Friday, December 01, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: PS3 is Sony's last console, says analyst

Ken Kutaragi's promotion was already understood as a plot to remove him from daily PlayStation business. Now, analysts believe that this restructuring is the fist sign of Sony abandoning the PlayStation hardware altogether.

The Financial Times reports:

Analysts said that Mr Hirai´s promotion to a global role at SCE could mark a critical shift in management thinking, with Sony changing its emphasis so that the current generation of games console will be its last as a hardware manufacturer.

"The appointment of Hirai could be the start of a shift from hardware to software," said Yuta Sakurai, an analyst at Nomura. "I cannot now imagine a PlayStation4."

Mr Sakurai said that Mr Hirai´s new global portfolio puts a predominantly software-focused manager in charge of the company, adding that SCE´s future would be shaped by Mr Hirai´s relationship with Phil Harrison, the president of SCE´s worldwide studios.

Analysts argue that while Mr Kutaragi, a brilliant engineer, was the right man to run SCE as a hardware powerhouse, Sony may now see better opportunities as a pure maker of games.

Now, I am sure we all agree that this view ("I cannot now imagine a PlayStation4") appears to be somewhat rash, even given the ´annus horibilis´ Sony has experienced with the PlayStation3. This may be one lone analyst´s interpretation of the SCE shakeup.

At the same time, bear in mind that this was part of an FT article and the newspaper is perhaps the most reputable business daily in Europe. And considering that Sony´s share price dropped further (while Nintendo gained a remarkable 4% the same day), it is certainly a theory worth considering.

EDIT After Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter called Sakurai´s suggestion "foolish" - while Sony´s US spokesperson Dave Karraker offered only a lacklustre rebuttal - SCEE´s Vice President of Technology, Paul Holman, has apparently gone all out on the issue.

Australian lifestyle and technology magazine Smarthouse quotes him as saying that there will be a PS4, but not until at least 2010. Further, and more immediately, Sony seems to toy with the idea of copying the Wiimote:
Sony will introduce a series of firmware upgrades that will give the PS3 more media centre capability while allowing for the introduction of third party applications and hardware "Such as interactive controllers" similar to the Nintendo Wii he said.

Source: The Financial Times


Anonymous said...

A bit sensationalistic with the headline.

It makes sense to appoint someone who is more software orientated when a console has been launched. The Cell future development will no doubt be done by a completely different department since it was never intended only for the PS3.

Can we read anything from this shuffle? Yes, simply that large companies don't sack their head-honchos they merely move them someplace they can't do any damage.

Morton-jn said...




If that did happen would it be good for Nintendo or Microsoft?

More importantly would another company try to take Sony's place? Would Sega try to make a comeback in 2011?

Anonymous said...

Is this for real?

therealabdallah said...

Speaking of big changes in the industry

Glenn Entis, EA - "...but now as we're changing we also want to have great new properties and really pick up the pace. Also as a business, we really believe that real future is creating new properties and building them up over time."

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the analyst is only assuming that Sony will exit the hardware business because of a change in management. You have to understand that Sony intended the PS3 to exist as a platform for 10 years. This change in management may have been planned all along to reflect that. However, considering that they move closer to bankrupcy with every business failure, this could simply be a retrenchment strategy.


Eithan said...

@fyter: I think you are right on the money.

To say, or even to speculate, that there will be no PS4 seems like jumping the gun to me.

Anonymous said...

Sony spent a significant amount of R&D on developing the Cell and BluRay. And as long as Sony follows through on their 10 year plan for the PS3 this opinion is way too speculative and even laughable.

Gamespot has the same story and they were able to get a comment from Sony on it.

Anonymous said...

sony just cannot operate at such losses every sony department is is somekind of trouble
tv entertainment
general electrical goods

al facing stiff competition samsung panasonic LG etc etc

psp operates at a loss ps3 will operate at huge losses

iv said it a 1000 times sony cannot keep that up theres no bottomless pit of magic cash

nintendo have a 10 billion cash reserve and are no1 profits year in year out in games industry

ds and now wii backed up by gba/ique/gamecube will result in huge profits nintendo wil break the billion clear net profits by next year

Lord_Darcia said...

