Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Revolution to be least powerful

This is another one of those slightly cryptic posts, I´m afraid. So read on only if you trust me. At any rate, the following is a fact: Nintendo Revolution will be the least powerful of the three consoles. So much so that games will have to be toned down in order to be ported. However, the controller requires additional programming anyway (which was news to me also), so it´s not any more demanding for the developers. Not much more anyway. And bear in mind that the development of exclusive titles is really helped along by the fact that the hardware is not too heavy. And exclusive titles are what Nintendo needs given the controller, so this strategy does add up. If you still consider the above bad news, allow me to console you (pun intended). Firstly, I just got back from Microsoft´s ´X05´ event in Amsterdam and the Xbox360 games do not look like a quantum leap in graphics either. If Nintendo manages to churn out a performance that is visibly better than the Gamecube, they have already levelled with Microsoft in terms of looks, albeit the tech specs will differ drastically. And secondly, there is a rumour accompanying this fact - and it is that Nintendo may be aiming for a $99 launch price. So good news, altogether.

EDIT Joystiq has now picked up on the story. They seem to have heard the $99 rumour from a different source. At least, they are not citing me.


Anonymous said...

99$ would be nin-tastic!
I dont care about graphics, if they are better then GC graphics, its OK.

Anonymous said...

falfakid is this news coming from an annoymous source, like an industry insider that you talked to, or is just the "word on the street" that you picked up?

Falafelkid said...

Anonymous developer.

Anonymous said...

looks like i'll be getting the revo sonner than a xbox360

hurray nintendo

Anonymous said...

I guess it would make sense for Nintendo to go for an aggressively low retail price to better attract non-gamers and casual gamers, but it just seems too good to be true.

On the other hand, the way hardware prices have dropped since the Cube came out, it would definitely be possible to manufacture a more powerful machine within a reasonable price range...[crosses fingers]

Falafelkid said...

Absolutely right. And they would probably sell well from the start, while being the most attractive platform to develop for. What a combination! This could take them back to the top.

Anonymous said...

99$ ?
Isn't that going to make people think of Rev as some inferior machine (yeah, specs-wise it is, but you know what I mean -the same reason that prevented the GCN from really take an advantage when the price dropped- ) ?

Anyway, better than the GCN is good, and I'm no graphics whore.

Have you seen the TSUNAMI of DS games announced in this week's Famitsu ? Yeah, a real tsunami, there's no other word. No exaggeration here. 2006 is just gonna be awesome for the DS.

PS : Advent Children rocks. ;)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion...the xbox360 games doesn't look like quantum leap in graphics is because the developers haven't gotten used to the console yet. First generation PS2 games looks ugly compared the current generation. Although they are bragging about HD graphics and audio...I'm pretty sure they're going to have to do a lot of compression on their games to fit it in one DVD9 disc. So the graphic quality could suffer or could not.

Jason said...

I have to give some credit to the Xbox 360 games and images that I have seen.

The games pop out like in 3D as the GameCubes graphics. With the original Xbox the games looked really flat not 3d at all.

Falafelkid said...

I just had this thought. If the low price turns out to be true, then Nintendo has created a perfect circle: less hardware means lower development costs means more developer interest and more exclusive titles. This will spark consumer interest, which enables a low price tag, which means the system is likely to sell very well. And this, in turn, leads to an even greater developer interest. It really would all make perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

If it just 99$. Now I know that why this word come in an interview with G4.

"If you are just going to compare the spec sheets and spec numbers, Revolution may not have an equal or higher number as the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. But the fact of the matter is that if people are going to connect our machine and their machine to an ordinary TV set at home and try to compare the differences, I really don't think that they can tell such a huge difference between the machines," ....

**** "And for those other gameplayers who are eager to purchase the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360," said Iwata, "we don't care because we believe they are willing to purchase Revolution as well." ****

It's price just 1/4 of X-box 360 and about 1/8 of Ps3.

And for zedla or just some game you like (yes it play that way). 99$ seem inexpensive.

Ps3 price don't come yet (But ...).

For X-box 360. it seem ... lose in this war again.

Falafelkid said...

Good point. That quote really could be interpreted as paving the way for a low-power, low-price machine, albeit one whose graphics still look great.

Anonymous said...

