Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wii tops January hardware sales in US

Nintendo Wii is continuing to outsell its competitors. In January, the console topped hardware sales in the US by a clear margin. Here is the official NPD data, courtesy of Next Generation:

Wii: 436.000

Xbox360: 294.000

PlayStation3: 244.000

As various news outlets have pointed out, this is rather surprising given that Wii is the only console still suffering shortages in the US. In Japan, the picture is just as clear, the latest weekly sales figures (by MediaCreate and via Joystiq) showing Nintendo dominating on both fronts:

DS Lite: 201.177 55,104 (37.72%)

Wii: 78.550 12,810 (19.49%)

PSP: 32.175 959 (3.07%)

PS3: 23.431 4,704 (25.12%)

PS2: 16.033 1,507 (8.59%)

Xbox 360: 4.811 1,319 (21.52%)

The numbers could not be clearer. Nintendo has already sold around 5 million consoles worldwide and is still way ahead of the competition in monthly sales. At this rate, Wii will outsell Xbox360 by the late summer. I myself have numerous friends and relatives who are not hardcore gamers but have bought a Wii and are more than happy with the purchase.

However, Nintendo share took a surprising dip in the last two weeks, hitting €230 and then falling to under €200. The charts show Nintendo shares as traded at the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Source: Kreissparkasse Cologne

There are no hard facts to justify this development. My only guess is that after a truly meteoric rise, some investors wanted to cash in on their profits. In difference, Sony shares rose from around €30 to €40. Compare the last column of both graphs and you will see some inverse correlation.

Source: Kreissparkasse Cologne

In late October, things looked quite differently for Sony. Here, I can only imagine that ´Virtua Fighter 5´ topping the Japanese charts has generated some interest in the PS3. As far as hardware sales go, things are as bleak as ever for PS3 and PSP.

I am holding on to my Nintendo shares. I strongly believe that Sony will fail to meet its projected shipment of six million units by March. Nintendo, having committed to the same volume, are almost sure to exceed it.

Sources: Next Generation, Joystiq
Thanks to: Joystiq


Anonymous said...

very nice sales for nintedo! i'm kinda surprised about american sales...

now all we need is hope that developers won't destroy wii. they need to start creating more quality and original games, not just the bunch of crappy mini-games, ports, or cartoon-based games.

Anonymous said...

I am holding on to my
Nintendo shares, too. :-)

I think, Nintendo did almost
everything right. But why can´t
they release a racer like Gran
Tourismo? Anyway, BigN will
rise again! :-)

Falafelkid said...

Hi Raphael. True, a realistic driving simulation is sadly missing from most Nintendo systems. But have you played Excite Truck? It´s the best fun racer I have seen and has the potential to put Motorstorm in its place.

Anonymous said...

I haven´t played it yet!
But I´m going to check it

Anyway, I´m still waiting
for "Rev-Limit"! ;-)

Anyone knows it? No?
Oh,I´m such a freak... ;-)

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, Nintendo shares dropped after the Japanese government announced it would be selling its share in the company.

Let me see if I can find the link.

Ah, here it is:

Bloomberg - Japan

Anonymous said...

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Sebatians World said...

my guess is, that nintendo would sell 130 millions wii! ( or even more! )


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