It is waayyy to early to even speculate that ps3 is the last console. it has barely begun its life cycle, and everyone is shitting out doom for sony. I know there has been a lot of negative press for ps3, but there was a lot of negative press when ps2 first came out. People complaining that it looked barely different than dreamcast. Also i believe that only 100,000 ps2's were initially launched. Now ps2 has proven to be really sucessfull. This is something that an analyst is speculating, NOT AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM SONY.
Give it time, ps3 will be a decent console. It has so much untapped potential that its not even funny.

There are similar parrallels between ps3 + wii launch with ps2 + dreamcasst launch:

-dreamcast launch titles were awesome.
-wii launch titles are awesome
-ps2 launch titles were shitty to decent.
-ps3 launch titles are mediocre to decent
-dreamcast died early
-ps2 is still thriving.

As for wii, it could follow the same fate as dreamcast, due to the fact that is basically a gamecube with more ram and some more special effects, DESPITE its good games. Graphics will look old and outdated as time passes by, while the ps3 and 360 will continue with awesomeness. But its different than dreamcast from so many ways also, that it does indeed have a unique controller, and they are after non-gamers (which dreamcast did not attempt to do). It does have solid online support (dreamcast didnt quite have that)
And nintendo whole blue ocean strategy.

Only time will tell...

Anonymous said...

OMG the console hasn't been out for 2 weeks en some analyst claims that there won't be an PS4.. Sony has a marketshare that was even twice as big as Xbox and GameCube combined, and I don't think that all of that would be gone in the 5 years that de PS3 is out..

Ofcourse they gonna loose some marketshare against Nintendo en Microsoft, but they will be huge! (not the leader though, thats gonna be Nintendo (again!!) )

Anonymous said...

Aha... Software! So Sony is gonna make games for Nintendo. THAT'S the last secret of Wii... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aha... Software! So Sony is gonna make games for Nintendo. THAT'S the last secret of Wii... ;-)

Falafelkid said...

Hi Shaun.

A bit sensationalistic with the headline.

How so? That (´PS3 is Sony's last console, says analyst´) is precisely the news here. I am merely citing the analyst.

Hi Fyter.

Sony intended the PS3 to exist as a platform for 10 years. This change in management may have been planned all along to reflect that.

No way was this planned. No company would ever voluntarily swap executives around in the midst of a product launch - especially when there is so much riding on that ticket.

Nintendo wisely promoted Fils-Aime well ahead of their launch, making this seem like the planned transition that it was. But changing the big guys during those few crucial weeks that only crop up every five years in this industry is clearly a desperate move. There is no argument here, I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Look Falafelkid,

Even Phil Harrison mentioned at that PS4 might not be released in physical shape.
It boils down to this:
Ps4 is gonna be a pc provider/service with a Sony controller attached to it.

Lord_Darcia said...

God dammit what the hell are those patents for? someone tell me for the love of god! I STILL THINK THERE IS A SECRET! AAARRRRRGGGHHH.

Anonymous said...

at some point

Anonymous said...

Jim Cramer, stock market expert in the US says that sony sucks, nintendo is cool, but Microsoft is the winner when investing in the next gen race.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous.

Even Phil Harrison mentioned at that PS4 might not be released in physical shape.

LOL, good one ;)

For anyone who didn´t get it, Harrison once said he would be "amazed if the PS4 has a physical disk drive."

In fact, that made me and a whole lot of other people laugh already, because it would involve Sony abandoning BluRay in the process.

Anonymous said...

thomas falsetta aka nintendo superfan: who the fuck are you? get the fuck out of here.

anonymous above: i think nintendo investors are the big winners here. nintendo's stock has hit an all time high of $30.05 today according to yahoo!finance,
(a 5% jump from yesterday) and this is coming from a stock whose price was sub-$13.00 just over a year ago. many people who invested after last years TGS have seen their investments more than DOUBLE in only a years time. clearly, those who invested substantially in nintendo are the winners here.

on-topic: sooo glad kutaragi is done. hopefully i'll never have to see another picture of his ugly, slimy, troll-like, twisted mug ever again. as for kaz hirai... well... at risk of sounding too cliche`: RIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAAAAAAAACERRRR!!!

