Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Revolution a semi-portable?

In an article about Square Enix denying recent rumours about ´Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles´, Eurogamer reminded me of a most interesting quote by Square Enix president Yoichi Wada:

We would like to strongly support Nintendo’s next-generation networking plans. The Revolution may embody a new platform beyond a portable or console, which makes possible a new structure in the network gaming system, changing the ways communities are built and supported. This is the kind of direction we’ve envisioned, and we will challenge ourselves to provide immersive interactive content in response to what Nintendo offers.

This quote is as old as it is overlooked. It is confirmation of the Revolution being neither a portable, nor a home console. This effectively means that the Revolution will be portable to some extent, since it will not be a classic home console. And Wada also confirms that Nintendo´s online plans will take advantage of this portability aspect. The only question is: If the Revolution will not be a portable either, where will it take us?

Source: Eurogamer


Anonymous said...

well, i remember this quote from square-enix.. and well i think that this have to do with the last secret that nintendo will show at E3.
the news about the Revolution's stand which acts as a power supply for the console maybe is a hint that the revolution will be also a portable system (well not like the ds obviously)

Anonymous said...

couldn't he just refer to the virual console?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonym. I think Leon is right. This is related to the last secret. Because if Wada had only meant the virtual console, how would that make the Rev "a new platform beyond a portable or console" and how would that enable "a new structure in the network gaming system, changing the ways communities are built and supported"? Those comments are some compliment and they don´t make any sense, given the information we have available today.

Anonymous said...

ok, maybe i´m just not seeing it, but it looks to me like wada didn´t talk about revolution. i think wada said that about the wifi service. it means that it´s not restrited to one specific platform. wich only means that it would be very very easy getting he wifi service working on another system (revolution)

Falafelkid said...

Hi Coldblooder. No. Wada said: "The Revolution may embody a new platform beyond a portable or console". It´s clear he is talking about the console.

Falafelkid said...

Or maybe I´m not seeing your point of view now... ;)

Anonymous said...

ON for teh win!!! xDDD

But sounds very cool to me.
Has anybody seen the Oscars this yrar? Holy sh*t is that hall big. ^^

Can't wait until E³. ^^

Anonymous said...

Oscars? ahh you mean the second biggest show this year in the kodak theather? nintendo will top that little underground show ^_^

@falafelkid: ok, well than i haven´t seen it ;-)

Anonymous said...

One things for sure, Nintendo are going to redefine online gaming and online communities with Revolution. I think people have been discouraged too much by Nintendo WiFi Connection on Nintendo DS , they think it will be the same on Revolution. This is not so. While it will be similar Nintendo used the DS as a test system for their implementation of online gaming, it is their practice for the Revolution.

The DS's online system had to be kept simple as it is a portable console and you can't have an Xbox Live style setup on it, it wouldn't suit. The Revolution's however will be much much deeper and extensive but still streamlined and simple to use as Nintendo keep reiterating this "ease of use". As they have stated, current online gaming is too intimidating for the average gamer and non-gamer's alike.

I believe that the online structure will be a very big component of Nintendo's next home console and it will be so different that it fits in with the whole "revolution" concept of redefining the industry.

I think it is one of the remaining secrets. If you think it'll be just another online system you might be in for a big surprise.

Nintendo held back from online gaming for a long time and they've used that time to study it and analyze it.

I think they'll knock our socks off.

Anonymous said...

the gamecube was portable, it had the lunchbox handle. it should be no surprise that the rev will be portable.

Anonymous said...

This quote is indeed old, and I was surprised you had not picked it up earlier, because its so relevant to all the recent rumours.

I'm having trouble with the "error of publication" of nintendo UK's official magazine. How can a mistake like that be in an offical magazine?? I dont wanna be a conspiracy theory supporter yet, but it seems to me it would make A LOT of sense that a "new kind portabe system" would be one that required no power cords and no TV, right?? Don't the battery stand and the rumoured projector make sense in a uncanny way? Anyway; it makes tremendously more sense than the ON (I believed in it, for a while, butit just did not fit Nintendo's "let's simplify gaming" philosophy).

When we see how a minor announcement such as a redesign of the DS (maybe not minor per se, but compared to the Revolution, it is) was thouroughly denied TO THE VERY LAST DAY by Nintendo, I sincerely think denying the existence of a battery stand is yet another occurrence of this hush hush strategy. Perhaps this information was meant to be released earlier, and given ps3's delay in finalizing their attack on the market, it has been delayed to E3, like everyhting else, to keep the surprise whole..

