Tuesday, February 05, 2008

´Kingdom Hearts III´ exclusive to Wii?

´Kingdom Hearts III´ will be exclusive to Wii, according to N4G forum user Astro, who is citing the March issue of Nintendo Power. In his post, he sums up the alleged article:

- Kingdom hearts 3 Wii exclusive, developed and published by square-enix.
- Tetsuya Nomura is the game director.
- Yoko Shimomura composer.
- Direct sequel to KH3, but also will reveal interesting things about chains of memories.
- Sora main character, a new misterious girls is also one of the main characters
- combat system vastly improved, every attack looks "sick", uses Wii-Remote in a very intuitive way
- Best looking Wii game, uses normal mapping far more than Konami's dewey's adventure, the animations are incredible and the art directon is a little less "kiddie"
- Winter 2008 release.

There are no scans of the article and there are no other reports concerning the particular magazine issue. For the moment, the story is as credible as the original poster. Although he joined in November, he has started only two threads on N4G, the first one being about ´God of War´ for PlayStation3.

His recent comments betray him as both a spammer and blatant anti-Sony fanboy, though. This greatly damages his credibility, for sure.

Since October, Nintendo Power is published by Future US, who I am currently trying to contact. Rest assured that I will update the story within the next few hours.

EDIT I was just able to reach the publisher´s New York office, where the advertising people are based. They did refer me back to the editorial staff in San Francisco - who are not yet in the office - but the colleague could not find any such story flicking through the March issue.

It seems very likely that this story is bogus. I will update again once I have final confirmation from the editorial staff.

EDIT The publisher´s editorial director just sent me a couple of mails clearly stating that the March issue makes no mention of ´Kingdom Hearts III´ whatsoever. The story is completely bogus, I am afraid.

Source: Astro
Thanks to: Goliath004, GameOn, Metaldave


Anonymous said...

yeaaah Falafel alda ich wollt dich schon drauf aufmerksam machen...

Hammer oder gib dir mal was für tolle Spiele für Wii erscheinen(look how many great games come out for Wii):

(based on the lovely trailer),

-Okami(never played it),

-Fatal Frame 4 (based on the outstanding gamefront.de shots),

- NEW FACTOR5 GAME (New banchmark Wii engine...And Julian if you hear me :YOU BETTER LICENSE THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR NEW Wii ENGINE)

-We Love Golf ( love the concept of golf on Wii...My family had a blast with Wii golf)

- Bully (have not played it yet..looks cool...Rockstar got style)

- Red Steel 2 ( I'm positive they will nail the controlls this time around and since they are keeping quiet on the project.. I guess thats because they want to make sure it's polished before they show it to the press)

- New Retro Studios game( whatever they come up with it's gonna be solid...hopefully not a new Metroid though)

- Zack And Wiki( have not played it yet)

- No More Heroes (got lots of critical acclaim)

- Ninja Reflex ( an EA game that looks fun for once)

- Mario Kart (no comment)

- Kingdom Hearts 3 (keeping my fingers crossed on this one)


Anonymous said...

since you don't comment maybe you like to listen to some gorgeous old school music instead....you know...music from back when shit was ill:



Anonymous said...

Hey falafel I remeber you were working on some exclusive story about an independent dev team or somethin..will you give us the lowdown on that one soon?

Anonymous said...


Geo said...

Considering than Square-Enix didn't go on, on producing KH3 right away and chose to make two "in between" or "chain" games (for PSP and DS) might be a clue that they could be considering making the 3rd game on another Console than PS3.

For the time being though (and moreover an exclusivity for Wii) I am afraid that might be too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

ah f... it

Anonymous said...

oh my god mr falafel calling people overseas...isn't that expansive?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying it...keep up the good work.....und halt dir die connec warm



Metaldave said...

I just saw the cover of the new Nintendo Power, and the RPG is.....dun dun dun....Tales of Symphonia for Wii a game we already knew about.

Oh well, at least Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers is still coming out (hopefully late this year)

Falafelkid said...

Hi Metaldave. Thanks for clearing that up, I still haven´t received word from them about what game they wanted to reveal. ´Tales of Symphonia´ is a bit... underwhelming, since we already knew about it, as you say. Anyway, thanks...

Anonymous said...

Hey Falafelkid,

I love your articles because you do your research. Keep up the good work!

Would it be possible for you to make an update on the Blu-ray/HD-DVD format war article with your thoughts, now that last month Warner Bros. switched alliance to Blu-Ray and that Microsoft has reduced the price of the HD-DVD player and that its giving free movies up?



Anonymous said...

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