i disagree with those that claim sony's leaving the industry would be a bad thing for games; that sony's being around is a good thing for competition. am i the only one that remembers the DRASTIC decline in game quality when sony entered the market? does anyone else remember when a nintendo game had to have the *nintendo seal of approval* to be published on the NES/SNES? that seal meant something: it meant that nintendo played through the game, and analyzed its contents, and deemed it a quality game, worthy of being published on their system. am i the only one that remembers the flood of bullshit that sony brought to the market with their horrible leniency with 3rd party developers? how about the incredible "loading times" that are just "acceptable" nowadays because of sony's inclusion of the cheap and lazy CD format in games, and their shitty CD drive in the ps1? does anyone else feel like sony made it way too easy for game developers to just pump out lazy-ass bullshit games 4 or 5 times a year, without ANY quality control (and pull in massive profits from the unsuspecting public, all of whom were accustomed to strict quality control from nintendo and sega in years past), and allowed the market to be flooded with the most terrible games of all time?

i say good riddance sony: and thanks a whole lot for ruining video games in the first place. fuck you.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the stock price went up to $30 from 13 doesn't mean anything for the future. Keep in mind that the price was $27 when the game cube launched. Cramer is talking about what is a good investment for now, not last year. The winner of the next gen race will have increase over the next couple of years and then hold it for a couple years after that. Nintendo went from $27 to $10 with the cube in three years and held at ~10 $ untill the Wii hype came along.

Anonymous said...

@ -"superfan" tactics.

I guess “superfan” is more then just a name. Just put your Nintendo zealousness aside for a second. Just because you are a fan of Nintendo why do you have to hate Sony?

If I recall it was Nintendo that betrayed Sony in the back in 90s and made a deal with Philips (how’d that turn out  remember Zelda CDi). The original project was a CD add-on for the SNES and Sony was going to manufacture a hybrid SNES/CD console called “playstation”. In the end Nintendo did not want to share royalties with Sony so they dropped it at the last second (after Sony already announced the project at CES).

So if there is anyone to blame for Sony’s domination of the market it would be Nintendo themselves.

And for anyone who wants to go back a little further in gaming history Atari turned down a distribution deal with Nintendo back in 84; just think about it, the NES would have been under the Atari name outside of Japan. (Atari 9600?)

As for what you call a sh*tty CD format in games, they used the standard CD format (something that Sony co-developed with other companies) it seems that history once again disagrees with you since it was Nintendo that choose low-capacity / high cost cartage format.

Anonymous said...

Why would they think of a successor when their current console isn't even making profitsm, yet.

Anonymous said...

What did I do wrong??

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Falafelkid,

Excuse me but did Sony rape your mother or something?

Seriously, all I see is Sony bashing!

Whats wrong with you?
I thought this was supposed to be a Nintendo source!

I mean it's reasonable to to keep your readers up to date on the competition but 90% Sony bash headlines? Hello?

Anonymous said...

And just because an analyst says so it's certainly not earth shattering BREAKIN NEWS necessarily in turn.For goodness sake, it's just an analyst. He is not the Matrix oracle or something.
Please calm down.
That was a bit off the mark I'm afraid. The PS3 has just launched(in America and Japan I should add). Wheter there is going to be a PS4 depends on the success that Sony will eventually have with PS3 and not on what an analyst dishes out.

Anonymous said...

There you go Falafelkid(

Sony reckons it'll do a PS4(News)by Tom Bramwell
01/12/06 09:19

Sony says it would be "rather short-sighted" to suggest there won't be a PlayStation 4, after Nomura analyst Yuta Sakurai did just that.

Speaking to the Financial Times in the wake of Sony's decision to to promote Kaz Hirai, Sakurai said he thought SCE's future would be determined by the former US boss's relationship with worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison.

But far more interesting were his thoughts on Sony's direction. "The appointment of Hirai could be the start of a shift from hardware to software," he suggested. "I cannot now imagine a PlayStation 4." (You think you've got it bad, Yuta - most of us in Europe cannot now imagine a PlayStation 3.)