Could it really be true, or do you only wish it were true? :(

99$ sound too good!

Falafelkid said...

Well, the price tag is a rumour. The hardware is fact.

Anonymous said...

just remember hardware dose not = graphics

I expect revo to be on par with 360 graphically

Never did I in terms of hardware

Anonymous said...

how credibal is this anonymus developer falafelkid?

Anonymous said...


Maybe a more realistic (withing this Rumor) could be $150...

Taking in to account that it will come with a controller and its nunchuk thingy and maybe a controler shell... maybe even a game... and you could say that the console itselve cost $99...

So I feel that if anything... $149.99

Still... that would be to good to be real... but hope it is!

Anonymous said...

If the Micro came out at 99 I sincerely doubt the Rev would too. Hopefully I'm wrong though, that would be the most insane thing ever.

Falafelkid said...

Yeah, I am far from knowing actual tech specs. All that I was told is that the machine has less hardware and was unable to allow straight forward porting from other consoles. mind you, Crytek just revealed about the PS3 that you cannot simply port to the PS3 either because of their weird chip architecture.

Anonymous said...

if u dont belive falafelkid about the revo bing less powerful, iwata said it would be less powerful too in the G4TV interview....

Falafelkid said...

Thanks, good point!

Anonymous said...

I belive that since nintendo are using GCN dev kits they are using the same hardware except for a PPU included that is why it is easy to port over from the GCN.
Originally the remote was intended to just be another perephial for GCN
I think nintendo have found a new easy way to develop games they had that patented technique i belive.

Anonymous said...

iMoron said... Maybe a more realistic (withing this Rumor) could be $150
Revolution will be

It surely under 200$

It least powerful than other.

It not just can't open dvd. but can't open mp3 and other thing but game.

And If Nintendo win this war. Nintendo will get ...
1. Both old and new game developer.
2. Sale old nintendo game on revolution.
3. Sale of extension device. (maybe thing that make revolution play dvd and mp3)
4. Protect And Better sale on DS. (It can connect togeter.)
5. Win sony (*Ps3 seem expensive and if it can't win...* Just this point. I think nitendo ready to reduce revolution price.)

I think nintendo might make it 99$
Even ... yes 150$ more realistic.

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. 99 dollars. you can't be serious.

I'm down with a budget system.. but I mean, at 99 bucks.. obviously gamecube and xbox graphics are great but that's pretty much what we can expect.

i'm actually now absolutely terrified that we won't even get 128 MB of RAM in this thing.

and if this system doesn't have at least 128 MB of RAM then IMO it isn't enough of a jump over GameCube for me and as much as I'm impressed with the controller I wouldn't support nintendo with my money.

shit.. they keep talking up FPS FPS FPS, play your FPS games on Rev America. but your console won't even have enough RAM to run the Unreal Engine 3.0? Get the fuck out of here with that.

Anonymous said...

idk this is just somthing that i have been thinking about...if revo will need to get games toned down, and ps3 needs to get games tweaked, then wouldnt that make the xbox the one in the middle? making it the one consol that gets the most ports/games?

Anonymous said...

Nope. New Developer can't make game on that much (HARD) graphic. so all new will join nintendo or ps3. That both used old developer kit (same way when N64 and that much (HARD) computer language. Vs Sony ps(1) and it's developer kit.)

For old developer.
Toned down is easy than tweaked.
But for x-box 360. And it's new 3D system. it's new 3 core cpu. It hard to ports.

Revolution concept is some thing like.
-game make for human's joy. Not picture of game. So better console is console that make more joy not better picture or spec.-

Think outside the box

If picture or spec is "the box" that ms and sony in.

NOT wow that picture , oh! it's multi function or yes! it support HD tv.
*more joy ... do you see Revolution ad ? and you think you will joy it ? ... That revolution.

Anonymous said...

As RobotPlague mentioned above, a $99 price tag for the Rev is very unlikely, as thats what the micro sells for. Furthermore, every previous Nintendo system has sold for $200, not to mention Nintendo's affinity for large profit margins. So, I fully expect the Rev to sell for $200 at launch. (Not that I'm against a $99 Rev, that would ROCK)

With the now confirmed lower specs (perhaps much lower), I think its safe to assume that Nintendo has put more emphasis into other areas of the console. Maybe there really is a way of achieving great graphics with less hardware using cube mapping, NURBS, or some other technique. Or maybe, just maybe, not everything revolutionary about the Rev has been announced yet. Personally, I'm still hoping that the Rev will be portable somehow.

