was giving us clues that would eventually lead to discovering the Revolution´s secret. In technical terms, it´s a viral marketing campaign. Microsoft has done it with the Xbox360 - and it was quite a successful campaign. They put some dead-hard riddles out that, if answered correctly, allowed people a sneak peek of the console.

Is Nintendo doing just that? Fair enough, there are some weird clues out there. On Nintendo´s E3 page, there is a banner reading ´Drooling is good. Napkins available now.´ And in this Nintendo article, NOA_Matt wrote:

Word has it a secret alcove can be found deeper within the creature which houses the precious Nintendo Revolution. But gaining access to the Shangri-la of tomorrow's video game generation is to remain an electronic dream.

Right, that´s weird. Nintendo is toying with us here. They are teasing us. I don´t doubt that for a minute. But for a full-blown viral marketing campaign, there is just not enough there. The funny thing about the N-game is that thousands of people were pretending to play for over a month, but noone got anywhere. Even the Moz La Punk people recently declared it dead and a huge waste of time.

Now, this guy is trying to tell us that a new N-game is on and that he is pretty much in charge.

I got lucky, I suppose, in having people near to me who had information abou the videogameing industry. So, I and a few other people worked on this 'game'. We toiled through tech specs and rumours, patents and the chat rooms, and we came to a conclusion. We told a few people, and then we left it, satisfied in the knowledge of what we found. We had found it.
And then they found us.

We got contacted by people, whose names are quite familiar to many. We talked, and they started the first 'game'. They gave us clues, gave us hints. They helped us take our knowledge and turn it upside down, inside out, until we figured it out. The Revolution. It was confirmed to us. Our contact/s were happy, they had done their jobs. It was their game and we finished it.

But then luck truely smiled upon me. I was told something that the others weren't. I was told about a game, one that would probably never be confirmed or denied. It was to take place soon, in the year when people were most expecting a Revolution. 2005.

So, this game has started. It might not be backed by Nintendo, it might be. But what we are all playing is a game. And it is my turn to become part of that game. This 'N-game' is real. Everything you have seen is real, because it is part of the game. Parts might not be real in the sense that it is the Revolution, but it is real in the game. And that is what is important, the games we play. I consider myself part of the game, but my part is unique.

(...) I can't back up everything I say. I can't, because no one would believe me if I did. But when I said I was contacted, I was. No lie. But it wasn't anyone famous like Reggie or Miyamoto. Sorry if I led you to beleive that. But I was contacted by people who work on the technology that the Revolution uses for various things. Like the controller. I guess the only thing I can say to back it all up is that the technology is all...intertwined. So to get all the parts working, even the smallest tech provider has to know alot about the console. So that is all I can say.

So there´s this ordinary guy who, initially, stumbled upon information by means of research and then got contacted by a company working on the Revolution together with Nintendo. Why do people believe that nonsense? Why would a company that has been contracted by Nintendo to supply some hardware spend its time on PR campaigns for them? Noone has any vested interest, let alone resources, in running such campaigns for Nintendo, other than Nintendo itself.

Additionally, I think I have a pretty good idea about what kind of people are in on Nintendo´s surprise at this moment in time - and there aren´t many. After all, they seriously are concerned with competitors copying their idea. So they are telling next to noone. I just got back from a Capcom event today, at which Tatsuya Minami (producer for Resident Evil Zero and vice chairman of Capcom´s research & development committee) was present. Hardly any third party company is as close to Nintendo as Capcom is - and even they don´t seem to know yet. But, of course, some kids somewhere in the United States have been told. Like Seriousgamer007 on this thread in the Nintendo forums:

Specs of Nintendo Revolution are as follows

A quad core IBM 2.7 G5 processor. IBM and NEC worked on the system LSI
512 megabits of Mosys Ram developed in conjunction with NEC
System Performance of 2 teraflops.
Graphics Chip: Developed by ATI. The team working on the Graphics chip use to work at ARTX who use to be employed by Silicon Graphics.

Lauch Date is March 2006
System Price is 249.00
System with Visor and Metroid 3: 349.00
Games at Launch Metroid, Zelda
Mario 128 will follow in the Summer

What is Revolutionary about console:

(...) The secret is a new form of bump mapping that will enable many textures on one polygon. The Jurassic Park Dinosaur T-Rex was composed of only 40000 polygons yet had many hundreds of textures on it. Until now there was no way of providing that level of realism in a game realtime. Nintendo has finally found a way.

(...) If you are wondering about a visor. Well it is true. However it is an Accessory that will be in the same category as the U-Force, PowerGlove, Superscope etc. It is designed for just First Person Shooters and is not necessary/required to play any game on the Console. It is designed just for a more immersive feel and has been developed by Emagin. It will be available as a Bundle for the Console to include the game Metroid 3. This will be available for Launch.

Great! Care to upload the official box art, too? Maybe this guy already sells the consoles? His claims are just silly, his motivation probably very sad. What I don´t hack is that some people do take attention-seeking kids like this serious. This is the same guy who´s been seeking attention on the Nintendo forums for years. He also posted quite the opposite to the above only two weeks beforehand here:

Listen not one of us truly has an idea of what Nintendo is going to release. Everything is speculation until it comes out. No one knows what the Revolution is going to be whether it a visor,gyroscopic controller, make your own breakfast wafflemaker, or a UFO.