Inevitably, Sony has responded, with US spokesperson Dave Karraker telling GameSpot: "Following the launch of the PlayStation 3 just a few weeks ago, and witnessing the huge consumer demand for the product, I think it would be rather short-sighted for anyone to predict there might not be a next generation of PlayStation product."

Indeed, Sony's never made any suggestion that it plans to stop with PS3 - Hirai himself having noted that a PS4 is in his plans, and Phil Harrison having speculated on whether it will use discs or an e-distribution model.

Anonymous said...

i think sony will leave people in doubt wether there will be a ps4 then everyone will panic and buy every little thing with 'ps' in front of it just in case its the last sony has to offer.

i think there will be a ps4 (if thats what they call it ill piss myself with laughter) buy if that doesnt make big money, like we think the ps3 wont, then they will pull out.

they cant shit out a console and wipe there ass with money forever.

Anonymous said...

...*but* if that doesnt...

Anonymous said...

It's hard not to bash sony. PS1 is crap, ps2 is crap, psp is crap, I own them all. That't the real reason Nintendo didn't let them make a CD add on to the SNES, they saw it was crap and went with phillips that offered the same crappy technology at a cheaper price. I hate the damn triangle button, it is so gay. I know their are probely a lot of kiddies in here that don't remember how fun games used to be. Remember games like Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Super Dodgeball? Remember schooling your friends in TechmoBowl? I think nintendos big mistake over the last 15 years is not making all of their systems backwards compatable.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Falsetta:

What did you do wrong?

Tactics is the original Superfan!
It was even mentioned in Nintendo Power.

Anonymous said...

Superfan - The golden seal is still there, all GBA games go through LOT Check. Ive yet to put a DS title on shelves yet but im sure well have to get them through LOT Check before theyre allowed out.

Omenous Delpha said...

I don't care what sony is doing unless it is fixing the blue ray laser problem. You can forget about demand if you can't even produce the machine. No one has said how this is going to be fixed or if it is fixed or even if it is a fixable problem. I mean Intel wanted 10 Ghz cou did we get them no. I'm sure they could make these chips on paper but just like the Ps3 I'm starting to think blue ray isn't ready for mass production. If that is the case then the PS3 is dead and there won't be a Ps4 because alot of companies are going to be really pissed at them.

It just looks very bad for Sony though becuase Kaz isn't as promising ethier. I'm also not sure how he is going to fixed the blue ray problem.

I mean it crazy but at the current rate nintendo will reach 4 million in a few months easy.

@the guy mad at sony I agree that they brought alot of crap to gaming but the Ps3 did make the battle pretty exciting untill the bad news couldn't be hide any longer.

Really the same thing happened to nintendo when they dropped the ball and their current prez got hired. LOL Sony is only trying to bring craetivity back into the fold rather than engineering, which is obviously failing them.

RGB said...

I highly doubt PS3 will last 10 years. Sorry but competition changes things like that. Market pressure.

It is just companies being unrealistic and wishful thinking.

There are both sides of the Sony & Nintendo saga with cd system. Both are greedy companies. Nintendo are not the worse of the two though.

People can say their will be another PS, but they cant be too sure. The fact is as of today the PS3 (hardware) is not a profitable business. The day it is, then you can be more confident. Sony has many divisions and if its not making $$, then it effects the whole global running of the company and shareholders. If the PS3 isnt a success financially then why would they not pull the plug?

OF COURSE Sony are going to say there will be another Playstation now. If they said there wouldnt be people are going to lose a lot of confidence, something Sony doesnt need right now.

As for Anonymous attacking Tactics, I dont believe he was saying anything in relation of blaming for domination. He was merely talking about the decline of gaming since the PS was released.

He has some points but the GC could of been better too. The Wii should of been where the GC took place, but its hard to say given to availability of technology and lack of mass broadband connections.

As for the guy attacking Fal. You have some points and I have noticed it too, but really it is his blog and I dont mind reading PS3 'in the heat' news. If you dont like it, you dont have to read it and vacate elsewhere. His reportings on Sony/PS3 are intelligent reportings and the success of PS3 effects the Wii. Totally related.

Anonymous said...

how gr8 is it 2 be in New Zealand when your waiting for somthing to launch? my timezone is ahead of all the other places that the wii's launching on the 7th so that gives kiwi fanboys a moral victory of a few hours :D

Anonymous said...