Whatever Nintendo has in store for us, I'm sure it'll great fun and more than likely successful too.

Anonymous said...

if nintendo wants to go ultra-budget they can shoot for $179 or something.

but damn at $99 that chipset wouldn't be too hot.

i don't care if it's anywhere as powerful as the other two, but i want a good healthy leap over Cube and Xbox.

hopefully it's at least around 1.6 ghz with a good bit of ram. i mean, it's SDTV so they don't need to go crazy, but i'd like to see some get up and go in the thing

Shoxware Games said...

I think all of you forget about the "Cube-Mapping" Technology. A spokesperson of Nintendo said, the Controller-Remote was only Revolution 2 of 4. Number three will be the new online-system, and number four will be graphics technology, i'm sure. Don't get too upset about that.

Besides, ATI won't ruin their image by releasing a bad graphics chip. Iwata said, that there will be no difference when you compare the real graphics of all 3 consoles. It's not always up to the raw specs of a system. And... Nintendo also downplayed the GameCube's Technology, and we've had the second-strongest system. Nintendo will absolutely NOT release a not state-of-the-art system. This is considered fact. And remember Iwata's words... When you see the Revolutions graphics you will say WOW! And he did not mean "Wow, how bad...".

I think $ 99 is a little unrealistic. I guess it will be at a 199 $ Launchprice.

I am also a developer from germany, but i do NOT claim i know anything, because i don't!

Anonymous said...

you expect them to sell a console for the same price as a gameboy micro?

Anonymous said...

I eat the poop of the monkey

Anonymous said...

The rev won't be 99$. This is only speculation. Until we get a press release from Nintendo, none of this is fact.

We've heard that the Rev will be the less powerfull of the next gen. But that's the only thing we know for now. We have no numbers and no specs.

Take a deep breath and wait until we get the real info at E3 2006.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its least powerful but remember!

1) Its not HD-tv resolution so it doesnt need so much powers..

2) PS2 its least powerful of all current and its still poppular :D

3) Even 3 times power of GC would be jawdropping. Think game that is atleast 3 times more graphically better than RE4! and the ninty said that it will be more powerful than 3 times!

I cant wait for revo.


Anonymous said...

Revoution 3 times as powerful as GameCube...Great. PS3 and 360 what can i say, what they are trying to do graphpicly i've been doing on my pc already. so they really don't impress me at all

my point, you want superduper graphics get a pc if you want fun nintendo probly will deliver

dam all graphics hores

Anonymous said...

actually not everyone can afford super awsome comuputers with awsome graphics cards, and tons of ram and so on, i know ur gona say that ps3 is just as much as a computer, this is true but $500 cant get u a computer with graphics that good....and the only games that are any good on pc are some rpgs and fps's anyway..i realy hate pc gaming

Shoxware Games said...
"I think all of you forget about the "Cube-Mapping" Technology. A spokesperson of Nintendo said, the Controller-Remote was only Revolution 2 of 4. Number three will be the new online-system, and number four will be graphics technology, i'm sure. Don't get too upset about that. "

when was all this said? i dont remeber....source plz? and what was the 1st revoultion if controller was the 2nd?

Anonymous said...

"I think all of you forget about the "Cube-Mapping" Technology. A spokesperson of Nintendo said, the Controller-Remote was only Revolution 2 of 4. Number three will be the new online-system, and number four will be graphics technology, i'm sure. Don't get too upset about that."

Please do show us the source where u seen or read a Nintendo rep has said that. I don't recall reading that anywhere. I don't even recall Nintendo mentioning or confirming "Cube-Mapping" in any interview either.

Shoxware Games said...

Jim Merrick of NoE said that more "Revolutions" are still to come.

Also Nintendo Patented the Cube-Mapping Technology, alongside NURBs Tech. But that's all speculation.

Anonymous said...

99 dollars doesn't make any sense.

in order to emulate gamecube games the system would need to be about 5 times more powerful wouldn't it?

so if it isn't.. i guess that means they would go for a hardware emulation set up.. like where PS2 used the original main PSOne cpu as a sound chip.

if the 99 dollar price is legit what would nintendo be releasing? a gamecube with like 64MB of ram instead of 24? an overclocked flipper with more pipes and a larger framebuffer?

seems unrealistic for the money nintendo has spent on R&D.