What do you think Falafelkid? I think this conjecture makes more sense than any of those about crazy 3d glasses. Nevertheless I'm still skeptic about 3D projection. I think what people misunderstood about Light Blue Optics is that is is NOT 3D projection. The term "Holographic projection" has nothing to do with the visual output, but merely the process by which the light is refracted in the machine itself, through a "holographic cell", if I recall correctly. I know the technology is available and cheap for 3D projection (thx Falafel), but does it really makes sense?

Anonymous said...

and one more thing, do you think the ps3 and the nintendo delays have anything to do with each other? Are they fearing their opponents next move? Nintendo's hush hush strategy is clearly a product of Sony's copycat tendencies, and this was made clear by Iwata himself. But do you think that PS3 too fears Nintendo and awaits it next move. Moreover, you said in recent comments that the console business was particular in the sense that companies did not know what the other were up to... Hum, what about industrial espionnage? That is a reality in ALL the businesses involving big money, so why not this one. I mean, Nintendo is good at keeping a secret from the press and to keep the developers' mouth shut with what I suppose to be ridiculously threatening NDAs (that worked until now, though). Moreover, I'm sure all the people that werent necessary to the revolution's development in the Kyoto firm itself were not aware either. But I mean, we are 2 months from the announcement, and I still ca't belive how a bigger snippet of information has not been picked up yet. Or maybe it has, but competitors have no interest in sharing it. This is why perhaps Sony started very late to brew an unified online platform: hub, seeing the capabilities of nintendo's online services (buyt of course, weve knowv about for a while now).

Anonymous said...

To someone dedicated to rumor-gathering, this sounds like another clue, but it could be just an off-hand comment. People speak imprecisely. Wada could be using "portable" and "console" to mean simply the familiar categories of game systems. He's saying the Revolution is not a typical platform. To assume he's hinting that the Revolution is somewhere between a portable and a console, some kind of semi-portable console, is a bit hasty.

910do said...

Since the beginning , I knew that the Revi is portable, look at the facts, it's small, wireless wifi, and IT HAS THE SAME SHAPE OF THE ORIGINAL GAMEBOY !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect you like this interpretation of his remarks because it supports your alternative display theories. You think the Revolution is going to project a 3D image of some kind. But look at the system: it doesn't look like something that's mean to be karted around. It doesn't look rugged and nothing about the design suggests it should be placed centrally, like on a table top. It's a slim box made to fit easily -- vertically or horizontally -- in a TV cabinet.

Blizz419 said...

rapheal they never claimed it was a battery, if it was a battery they would of said battery not power supply, a power supply is the brick on the cord of the 360 and gamecube, they were just stating it was a way to have a aesethetically appealing power supply instead of an ugly brick on the cord

Blizz419 said...

also rapheal, waht Nintendo delays i am not aware of any "Nintendo delays"

Anonymous said...

Alternative idea (wild speculation with no basis): The side of the Rev is actually a super-bright touch-sensitive screen.

Falafelkid: Is it possible?


Kraid said...

The Nintrix has us...


trip1eX said...

The square enix comment could have easily been misinterprested in translation.

My guess is the comment is directed toward the pricepoint more than anything. IT's not a cheap portable and it's not a full blown mega horsepower console. IT creates a whole new market. That's what the comment easily be interpreted as.

The new network structure is referring to Nintendo's Wi-Fi service.

NOthing else anyone says sounds more plausible than the common sense version.

trip1eX said...

The REvolution being battery powered doesn't make a lot of sense. Would you really move your console around that much???

Also the controller wouldn't fit in with the idea of the REvolution acting like a laptop around the house.

3d projection or just projection doesn't make sense imo either. There's no way they can get a excellent 480p quality image coming out of a box that's supposed to $200 which also acts as a console 3x as powerful as the 'Cube along with a controller and wi-fi and DVD player and flash memory....

Nah the comment is directed at the fact that Nintendo is creating a new market of sorts because they aren't going hi-def, they are featuring a new controller and they are coming in at a low pricepoint. That's what the SE executive means by not quite a portable or a console.

NO offense, but don't always interpret every off the cuff quote as if it must have some insight into the secret of the Revolution. Some of you read too much into everything.