OK, now that Sony said that there will be a PS 4 (see ials's post) I'm sure that there will be NO PS4 bc everything that Sony said over the last years were lies and bullshit...

Anonymous said...

Time to pay the piper Grandmaster b

Anonymous said...

Acclaim I miss you. This brings up memories.I worked at Acclaim back then.

Really, people! Acclaim was the tragic hero.
Acclaim was the soul of the western industry!
Acclaim was sorta like the western Nintendo.

All the sense of style and story telling and general skill you see from western companies like Rockstar,Retro,Lucasarts and Shiny is from former Acclaim employees(or teams that had a contract with Acclaim like Criterion respectively).
Probe, Cheltenham, Teeside, Iguana,
Long Island!
They were the heroes!
They had an eye for things!
Be it Shadowman, Revolt, Alien, NBA Jam or Mortal Kombat.

R.I.P Acclaim

I love you and I wish you was there.

Acclaim had the cool individuals and sharp sense for snatching cool licenses. They simply had an eye for things.
Too bad that Greg Fishbach was so full of himself and mercenary.

Read this:




Anonymous said...

@ grandmaster b

I was not attacking Tactics; but you must agree what he said was pure biased nonsense. Just because Nintendo failed to go with an optical storage medium with the N64 why should Sony be blamed? That would be like getting made at Nintendo because Sony didn’t use a true motion sensing controller (not the crap the PS3 uses). Nintendo made a mistake with the N64 medium as did Sony with the blu-ray medium. The same could be said about the Dreamcast GD-ROM.

Now to get more on-topic:

Game quality did not decline when PS1 was released; most gaming analysts claim the opposite. Some of the best games of that generation were on the PS1 (Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII, and just about all of the sports titles/only bc 64 had little to none :P ). Now of course there have been some really bad titles on the system but no more then what appeared on any other console. Are you going to tell me games like Superman 64, Doom 64, Hex and a number of buggy Turok games were quality Nintendo titles? All of these titles had the seal of quality on the box, the thing was Nintendo became desperate for third party titles near the end of the 64’s life and allowed a great deal of poor quality titles to be released on there system. Let’s also not forget the fact the some 64 titles required the expansion pack in order to play the game.

Now the Wii seems to do many things right this time; including backwards compatibility, DVD9 support and most importantly working with third parties to develop great titles.

truthkilla said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
truthkilla said...

With a short test under Linux we have determined that those
most applications to the PS3 under Linux straight times with that
Speed of a PentiumIII with 800Mhz run.

Go to and Look up "PS3 equals 800 Mhz Pentium III" for the article!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I'm the coolest because I will buy Wii only with Elebits.

I'm simply the smoothest.
I bet noone of you considered buying Wii solely with Elebits.

Thats because you are not THE IALS.
Your brainz aren't capable of thinking beyond average.

Seriously, I will buy Wii with Elebits only and therefore I have more style than all of you goons together.

Simple as that.
I have won.
You are simply no match.
You people buy Red Steel type games while I buy Elebits.


(Excuse me I'm retarded)


Anonymous said...

Schau Falafelkid,

Seit Monatent versuch ich dir klarzumachen das es letzendendes darauf hinauslaufen wird. Das es unumgänglich ist.
Glaub mir halt mal. Was ich sag is nich aus der Luft gegriffen.
Nintendo braucht mehr als Mario, Zelda und einen innovativen Controller um in Zukunft erfolgreich zu sein.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Sony will introduce a series of firmware upgrades that will give the PS3 more media centre capability while allowing for the introduction of third party applications and hardware "Such as interactive controllers" similar to the Nintendo Wii he said."

I hope Nintendo sues the hell out of them!
Not only bc they copy (again) the stuff of competitors, but also bc Sony said that the Wiimote is useless gimmick and so on...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of all the connotations of this shakeup, but it certainly doesn't show confidence in Kutaragi.

Something is behind this, we just have to figure out what.

Jarod said...

Sony not releasing a PS4 wouldn't surprise me. I argued that it was possible they wouldn’t back in 2002. The reason is simple, having a large corporation behind your video game division can be a blessing or a curse. Good if you're Microsoft and have so much money you can lose whatever you like pushing your system, bad if you're Sony with no profits anywhere and a good amount of debt to boot.