Anonymous said...

To Emulate a system takes much power because you have to fake having the same compatable hardware.

However, if you built the system similar enough using hardware that is better but 100% compatiable to the Gamecube then you wouldn't be emulating, but just running the Cube software off of the Revolution hardware.

This actually supports the idea of cheaper less powered system.

It will be easy for Nintendo to create a CPU that is more powerful than the Cube but is completely compatiable. This means no multithreading or anything, just a simple CPU structure that is similar to the gamecube.

Then all Nintendo has to do is up the RAM and it can have a system easily more powerful than the Cube at $99-$150.

Heck, I would be happy with a CPU that is only 2-3 times the power of a Gamecube, more RAM and a low end PPU chip. Heck, drop the PPU...for $99 dollars I will take budget gaming over high-end power any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

whats does a ppu do?

Anonymous said...

As they work with IBM it's clear that the CPU will be a PowerPC core again. So why should they have to emulate anything? Even the GPU is built by ATI again. So i don't think there should be a problem with that. The older games from N64 and SNES and so on can easily be emulated as that can be done by every pc by now.
But i'm wondering how Microsofts manages that problem, as the original XBox had a slightly downgraded Pentium III (some people call it more a tuned Celeron) and the Xbox 360 has a triple-core PowerPC... Has anyone tried to run Windows and a game on a Macintosh via an emulator? Would be surprised if that runs smooth... Sure, they don't need to emulate a whole Windows. And perhaps they can make use of the parallelized architecture somehow but i really doubt that.

Anyway, 99 bucks for the Rev would be great, but i consider it being unrealistic. But i'm sure it will be very well balanced, even if it doesn't put out graphics like PS3 and XB360.

To the one above:
PPU: Physics processing unit
This thing calculates physics. Could be very interesting indeed.

Shoxware Games said...

Oh, and to anonymus who asked what Revolution one was...

The Virtual Console with the NES, SNES, N64 and GCN games.

Anonymous said...

To 1:57 PM anonymous.

in order to emulate gamecube games the system would need to be about 5 times more powerful wouldn't it?

**-no if you remember bleem! it run at 150mhz+3D card (call voodoo) or 200 mhz (ps(1) run at 133 mhz) the defferent is for windows and it's program-**

if the 99 dollar price is legit what would nintendo be releasing? a gamecube with like 64MB of ram instead of 24? an overclocked flipper with more pipes and a larger framebuffer?

**-no NGC cost reduce every day (as same as ps2 and x-box) so same cost of NGC to day nintendo can make it better-**

Revolution have long time deverlop (As you can see small ps and small ps2 it's size can tell and it prize reduce).

Still 99 dollar seem unrealistic not for cpu or gpu (R520 faster than other but not sure it's R520 on revolution). But for 3d motion cencer.

normal dvd + slow cpu + good gpu (still ok for 99$ but ...) + 3d motion cencer ... unrealistic

fact inexpensive meen many limit. But sure that it's long time deverlop. and some one form nintendo say that it will under 200$

Anonymous said...

Umm... lest see... a bit of history should help us analize this cenario...

Remember when nintendo realeased the GameBoy Advance... The thing was basicaly a SuperNES... It had the GameBoy withing (small and cheap chipset) alongside the new GBA harware... and it was realeased for about $150... if my memory doesn't fail me... I got it the first day! It is easy to program for... Reason why there are so many games for it!

Well the thing is that maybe they have focuz on updating the hardware in a way that they can focuz more on the inportant aspects of gaming, from the ease of development to the well valance hardware... and the new interface and the tools to utilize it.

So, instead of comming up with a wierd CPU on steoids, that programers will need to use crak to start to undestand how to use it a little, Nintendo has made a familiar CPU with the proper tools, to allow programers to focuz on the GAMES instead of the hardware... adding the posibillity to/for emerging developers to enter the industry with frech new ideas...

