Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wii to launch mid-October?

Codename Revolution is back on the rumour trail, citing an IGN insider claiming to have the scoop on the Wii´s release date:
According to a ‘Blockbuster employee’ in Canada (from IGN Insider) a list of titles has shown up on the companies system that relate to the Wii with release dates and some titles with a pricetag of $49.99 ($39.99 USD?). (...)

Elebits is a launch title and is dated October 15th and does fall on a Sunday, a day that traditionally Nintendo has launched a few of it’s past systems and handhelds.
There are a few questionable details, though. One game mentioned is simply called GT. Also, Prince of Persia is on the list. Both titles have not been confirmed.

Most importantly, Red Steel is down for an October 26th launch. However, the team at Ubi Soft Paris told me in April that the game will be a launch title, no matter what. So that kills the entire story for me.

Source: Codename Revolution


Anonymous said...

Well, its not that Ubisoft is known for holding release dates... Seeing the overall negative reactions to the E3 build of Red Steel it could well be that they are going to postpone the launch a few weeks. It would be better then releasing a buggy mess for the sake of coming out at launch.
The other titles on those lists are what is strange: PoP, Far Cry, GT(?) were never anounced. Far Cry could be the never pubblished game that was announced for Cube and ended coming only for Xbox, PoP could be a compilation of the Sand of Time triology and GT that horrible racing game that came out for N-Gage and DS...

I hope my spelling isn't to horrible, an that I managed to say something meaningfull at the end...

Anonymous said...

a launch title can be with 1 month delay after the console launch (it's the launch window)

910do said...

My sources said October in the US.

Anonymous said...

Nintendo's press site has a list of upcoming games, and the UbiSoft titles mentioned are on the list.

Everyone has access till the 17th.

Anonymous said...


I didn't see those titles. Where are you seeing them at?


Anonymous said...

After logging in, go to games, then under Wii there is a link to a PDF.

Anonymous said...

ok, just double checked. My bad as they aren't there. But there are games that no one has talked about before.

Too many rumors to keep track of the sources.

Anonymous said...

I dont care ! But i will buy the Wii at Launch, whatever the date is !
Long live Nintendo and their unstoppable drive to invent the best games on earth !

Anonymous said...


We are shot down by Iwata himself.

"EGM: So why not include a camera or especially a microphone?

SM: Well, obviously there are questions of cost and technology. When you think about the type of microphone that would be easy for people to use for home play you think of a headset. And so the issue is, if you have a headset somehow attached to the controller, it gets complicated to use, and we wanted [everything to] be easy to use-simple and fun.


* Tucks tail between legs and walks away *


Anonymous said...

Excuse me,

Shot down by Miyamoto.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that article has him saying there isn't going to be a mic or camera. He just says something about cost and how to keep it from being complicated. He talks about a headset, while having a mic on the controller would keep things simple.

Anonymous said...

far cry for wii!!!!!!

(plus 4 other games)

Traveller said...

Well seeing though it seems that Wii could be launching in Australia sometime in November, I wouldnt count out mid october for US/Japan launch.

Yanko Heinze said...

I have added a new article refering to the Wii´s CPU clockspeed.

Have a nice day!
Yanko Heinze Yslas

Anonymous said...

I am suprised this blog is still around. The system is not called Nintendo Revolution anymore. Close it down and open something up with the Wii in its name. You should just delete this blog dude.

Anonymous said...

Its possible

i got a video game store here in Québec(french part of canada) and i often receive games daus (or weeks) before the systeme actualy release.
For exemple, i star selling X360 games 2 week before the X360 came out(and people buy them) same whit Joystick and other accessories.(madden, Kameo and call of duty 2 was in store 2 weeks before the actual systeme)

I can see Wii be release ont October 26th and store selling game ont the 15th of October.

Sorry for my englsih guys. :)

Falafelkid said...


I am suprised this blog is still around. The system is not called Nintendo Revolution anymore. Close it down and open something up with the Wii in its name. You should just delete this blog dude.

I am even more surprised you didn´t notice this blog is now called ´Wii: Definitive Speculation´ and can be reached through any of the following URLs:

This is thanks to Product_Number_18 who reserved the first two blogspot URLs and kindly redirects them to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible some of those dates are set as "going gold" days, or possibly just being wrapped up early and ready to ship and not actual on-sale days?

Do the developers know the release date? If they don't, maybe they just set those planned dates as early as they thought they needed to be in good standing.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous.

Do the developers know the release date? If they don't, maybe they just set those planned dates as early as they thought they needed to be in good standing.

I think you are absolutely right. We were told by Ubi Soft Paris in April that they genuinely didn´t know the release date (which I chose to believe) and that they were readying themselves for any release date that Nintendo might opt for (given that even at that time a June or July launch could be ruled out by pure reason).

Anonymous said...

Hi Falafel Kid !

First of all , many thanks for your effort to deliver the nintendo gaming community with such high quality news!
I have a question about your future actions after the Wii is released.
Will you continue with giving us information and news? or will you shut off the site ?


Anonymous said...

Hey fal warup men

i just wanted to say is ok that u give us those new but they are actually kinda offdate i already saw that news like 1 week ago,, i'm not saying that u r kinda slow i know u have a lot of work to do wif those advertisement which is cool (nice work) but wouldnt you like to give us news more constanly than just once a week pls !?

maybe thats why not a lot of ppl are writing like before ,,...

always here
Playing= is believing

Anonymous said...

I will keep my self as an anonymous for now.... But I do check this blog out from time to time.

Now my sources tell me that this information is incorrect.
To my knowledge of the Wii as of now is planned to be realsed in November...

*sighs* if you must ask, November 10th. How ever that is a Friday not a Sunday. So North America will probably see Nov 12th as the revolution day.

Any ways dont ask how I know this stuff... I'm not here to claim I know about the wii or reveal the still unknowen, but rather to say I do not think mid-october is correct. How ever people do change dates, and Nintendo is filled people.

If you have any questions you may ask, be reasonibul and do not ask how I know this.

That is all, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

The 26th would still be considered a launch title. They consider anythign launched within the first month of a console's release within the launch window.

As for the rumour itself...who knows. But November isonly 5 months away, I expect a street date soon.

Anonymous said...

Sony start copying nintendo again. This time Wii sports.

... Ps3's new title call Play Sports. Will using EyeToy to play

But thay can't copy one thing ... price

Anonymous said...

lol...good point pi price is one thing they cat copy this time around

julencin2000 said...

A curious data: I have done a reservation of a Wii system, in a GAME shop in Spain, and the boy told me launch price will be 250€...

Anonymous said...

"play sports"... wow.

fucking... does it never end?

-"superfan" tactics.

Shoxware Games said...

Don't care about Play: Sports! The PS3 has other breath-taking features like "Real Time Weapon Change"!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.....

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