Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rumour round-up

While the proverbial ink on the last rumour round-up is barely dry (or, rather, the html code has barely settled down), there are fresh rumours to mull about. Here we go.

1.) ´Firefox´ browser for Wii in the works

A Wii version of the popular ´Firefox´ browser will be released soon, blogger GamingPhreak reports, claiming confirmation by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata himself but providing no link or further information.

The free Firefox browser will be available as a free download for Wii owners. It features a scrolling method called ‘Motion-Browse’ which allows you to use a combination of buttons and wrist flicks to navigate the web. Text input has also been simplified with predictive text that works with the wiimote to enter text at an astounding 50 words per minute. That’s faster than most people type.

The current browser is provided by Opera and it was widely believed that it would remain exclusive, although the official press releases by both Nintendo and Opera fail to mention any exclusivity involved in the partnership. However, I find it difficult to imagine having a ´Firefox Internet Channel´ next to the ´Opera Internet Channel´.

EDIT This one is just a joke. I just spoke to the blog´s owner, Jeff Couret, and he confessed to the story being fake. He made it up. Either that or Couret went to school with Iwata and sang in the same glee club as him.

EDIT Just for the record, we now have a denial from an Opera employee. Soon I will be able to post an exclusive statement directly from Mozilla.

EDIT Well, here is the final word from Mozilla. They don´t, but they would.

According to Christopher Beard, vice president of products, Mozilla is not working with Nintendo currently, but would be happy to see Firefox on the Wii.

2.) Nintendo revising Wii controller

Nintendo is working on a revised version of the Wii controller, Japanese gaming magazine Game Labo apparently claims in the rumour section of its most recent issue.

The controller will be lighter, feature better grip and will be rechargeable, the magazine allegedly specifies, according to German news site GameFront (no permalink available, search for entry ´Überarbeitete Wii-Fernbedienung geplant?´, dateline 23.01.07).

While such a revised controller may appear not all too likely (given the plethora of third party controllers and accessories that deal with the issues mentioned), Nintendo has just updated the Wiimote straps a third time.

Source: GamingPhreak, GameFront (German)
Thanks to: MaxConsole, MaxConsole, GoNintendo, Pallab


Falafelkid said...

Hi Marius.

Who'd need an Opera channel if there was a Firefox channel?? ;)

I know what you mean ;) But with Wii, it all boils down to who can offer the best navigation and text input. You cannot simply port your browser over. So Opera might actually be the better browser on the console - if the rumour is true.

Anonymous said...

NTSC is better cuz it's faster.

The picture isthe same despite more lines.

Play the NTSC version of Resident Evil 4 and you'llsee what I mean - it's much faster than the PAL version.

Anonymous said...

The Firefox rumor is obviously a load of crap. Firefox could never run on a system with as little memory as Wii.

Opera is better than Firefox anyway.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous. Just updated the post - finally got the blog owner on the phone and he admitted to it being fake. He just made it up. Well spotted.

Anonymous said...

Iwata is a good singer. He had some very inspiring solo performances when he led our glee club.

Anonymous said...

i actually emailed asa at about getting firefox onto the then codenamed revolution. he just said he was looking into it. this was about a year and a half or so before the wii's release, maybe earlier.