And there is already a Gamecube 2 actualy... it is caled the Tryforce, or something like that... for the arcades... As far as I can recall it had more memory... and... I forgot what else... but the I dea was the same, make a well valance platform that is easy to develop for, and could handel many types of games with the same hardware (inportand in the arcade since arcades change much)... So the Revolution might be less powerfull to the same fools that like to buy Hommers even thouth it only looks tough:

What I am comming at is that Nintendo ain't no fool when it comes to desing and afortabillity... thougt they have made mistakes... they are definetly not perfect, but they do analazy the market of GaminG...

Don't know if I manage to say anything... But anyway...

Anonymous said...

I love how you post this news as if it new....
I used to believe you...You just ruined it...posting all this old news, claiming you are giving us more info.

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm so sorry! I didn't mean that on this blog. So sorry for my stipidity!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I have a friend who works for Camelot Software, and according to him, Revolution features 1 billion megabytes of embedded 1T-SRAM and its ATI-designed graphics chip runs both at 1.2 gigawatts and is simultaneously able to travel back to 1955 whenever it clocks speeds beyond 88 miles per hour. Spread the word!"
-Matt C.

$99 is very unrealistic. Besides the things listed already, it would be horrible for business. They would make a much greater profit by selling it for $200, even if it costs less than $99 to make. Nintendo is still a business, and there is a reason why they've been in the game so long.

Anonymous said...

If it costs about $99 to make revolution. Nintendo have a reason to sale it at 99$

If it 99$ Nintendo will sale it to maney people

1. Nintendo have new game like mario and zelda on it and on sale same time when revolution is on sale.

2. Nintendo can sale old game. It's just license. And this time his maket come to your bed room.

3. Nintendo can sale old cube game that have low benefit on cube.

**Reduce price not mean reduce total benefit.

Anonymous said...

tri-force is a gamecube with 48 MB of 1T-SRAM.

and thanks to the people who set me straight about the emulation questions.

i just hope nintendo doesn't skimp on RAM. like it's cool not to have as much as the other two b/c it's less expensive.. but Iwata said they want to be home to both 'big budget masterpieces' and simpler games. His words, not mine.

So let's hope it's at least around 128 to 256 MB.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this "cube-mapping" is going to be that big of a deal. Those fanboys who was speculating and making BS up and keep mentioning cube-mapping as one of the main features of the revolution cracks me up with that one...haha

Anonymous said...

$99 eh? is that us dollars if so thats $130 where im from there is no way on earth in this life time or next it will cost that much thats only 30 bucks more than a game as i recall the SNES cost $200 N64 $400 GC $350 at launch and revo for $130 in your dreams at a realistic price i would say $300 thats $227 us dollars.Mayb $200us if were lucky but it wont take to long to drop down to that price

Falafelkid said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for all your comments. About Xbox360 architecture and backwards compatibility: There was word going around at X05 that the console will only be compatible with a few select Xbox titles. There was no official word on this, though. Incidentally, there were also rumours that the Xbox would not be able to output a true 1080 HD signal, but that it was only scaled up. So much for HD - if this turns out to be true. Anyway, I wonder if all of you have read my comments about ´Cube Mapping´. The same developer told me that there was no miracle programming technique. But, as most of you, I do expect the graphics to be on par with the other consoles. Just look at Xbox360 games. With the next generation, the generation gap has become a lot smaller. Bear that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Art-X is developing the GPU for Revolution.Art-X did a great job on the Gamecube GPU as seen in games like Resident Evil 4,Rebel Strike,Metroid Prime,etc.-probably the best looking games of this generation ! The name of the GPU - Hollywood - suggests that there really could be something behind it!Let's not forget that Ati delivers both GPUs and with the 360 launching much sooner than Revolution it could very well be that Art-X will somehow use the knowledge of the 360 team and make it better or mix it with their own ideas in a smarter way to get better performance!

Anonymous said...

Xbox360 Sale at 299$ (core system set)

It support HD dvd.
It have faster cpu. (3 core cpu)
It have R500 gpu.
It have harddisk interface. (But not install)
It have more own reserve game.
It have usb controller that can play on pc.
It can open movie player even HD dvd movie.
It can open and rip mp3. (likely wma)
It can open pictures.

By this revolution "must" under 299$

Satoru Iwata (Nintendo's President) say X-box 360 Still too expensive. (So it must visible different) Same time he say revolution must be affordable for non-gamers as well. (May be it *than* very unrealistic price ... maybe)

He also say that it will 3 time faster than cube.