I don't see how the PS3 will ever approach #1 this generation. It's too expensive, it's too complex to develop for, Sony is behaving like their #1 spot is by divine right, come to think of it read everything wrong Nintendo and Sega did with the N64 and Saturn and combine them. Also, Sony is not going to be able to compete with the Xbox360 and Wii in user base until 2008, but will 3rd party developers wait around till then (even this early what is still Sony exclusive except MGS4, and even that is getting wobbly)? Games sell systems, not hardware. Given this, I don't see how Sony will ever profit off the PS3.

If Sony can't profit off the PS3, or turn around some other part of the company, they simply will not have the billions they will need in 2009 or 10 to develop a PS4. Even if they did, there's another problem with being a large company, shareholders. They aren't Sony fanboys, only profit fanboys. Sony could run into real trouble with them if they moved to spend billions more on video games after 4 years of lackluster performance (more so if Microsoft decides to go all out next time and Nintendo uses some of its saved fortune).

Anonymous said...

i get my wii in 16 an a half hours =D
im taking a nap tomorrow after i get my school crap done so that i can play it all nite(and morning) on wednesday/thursday.
everythings all safely payed for so im garrenteed my wii, games and controller.

Anonymous said...

whoops i mean 28 and a half hours

RGB said...

Jarod, basically you have the same view I had above in my post.

All in all its about money when its comes down to it. Fanboys dont see to realise it and think merely because the PS2 was a high selling system that it was a huge success.

I really think MS and Sony would envy Nintendo's profitability right now.

This topic however is best debated in 1-2 years time.

Anonymous said...

@Grandmaster B (re: audio post u made)

Your take on the ”huge” VC coming(s) would be a very nice welcome indeed. I myself had sought after something like it when I understand that the VC could have this kind of potential.

But as time past by I’ve thought about it more deeply into it. And as stated above something like you mentioned that would allow people to make their own games for uploads either on a fee based or free business model – makes it wonderfully Wii. Don’t now think that making games and upload it would be just simple as that. Since competition on market getting stronger years after years, game developers had to protect themselves by all kinds of patterns that prohibiting any similar entity out there to successfully capitalize on the market. I don’t want to sound to harsh but I think you all know what kind consequences that will be waiting if someone dare, even if unintentionally step on some tiger toes. ^^*
I’ve dreamt many times on making my own games and make some profit from it. But I came to realize that the world (the corporate one out there) is crueler than my sight of seeing a brand new Wii being crushed on the street somewhere on youtube.

Well, I mean it would more difficult for normal guy without any prior knowledge on how this works to put their games on VC – if not being backed-up by someone who does. 
And not to mention how the other third parties who’s profit might slip a bit. Well imagine what kind of faces they will bring to Nintendo when they find out the cause to it was due to rookie’s lucky strikes. Now, this could in another hand be pretty amazing if it indeed turn out to be like you said and that both Nintendo and the other leading company’s was to greed light this kind of extra actively mind-blowing feature…

My only hope would be your thoughts to come true, and expect something different.

/thanks for good listening ;)


Anonymous said...

I get my wii in an hour and a half! =D
i cant believe ive been waiting over a year and im about to get it.
thanks alot for everything falafelkid, sory that i wont have time to read your blog for awhile lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Garbe,
i saw reviewing the xbox360 5mins ago...

Didn't knew that there's videogames-show on RTL2.

Will there be Wii-feature or something the next time,
or did i miss it already?

Jarod said...

Sorry there Bud Bundy, I figured I'd leave the reading of 50+ comments to falafelkid. If you made the same point as me then its obviously a good one.

