Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Revolution to feature microphone peripheral

I have finally had time to look at Yanko´s blog in more detail. In a recent post, he makes a persuasive case for the Revolution featuring microphone input.

In a number of patents, he has come across an audio input other than the game disc. He has cleverly illustrated this by colouring in the various parts of the patents´ diagrams. The conventional input is shown as red, the additional input as blue.

He then comes to the conclusion that the only feasible answer is that the additional audio input must be a microphone peripheral of sorts. Please have a look at his article.

Source / Image source: Yanko´s blog


Anonymous said...

Nintendo did some experimenting with this on the mario party games and the DS, so i'm not too surprised - i was kinda expecting this.

It costs next to nothing to include, and can potentially be used for some fun and original gameplay, while it doubles for a chat/talk feature.

hpv said...

Exactly, I think this has been assumed basically since Revolution was announced. I'm assuming that a microphone will be built into the freehand controller which will make Revolution instantly the most accessable system for games like Karaoke Revolution (Karaoke Revolution Revolution?) which play very well with casual and non-traditional gamer types.

Maybe we'll even see Hey You Pikachu 2! Though I'm still waiting for Super Mario Rap Battle All Stars.

Anonymous said...

Good job for Yanko!
Nice blog!
Yor blog too Andreas! :-)
Luca S. (Italy)

Anonymous said...

On the Japanese Website for Nintendo, Odama(accidently?) is listed as a revolution game in the news section

Anonymous said...

Well, a mic was planned since the beginning, I think, at least for Voice Chat.

The real secret is a new dimension:

Consoles will reach a barrier in the next generation, in a few months. The future might be games with multiple possibilities and unlimited data via the Internet. If we don't limit the number of gigabytes of a game, using the Internet which has no theoretical limit, why not imagine a virtual universe where all players sould cross paths? Games are still young compared to cinema. But revolutions only happen every 20 years I suppose! (laughs again)

Dimensionalization starts this year!

Anonymous said...

whoa, mario has a cape in that picture! return of mario 3

but call it mario 3(D)

Anonymous said...

An off topic!
Only 8 days for the interview of Miyamoto conducted by Andreas and only 16 days for the GDC 2006!March will be a very good month for the addicted like me...
Luca S. (Italy)

Anonymous said...

Fifstar.. I know exactly what you mean. o_o I'm actually getting excited again, between the Revolution and Spore. That's been a long, long time.

Jon Gardner said...

Speaking of Spore: don't you think that Spore would make a perfect game for the Revolution? A revolutionary game with endless playability on the Revolution, the only system with endless imagination.

Anonymous said...

I just found a pic of the new ps3 controller on gamestar.de(a german game mag)

Anonymous said...


Jon Gardner said...

I don't think triple ex understands. This isn't about support to have a microphone hooked into the system. This is the possility of having a mic built into the controller.

Anonymous said...

Miyamoto-san will be "knighted" by the French Minister of Culture: "Chevalier dans l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres" (equivalent to the British MBE) on the 13th of March 2006 in Paris. Check this link in French.

Falafelkid, if you could just congratulate Miyamoto-san for this honor when you meet him and ask him about his feelings, that would be cool

Anonymous said...

Personally a micro can only bring good things, from no more menus in RPGs or SC like games, it would be very good to RTS to all new game types, and it is already possible to do some great things with voice


And there is really a chance of this


Lets hope for.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's for a headset, like the DS.

Anonymous said...

Hello there falafelkid, congrats on such a great blog, I've been reading many blogs lately, there has been a rumor going on about Sony striking a deal of exclusive games with two developers (perhaps Capcom and Konami) for the PS3, this deal would be very similar to the one with Square-Enix.
Now this doesn't convince me, so if you could look in to it we would be very pleased to have things cleared.
The bloger doesn't says who he's contact is, only that his source is reliable.

-Codename: Zorra Fácil

Anonymous said...