I think 175-200$ will it. But 99$ is some thing make me forgot X-box 360 , halo and it multi function. I will buy it any way no consider.

Shoxware Games said...

Satoru Iwata NEVER stated, that the console will be 3 times faster then GameCube.

A question Falafelkid: Do you know, if there is only one processor in the machine or maybe two?

Do you know, how many publishers will develop (are developing) for the Revolution? Is your anonymus source a developer of a Revolution game?

Falafelkid said...

Hi Shoxware Games. You are right. Iwata never said anything about "two to three times as powerful" That was Perrin Kaplan, apparently. Anyway, my source is from a company that is developing for the Revolution, but to be honest: I am not that close to discuss specifics with him. I don´t know any tech specs, nor any official info about pricing. So I have no word on developer support, other than what has been pledged already. But most companies are ´in´, aren´t they? Even EA promised big support after they saw the controller.

Anonymous said...

Good article on why Nintendo is smarter than you think:

Anonymous said...

^^^ It is a great read.

Anonymous said...

Okay! Quick and easy English lesson!

You don't say "It have.."

You say "It has.."

I'm not ragging on you either dude, but you've obviously spent some time learning English and I just want to help you get a little better at it.

Anonymous said...

im curious how you can suport and/or where you got the idea of 100$ for launch
please reply!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This just in:


Anonymous said...

... concerning the price... and the fact that the Gameboy Micro cost $99...

I think some are forgetting that by the time the Revolution gets finaly realeased the GB Micro will get a drop in price... like $20 or $30...

And maybe actual realease date for the Revolution could be around this time next year... at least over at the Nintendo forums one of the moderators aludes to that in the thread about HD...

There is a good chance of the revolution to cost $150 "if" Nintendo is willing to take a loos on the console, like the other 2 are going to do...

If it were to go for $99 it will take many of guard... Still I feel that wont be the case... Then again... The GB Advance SP was for a wile at the same price as the GameCube... and now the GB Micro cost the same as the GC... I think that the GC will come to cost the same as the GBA SP againg this chrismas... This is all speculation on my part.

Falafelkid said...

To the last anonymous poster: You´re a kid. Go play elsewhere. This site is for adults.

To Imoron: Good points. I myself don´t think a $99 launch price is viable at all. But $149 is a possibility, given that all Nintendo systems so far launched at $199, right? Also, without bloated hardware specs a lower price is managable. And, finally, as you say, by the time the system comes out, the handhelds will have dropped in price significantly.

People don´t understand that the handhelds are in a totally different market. Nintendo owns that market, while they are fiercely competing on the home console market. This makes for completely different price strategies: milk the former, compete on the latter.

Falafelkid said...

And to the penultimate anonymous guy: please read before posting.

Anonymous said...

How is it a fact if there haven't been and info on how powerful the console is and no proof. So how can it be a fact that it will be the least powerful?

Anonymous said...

Because Iwata said so on a G4 interview. Read IGN.

Metaldave said...

Lets not worry about the Revolution being less powerful. Word has it that Resident Evil 5 is "yet" to be annouced for the Revolution and we all have seen how incredible that game is going to look! Capcom would not make this game for a system that was really under powered, they know it would take away from the experience and people wouldn't buy the game. Nintendo knows that graphics are important, if it wasn't for graphics the Gamecube would have totally failed; I mean c'mon that is really all that the system had going for it, sorry to say. It didn't have style or a new way to play games either. Nintendo has learned from their mistakes and is taking this new system very seriously. Put it this way, if a developer makes a game for all platforms and doesn't want to use the Revolution's "free hand" controller and opts for the classic shell controller to play and then add to that the graphics on the Revolution version look noticeably worse than the competition, people are not going to buy that game. Since Nintendo has learned from their mistakes like I said before, I really don't believe this is going to happen.

