Monday, December 18, 2006

Early Wii controller prototypes

NSider forum user Japtar10101 has uploaded a picture from Nikkei Business magazine, apparently showing some early Wii controller prototypes.

God knows how we would have used that star controller, if it was meant as the main controller, at all. If not, there might be some ideas in that photo that Nintendo will realise further down the road.

Source: Japtar10101


SDtektiv said...

It's a good thing they didn't use the Star Controller! That would've been weird!

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how random the minds at Nintendo are. Compare this to the radical changes the other big boys introduced.

I'm glad they went the way they did i can't see any of those really working as well.

Blizz419 said...

damn that star controller is horrid. That controller would of instantly caused the Wii to fail before it would of been released, someone was munchin on a bit to many shrooms when they designed that thing.

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who finds the most left controller better than the final one?

and the star controller is way awful

Anonymous said...

you find the far left controller beter than the final one

are you insane its so tv remote the final one is far more suited to acual game play that far left one in pic is like ps3s remote device NO THANK U

looks like nintendo considered a single motion sencer but i think this could be bullshit they allways intended to have 2 free hands not both hands still gripped to a old style pad

RGB said...

Not insane, I think he is on crack.

Thank god he wasnt in Nintendo's management for making that decision.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad they decided on the one they did otherwise, I would not be able to watch these endless gems nice one oily palms!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

im thinking the star would be specificaly for some sorta quiz game and the grey thing would be an idea they had for the classic controller

Blizz419 said...

i don't think the grey controller was an idea for a classic controller, its to different looking of a shape bet thats a a prototype of the main controller that was tossed out, theres probably motion tech in it to.

Greenbox said...

tossed out, that's funny

Anonymous said...

I want to see a controller that will allow PC type games to be played on consoles. I think if anyone ever figures that out, it will take over. I would like to play games like WCIII from my couch.

Blizz419 said...

you could do that easy with the Wiimote's pointer being used as a mouse and you got the A and B buttons as like right and left click, d pad could be used as 4 buttons, certain motions could be used as well and if needed could take advantage of nunchuck attachment, it would actually work better than a mouse and keyboard for RTS games like WCIII

Anonymous said...

The Wiimote may simulate a mouse but the keyboard uses two many hotkeys that cannot be simulated using any hand held controller. Also, don't you think that the Wiimote would be at a disadvantage because the lack of a static state.

Blizz419 said...

i think the static state issue would only be a very minor issue, i personally would rather use a wiimote control instead of a mouse, i don't think the hot key situation would be to drastic, considering the addition of gesture based commands alongside the 8 available buttons and whatever they could use the analog stick for.

Anonymous said...

hey everyone,

whats this news about sony patenting motion tech better than the wii-mote?

anyone else heard about this?

SDtektiv said...

The one in the lower right seems to be just an upgraded version of the Gamecube controller.

Anonymous said...

Hey mr "sony patent", shill much?

Taro Omiya said...

Err, yeah, Japtar10101 here (one who first posted this). Aside from Nforums and this website, Kotaku also took notice via this website:
Check that out as well.

I defined the center star controller as cheddar cheese, mainly because I firmly believe it is cheddar cheese. Well, other people seemed to want to define it with other names, though...which I find to be cool. Thanks for all the insight!

Anonymous said...

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