He even simply pasted a release date into Nintendo´s financial report in this thread. Whatever their particular reason to do this, whatever their agenda, whatever profit they are after: These guys are sad, sad people. Don´t believe a word they write.

Blogs like mine or this one by Phalanx try to separate facts from fiction and we don´t get thousands of clicks or comments for that. However, if we pretended to be a Japanese third party exec with a hobby of dishing out trade secrets to the world, would probably have to buy a few extra servers to accomodate the subsequent traffic.


Falafelkid said...

Just to let you all know: I left a comment on the INMHS blog with a few points I made in the entry above and got an answer. Read the whole thing over on his blog. I will just paste a few really hilarious quotes from his replies to me and others.

"a lowly tech company being used for PR by Nintendo? It's possible."

"we knew alot about the DS from leaked spec sheets and information. We figured out alot from those."

"it was near E3 2004 when we learned the entire truth."

He seriously claims to have known the Revolution´s secret since May 2004! How dumb does he think people are? He knew before any second or third party developer? He knew before designers like Molyneux or Kojima? He probably knew before Miyamoto, too. This guy cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting stuff, I agree with everything you've been saying. Keep up the great work, I'm sure finding out a lot of this stuff has taken quite a bit of time. Thanks for the shout out too!

markygranger_inmhs said...

Wow, I'm famous Ma! Well, hi falafelkid.
Nice article you've got there. I like how I'm a new 'breed'. Nice to know.

BTW I replied to your last comment at my blog, so feel free to drop by and read it.

Falafelkid said...

Hi INMHS. Like I wrote on your blog: I mean no offense. But I just don´t believe you one single bit. I really appreciate your style, though. You tried to answer to each one of my contentions in detail. All without flaming (and no spelling mistakes, which is rare when it comes to a topic like this). Altogether an enjoyable read. Though, in my opinion, it´s just plain silly. I´ll speak to you soon, though. By the way: What does INMHS stand for?

markygranger_inmhs said...

well, thanks for that. I'm always trying to improve my writing abilities.
And I have to thankyou for not flaming me, because I was seriously expecting some major trolling at my blog. Although your posting some of my more...hilarious quotes, well...

Either way, gonna go now, I'm looking for a certain article on the net but I can't seem to find it, so i'm gonna go look. Cya.

Anonymous said...

interesting rant, but doesn't the fact that you are claiming to be posting big news in a few days make you no better than the rest of these guys? you say to not believe anyone but why should we believe you?

Fletcher said...

Thanks for mentioning me falafelkid, I appreciate the recoginition. And while "The N-Game" may or may not exist in the way that inmhs has said it does, it does exist in the way that people like you and me have to seach countless sites in order to figure out what is going on.

Falafelkid said...

Hi dlphnmod. Well, good point, I guess. I could have been misunderstood. I don´t claim to know Nintendo´s secret or that I will find out before everyone else. I have simply trying to contact someone (outside the industry) who can clear a lot of things up, regarding the rumours out there. That´s all. Guess my announcement could have been misunderstood. I am in the business of research, though. I am not one of these imposters I wrote about here.

whitedragon33 said...

I just thought I'd mention how completely FAKE the "Beta Team" is. That's not even as believable as most of the other blogs out there, and that's saying something :P

Anonymous said...

I believe that I have found a new(unless someone can tell me that its old) N-Game clue!!! Would anybody like me to post my findings?

Anonymous said...

It is I SeriousGamer007-

Interesting very Interesting.

Fact Fiction you decide.

Mar 2006 all will be revealed.

Falafelkid said...

Seriousgamer007: Don´t you think it´s obvious to everyone that you are just a sad little person, who is envious of all the journalists out there going to E3, interviewing Miyamoto and others, getting real information? That´s why you think you can have a few weeks of fame, claiming to know more than Nintendo execs themselves, shrouding yourself in your lame-ass pretentious "It is I..." language.

We all know you are some 15 year-old loner, typing away in that little room in the basement of your parent´s suburban home somewhere in a god-forsaken place. Open your window! Get out, get a life! Don´t pretend to know anything about games. You don´t! Just stop pretending, kid.

Anonymous: If you have a clue, post it. If you want us to drag it out of you, you probably had nothing to say in the first place.

Anonymous said...

My clue is as follows. I believe that it is new, for i have never heard of it around of the multiple sites,blogs and boards that i frequent. Remember a while back when people from the Nintendo boards (mentioned on an earlier post on this blog) gathered information on a site known as . While digging around on that site, i remembered the quality of past viral marketing sites based on one of Nintendo's IPs(Metroid). From that site I followed to the site of which is the site designer of the neurosky site. In that site, i stumbled across a portfolio page which showcases the work of that guy, And it is there that i believe i see the current logo of the nintendo revolution on a brake pad! look closely. Above that is the word "Revolution" on a title. Either i need my head checked or i see a clue.

Anonymous said...

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