Yes, both the PS3 and 360 will be advertised as being a lot more powerful but when people see the games on the Revolution in comparison to the other systems and THEN they see the price tag being hundreds less, I think a lot of those ones will not think twice about buying a Revolution. Nintendo is really not worried about the graphics for the new system because they know that they had made a machine that will look great on a regular TV and know that they have a controller that is really cool and not intimidating to use. I forget which Nintendo rep said it but it was a strong statement: "We will show the world exactly what a Next-Generation console should be like." Not word for word but close. What do you think of when you think about a next generation system? Awesome graphics and brand new ways to play videogames. A next gen system should seem futuristic and foreign but cool and interesting at the same time. Nintendo knows that graphic whores will absolutely not buy their system if it has the power of a souped up Gamecube with a new controller, heck I might think twice myself.

Next Gen is a combination of both worlds. In a FPS using Nintendo's Free hand controller how are you going to feel "in" the game if the game doesn't look real too? Controlling games is going to feel real and Nintendo knows that they have to make it look real as well to give the full effect on everyone who plays it. Its a killer combination that I think Nintendo knows they have to capitalize on. Besides George Harrision said that the Revolution is going to be more powerful than people think. This has to be a marketing move as well. I think we just might see some trailers of games coming out on the Revolution just before the 360 launches, to suprise everyone with how much they underestimated the system. Mario Kart Online is awesome but it is not enough to steal some much needed thunder from Microsoft. Nintendo stole a lot of Microsofts thunder at TGS with just the controller. No one in Japan was talking 360 after that show, and that was Microsoft's chance to make a splash there. They failed.

How about this example: Japanese gamers love inovation and interactivity right? Not that we don't, but just look at how the DS is killing the PSP there! It has less graphics but more innovation. Now in the US the PSP and DS are neck and neck despite the DS having a 5 month head start. Innovation is proving to be good but not enough to stand over the PSP in the US. People look at graphics much more closely here and want the best looking thing they can get their hands on. PSP in the US is a success because of this and just about only this.

Nintendo for Japan: Show the controller.

Nintendo for America: Show the graphics and bells and whistles of the system.

They are half way there! Just a little while longer and we will see the great games that Nintendo has been hiding to complete the effect of imagining playing this awesome new system in all its glory.

Sorry for the long post, but I think we all need to sit back and think about all the reasons why Nintendo is doing what they're doing. In the meantime lets enjoy our DS's since it has become a very meaty system....

Anonymous said...

''i think you are on crack

all nintendo consoles lunched at nothing more $200''

Thunder Emperor u are on crack and then some in my country the n64 cost $400 not that u would know anything about it

Anonymous said...

DANG CUBE MAPPING! Will it ever stop?

Cube mapping is nothing more than Cubic QuicktimeVR with polygon clipping.

The camera can rotate but cannot really move inside a scene. At best, I can see it being used for very specific scenes in Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess, like the inside of a very detailed church with a fixed point of view for example. Kind of like some parts of Zelda: OOT on the n64 but with polygons that can get hidden behind some parts of the cubic panoramic scene.

Anonymous said...

Every thing have first time.
Nintendo been show us D-Pad. it's first itme on console.
Ninetndo been show us Top bottom. it's first itme on console.
Nintendo been show us analog. it's first itme on console.
Nintendo been show us multi size bottom. it's first itme on console.
Nintendo been show us Revolution's remode. it's first itme on console.

Why nintendo can't show us unbelieveable price ?
(And it must under 299 anyway.)

Falafelkid said...

Hi. I´d have to support Thunder_Emperor on this one. I think it´s highly doubtful that the N64 cost $400 anywhere on this planet. Where do you live, Anonymous. And wehile you´re at it: What the hell are multi size bottoms? Sounds naughty ;P

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is Offtopic, but how can i insert a picture as my blog's name?

Like your Revo Dockstation and the name under it? I don't get that!

Please help me!!!

Anonymous said...

button ... not bottoms ... sorry

Falafelkid said...

Hi Raven. Don´t tell, but I simply copied that HTML paragraph from someone´s blog. In fact, I copied it from Osoko Tanaka. Just look for the header paragraph, paste it into your HTML editor and insert the appropriate picture.

Anonymous said...