Blizz419 said...

i agree completly trip1eX, and the whole battery thing stemmed simply from people hearing the word power supply, i guess many people think that simply means battery instead of that ugly block on your power cord or the block thats inside your PC tower, ok for everyone who didnt know, when computers and consoles are being talked about and the word "power supply" comes up they do NOT mean battery.

Anonymous said...

confirmed, his words are fake,

Anonymous said...

I really think he is talking about the Virtual System. Perhaps he knows more about this system than we know...or perhaps he is looking at it from a different aspect.

The Revolution is like a console system in the aspect that it will have large budget epic titles on the system. Every aspect of the Revolution is next generation console.

Yet, the Revolution has this quiet feature (the virtual console). This allows developers to take a different approach to console design and marketing (one closer to the portable market.) Development costs for creating new content for the vitual console, or remarketing past franchises is very similar to a portable system and very cost efficent.

I think everyone can understand why this is so important for developers and publishers. It allows more freedom to pick the amount of resources needed for each individual project.

Realmy said...

You do know that Official Ninendo Magazine, the ones who started the "stand is a battery" theory, retracted its statement later and admitted that wasnt true and that they were wrong, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Nintendo denied that a DS redesign was coming out; and then the next day, BAM! There was the DS Lite.


Anonymous said...

@ Raphael

nice to meet you! :-)

If anyone wants to know, if a post is
from me (the "old"-one) or him, you
just have to look at my english, as
well as the blue (revo-like) name. ;-)

@ topic

I think this whole conversation
can´t deliver a full answer,
at what the comment hinted at.

The free-hand-controller wasn´t
created, for quick game-sessions
in a bus! ;-)

I know the following statement
is cruft, but it´s funny to see:

It fits with the ON-clip. You´re
going through your livingroom.

Anonymous said...

the rev is low power consumption, and plugs into the stand for power (and to recharge?). it is the size of 3 dvd cases stacked.... of course its portable :)

Anonymous said...

Now I´m really blue. ;-)

Sorry for spamming!

Blizz419 said...


they never even said the stand was a battery they said it was a power supply. and yes they did retract the statement

Anonymous said...

There is only room for two markets, and the products in each of those markets are visibly defined as portable or home console. For Nintendo to go mid way on this, it can only result in a repeat of the virtual boy. People either go one way or the other. And there is no room for a middle. If Nintendo wants to make the case that the controller interface is new and unique and can expand the industry's market overall then they should make the Revolution a home console, otherwise they will not be able to attract long time consumers, the core of the console industry, the people who bought the PS2 more than the Xbox and GCN put together last generation, and if Nintendo can't bring in current gamers then they can give up on expanding anything.

Nintendo needs to ditch the it's not a portable and it's not a console bullshit and just make the investment in making the system compete power wise with the competition, yes, they are competition, otherwise there would be no reason for a new controller would there? The controller is the reason for there to be a new Nintendo console, and if it isn't a console, then let us state the obvious. Nintendo is officially withdrawn from the console race, at long last the company that makes the most money has bowed out and all logic has drained from this game factory of an industry.

RGB said...

Nintendo needs to ditch the it's not a portable and it's not a console bullshit and just make the investment in making the system compete power wise with the competition, yes, they are competition, otherwise there would be no reason for a new controller would there? The controller is the reason for there to be a new Nintendo console, and if it isn't a console, then let us state the obvious. Nintendo is officially withdrawn from the console race, at long last the company that makes the most money has bowed out and all logic has drained from this game factory of an industry.

I'm glad you arent in charge of the multi million - billion dollar company. Sometimes business is about giving people what they dont know they wanted. This involves a lot of research, money, and in the end somewhat of a risk. Usually the research is enough justification for the risk.

Anonymous said...

Its not impossible that the Wada quote has been misinterpreted or mistranslated. But the clearest reading of the quote is the most obvious one, simply that the Revolution is a portable console.

However, the free-hand controller is simply not conducive to portable play in the traditional sense (i.e. using the controller in conjunction with a minature screen on the go). As I see it, this leads to only two possible conclusions: (1) the Revolution truly is a portable system and the games will somehow take advantage of actual movement and open space (as in VR/AR), or (2) the Revolution is only quasi-portable in that its small, easy to carry, requires little setup, can be set up anywhere, and/or somehow makes heavy use of the internet.