Don't ask me where.Don't ask me why,But I hear Meowth's Party will be a launch title for the Nintendo Revolution.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if i'm repeating whats already been said, but i didnt have time to read all the comments and original post

a mike would certainly fit in with the previous comments abt a technology that has been used in games before, but just not in this 'revolutionary way.'
It would also fit the bill that voice commands/ interaction, would be something to bring in non-gamers put off my complicated joypad configuartions.
look at nintendogs.
perhaps the final piece of the jigsaw is an advanced voice recognition software allowing for very extensive voice control/ interation for games.
as someone else has mentioned, voice commands would work very well for a number of strategy/ RTS/ FPS games.
Its also cheap enough to fit into the proposed price range (vs 3d technology, which might be a bit tight)

and whilst it doesnt sound very 'revolutionary/ sexy', if implemented effectively, i believe could offer a whole new level of interation.
just witness the hundreds of ppl out there talking to their nintendogs on the streets, or blowing furiously in one of the warioware games


Tortus said...

Hey Falafelkid and guys.

I've been misunderstand by you. You shouldn't see that I'm a member of emagindev; there are reasons.

But, I can give you an explanation about my blog, you can find it there: http://famicomrevolution.blogspot.com/2006/03/purpose-of-my-blog.html

or you can see my blog:

There are too many interesting things.
I put this comment here, cuz this is the most recent post of yours.

daniel said...

If they want to have a mic, why not just have it as a regular controller add-on? If it brings up price and/or size I think that's the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys rememeber that the ORIGINAL Famicom had a microphone built into the controller? Granted things have changed over the last 20 years...

Sorry, just not as excited about this news as the rest of you. I think it would be bigger news if there was not some kind of microphone support built into either the Freehand controller or a nunchuck attachment.

Blizz419 said...

what are you talking about IALS i dont see one comment in here by grandmaster

Anonymous said...

Honestly I still have a very lil something in me saying he is real. Maybe 3% real, 95% fake, 2% don't know.

Anonymous said...

Can you all see how he is setting hiself up to still try to make him seem real.
We could almost all guess that the controller may have some minor little changes.(Most likely a DS like mic near the top)

We all know some Vitrual Console/Wi-Fi details will come at GDC. The lead Wi-fi Connection project leader is speaking along with Iwata in seperate speeches.

We could all guess that some game announcements will be made after all there have been some recently already.

And lastly. We all know about his blog with the tfosibu aka Ubisoft. So we could think that if he were real he came from Ubisoft. We also know Ubisoft is creating an exclusive FPS for the Revolution. So when the details on this game are revealed he will claim that this was (No End Soon).

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Im not saying I think he wasnt lying. I think he was.

However, I have enjoyed this speculation in absence of real news.
There have been some good theories popping up and weve all had something to talk about.
His last "revelation" points to the 3DO display technology. I find this technology very interesting and I hope it actually works.
As I said, if someone would be there to push this technology it would be George Lucas.
He has said that his next mission with Star Wars (except for the TV series) would be to bring the old films to a 3D format.
I sure hope this technology will be available to home consumers, and the faster the better.
Since things are pointing to 3D movies might be possible soon I can understand the idea that Revolution could feature this is so widespread.
And I think mostly everyone would want this to happen.

Anonymous said...

It should of course have read 3DH, not 3DO.

Anonymous said...

revolution-fakes anyone?


Anonymous said...



Raid over the River

Sounds a lot like River Raid...
My guess is fake. But, well, you never know.

Anonymous said...

BTW can you make a question (even if not direct) about the micro and other periphicals (like cameras) to Mrº Miyamoto? Please.

BTW that Ubisoft list can olny mean:
1-Rev is as powerfull as the others in specs terms.
2-Rev is very, very very...very cheap/easy to devolop for for them to have make a major reestruturation and have 6 teams working only to Rev and they really expect a big big sucess right in 2007 so it worth it.

Personally I think that the first is more probable.