Anonymous said...


you may say that nintendo's cartridge format on the n64 was a mistake, but i say that putting games on cds ruined video games. hear me out. (yes, i'm a biased fanboy. have i ever denied it? my NAME is "superfan". still, hear me out.)

when sony came into the market with playstation, (yes i know the playstation/snes story. who cares. beside the point.) they used a very simple architecture and a very simple medium (cd) to use for the games. they also invited all the 3rd party developers that had been paying MASSIVE royalties to greedy nintendo to come and develop for them instead, for a far lower fee. this was a great "business" decision for sony to make money, because nintendo had a much tougher-to-code-for architecture with the n64, as well as the proprietary cartridge format, and much higher licensing fees, but eventually ruined GAMING. sony made a lot of money, but gamers have suffered ever since.

on what basis do i say that sony ruined videogames? look at the differences between zelda64 and ff7. look at the differences long and hard.

sony made it way too easy and cheap to pump out a half-assed game and make HUGE profits. n64 developers, including nintendo themselves, had to be DEDICATED, and work VERY VERY HARD on their games to ensure profitability. it had always been that way with nintendo (and sega!) systems.
so while n64 owners were enjoying huge, lush, beautiful full 3d environments in zelda64, playstation owners were enjoying (being forced to becoming accustomed to) static pre-rendered pictures (that looked barely better than what an SNES was capable of, really), with a shitty polygonal sprite running around in 2 dimensions, and being constantly pestered by a noisy, slow cd drive, as well as very long loading times.

compare the gameplay, graphics, environment and immersion of MGS1 to mario64. mario 64 had huge 3d areas, while MGS (and every other "3d" ps1 game) had tiny little rooms that had to be pre-loaded one at a time.

sony made the perfect avenue to allow developer laziness.
AFTER ps1 began to rock nintendo's world, nintendo began to get desperate, and that's quite obviously where games like superman64 came from. (i thought shadowman was a pretty cool game, and the turok games pwn. they definately rock the socks off of any similar ps1 games in the genre.)

i'll say it again: i am a biased fanboy.

HOWEVER. i was driven to this fanboyism by my perception of the evolution of videogames. i was not always a nintendo fanboy; i even owned an ps1 (until it stopped reading discs...) and loved a few games for it. i bought it initially for one game though: ff7, which is a great game. it's just too bad ff7 wasn't made for the n64 as it should've been. maybe then it wouldn't have been so half-assed in the graphics department.

nowadays, DVDs are great for games, but back in the 90's, CDs fucked games up permanently, by creating a general tolerance for some detrimental changes to games. i have nes and snes cartridges that have been beaten around for over 10 (and in some cases 20) years. these games never had to be painstakingly placed carefully into a fragile jewel case! they were "thrown back into the bin", so-to-speak. just a single drop of a game on CD could ruin the game forever, and cost you $60+. loading times are ridiculous, and getting worse (in some cases), and are something we never EVER should have put up with in the first place. call me impatient, but fuck loading times. how about optical drives in general? how about a laser so delicate that it could cost you your whole system over a speck of dust or a fingerprint? how about a laser becoming mis-aligned by a HAIR, and your game collection becoming immediately obsolete until you rebuy the system? all of that is bullshit.

too long a post. anyway, if you're still reading: sony ruined videogames. the end.

p.s. one more thing: i don't remember any n64 games *requiring* the expansion pack... although i remember plenty of games utilizing it optionally. how about the playstation analog sticks? there were plenty of games that required those controllers, which were the same price as the new ps1 analog controllers, and obviously didn't improve the load times OR the graphics of the games... fuck you.

-"superfan" tactics.

Anonymous said...

*n64 expansion pack. you know what i meant.

Anonymous said...

"p.s. one more thing: i don't remember any n64 games *requiring* the expansion pack..."

Games that required the expansion pack:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Donkey Kong 64

Games that needed the expansion pack to play the full version of the game:

Starcraft 64

Perfect Dark

After all of your immature zealot ranting and profanity you still prove that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Take care…

Anonymous said...

"Thats because you are not THE IALS."

we are glad we are not you

Anonymous said...

The only important thing I think is that Sony's going back to their old marketing strategy: Steal Nintendo's ideas. Seriously, it bugs me how much they can get away with. If they try to make a PS3mote, I think they'll be sad to find out that Nintendo has so many patents on it's uses that they can't use it at all.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Falsetta: What is your 360 GAMER TAG?!?!?!??! Been dying to game with you (honestly!).

I bet you I can beat you at Halo 2.... :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Thomas Falsetta, you are the man! You crack me up dude. I gotta get your gamertag so we can game it up on some halo man.

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