At E3 05, Iwata made it clear that the internet would be a major component of the Revolution. I tend to think that the portability Wada is referring to is in some way related to how players connect to other players, enter their game world and transfer their game data. Vague, I know. If you solve the portability/internet connection, I think the rest of the Revolution puzzle will just fall into place.

Anonymous said...

(2) the Revolution is only quasi-portable in that its small, easy to carry, requires little setup, can be set up anywhere, and/or somehow makes heavy use of the internet.

This is all that it is, everyone else is reaching too far.

Anonymous said...

hey anon at 7:46,

you said, "the people who bought the PS2 more than the Xbox and GCN put together last generation".

ps2 numbers are what are shipped, not sold.

read this article that concerns this problem, the "shipped" vs "sold" and how it is two different things.


and here is part 2:


Blizz419 said...

ya anon above alot of people get those numbers mixed

Anonymous said...

and here is another article like anon at 8:20 posted. it deals with reviews and what must be a payout to one site and not another.


Anonymous said...

(sorry for my spellings)

...whatever it is planted by Nintendo they must have catured SquareEnix and convince them to take their approach back to them.

Remember the times when Square been really pissed off by Nintendo's dession to stick to cattrage-based game medium in Ultra64/Nintendo64? A medium that reality brought in huge amount of cash into Nintendo valt (8bit-16bit era). That's why Nintendo was the No 1 top ranking highest stock being traded in Japan during its "golden years".

The ram chip cost money so some developers hated to do business with Nintendo. But some or maybe all did it anyway coz the chear size of market Nintendo did have. As same as what Sony now has now, thought not becoz of its graphics mostly but thx to the CD-ROM based medium that was choosen on their first game concole unit; PS1.

Well I think it was not that reason that Square choose to leave the relationship with Nintendo a while back ago. That time, they wanted so badly to show the world that with better looking graphics they could make game experience more interresting and vivid inwich it did to some extend. They didn't want a cattrage-based mdeia with a maximum of + 300 Mbit to be in their way to expand business strategy. simply put, they saw a potensiallity in Sony's CDROM-based PS1!

So what I wanted to say is that in the past both Nintendo and Square did a misstake. Nintendo did a ecnomic and Square did a perception one. Both side have undune this misstake. Nintendo by choosing a path for developers to take and more or less trown away the "I can charge how much I wanted to - coz I'm the man" kinda attitude - just like what Apple really was showing its customers in the 80'. Steve Jobs
sailed back to the sinking ship of apples on a Blue Ocean. And I dare not to think otherwise that Hiroshi Yamauchi have wouldn't have dune the same before he finaly left the company.
Becoz what that old man did and that together with others in Nintendo, they had finaly showed the world that game experiences was not just better graphics but the fundemetally chracteristics that really was the force that led milions of peoples around the world to smile - and I think thats what Square now relise...



Moshe_Zew said...

It has a projector. Hence, you can play it anywhere where there is room.
Not in a bus or anything like that but anywhere where there is a wall to project to, for example.
Since Nintendo said that the stand is not a battery, you could still take it anywhere where there is power while still not any TVs.

It can access the hot-spots.
There! Problem solved!

Tortus said...

Este post lo debiste de haber hecho hace 9 meses, kid.

Por cierto, yo no soy ningun chico feo y menos mi blog. Pero no me agüito, estan acostumbrados a los "insiders" y cuando ven algo relacionado con ellos, los tachan de ser falsificadores.
No es mi caso, niño falafel, estas juzgando a un libro por su portada, pero mi blog es unico y diferente. Despues de todo, yo ya tengo mas de un año en esto, yo defini mi estilo, cosa que nadie mas tiene.


daniel said...

Except of course Nintendo spurns the portability of a home console since the GameCube despite having a handle never really was on the move much.

Anonymous said...

i agree that it will be wifi hotspots that will lead the charge in terms of internet for the revolution. the focus will not be on high speed (at home) internet, as most people still do not have high speed internet. I thought I heard around 35-40% of the population has high speed internet (in the US). Those numbers I listed are probably too high. and since nintendo is not supporting high def due to the small numbers of people that have a high def tv, and also due to the added price needed to pull off high def in the revolution, one can conclude that wifi will be the way of the future for nintendo, with high speed at home internet as a side note.

Lf_sIcKmAn said...

IGN just got a hands on report on a Rev DEV Kit! the article sucks but its good to see more info...

here is the link...


Hope it is useful guys!