$99.00 is an insane pricetag, but if they can pull it off, it'd make me happy.
The graphics aren't everything but I think they could go for $150 and have decently better hardware. Just so they can have prettier games, or zippy framerates.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Akira Rasta-man. I´m with you. I prefer Cube graphics over any other current-gen platform. The fantastic light effects you can see in F-Zero, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury or in Metroid Prime (particularly the Charge Beam effect) are unrivalled on PS2 or Xbox. Nintendo is about providing a complete graphical experience and this is exactly what I felt lacking in the Xbox360 games on show at the X05. The resolution was pretty good, but there were so many things missing. It felt like looking at a PC game with no anti-aliasing and no proper light maps.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt that Revolution will be on par with XB360 and PS3. Sure, they said similar things about the Cube (like the story of 9 million Polygons per sec, while MS stated to get 150 out of a Pentium III with a GeForce 3... hell, i must get the stuff they smoked the day before...). But Nintendo just said too often it wouldn't be.

But apart from that i do ask myself if that really matters. Sony has a machine no one can handle at this time. Like with the PS2 in the beginning, when the first games like Ridge Racer didn't use the vector-processing units, simply because they didn't really know how to. I think that wasn't a smart move and they seem to repeat that.
Microsoft wants to push HD by all matters and by now i've read several articles stating that the machine isn't really prepared for the higher HD-modes.
So i think Nintendos Move isn't too bad. I, personally, like a well balanced small machine that might be somewhat underpowered from time to time much better than a number-crunching beast with processors that lie around relaxing all day because no one managed it to give them tasks. And i think only because the numbers that MS an Sony are throwing at us might be - let's say - twice as high as the numbers the Rev will eventually have, that doesn't mean the graphics will be twice as good.
Well, 'good' is a pretty good keyword. What is good? I think that graphics will depend much more on graphic-artist in the future than in the past. We have reached polygon-counts that allow us to see only few pixels represented by one polygon. I really really doubt that there would be a significant difference for my eye in two running games, one with 150 and the other one with 200 mio polygons.
To put things like lighting, reflections, real shadows and surface effects as well as bump mapping to the right places in a game will be far more important than pure processing power. And that's a task for artists. I think the benefit of having fast machines will not make the great difference Sony and MS hope, although we surely will see a little difference.

Well, we'll see...

PS.: Danke für diesen Blog Falafelkid. Endlich mal jemand, der auch Spekulationen postet und diese dann auch klar als solche markiert.

Anonymous said...

Hey... Maybe the kid is rigth about the $400 price tag where he lives... remember he's talking about HIS curency... In mexico for example $1 US dollar is the same as $12 Pesos... Althoug am not shure rigth now... I haven't see the exchange rates... In Dominican Republic it is about $20 "Pesos Dorados" (or something like that) to a $1 US... and they don't get paid $100 "Peso Dorados" an hour...

A (one) Britich Pound is about $1.50 US...
An (one) Euro is about $1.35 US...

Meybe he is from south america...

And consider that for them to get some money they usualy have to work harder... so iven to aford $99 US comodity in their country could mean a week or even two weeks salary...

And usualy thing from other counties get inflated in price as well... with taxes, shiping... etc.

The economies are on crack... not him...

Anonymous said...

@ Falafelkid

Iwata said on the E3-press-conference:
"When you turn on revolution and see the graphics, you will say `wow´!"

Also NINTENDO said, that the whole revolution-puzzle isn`t showen to us.

So, don`t you think, that there is a technik (like cube-mapping?) that hasn`t announced yet? Or have you heared a rumour in this direction?

Anonymous said...

@falafelkid: what did this developer exactly say? That the specs will be lower or that they'll have to downgrade the graphics? Do you even realize how much power HD demands? I guess Revolution's specs will be Xbox360 or PS3 minus the power needed for HD. That would mean the exact same graphics with lower resolution.

Anonymous said...

btw could you tell us a little more about this developer? How many games are they developing for Revolution? Is it a developer that normally doesn't make games for a Nintendo console?

I'm not asking for a hint, but a clue about the 3rd party support for Revolution.

Anonymous said...

stabby i dont think he ment the revos gona be down graded i think he just ment they werent going for a beast of a consol..

and exactly how much power does hd actually require? i never thought about that

Anonymous said...

$99 I must be halucinating. Thats unpossible. But yeah I'm not expecting the PS3 or 360 killer. But none of that may matter when the games start coming out.

Radar11x said...

Very unlikly,
lets be for real, if they can tag it at $99 then its @$%!#$, Hey im a nintendo fan but thats just crazy
and I hope the Revolution is At least
5x more powerful then the GameCube,
For Nintendo's sake.

Anonymous said...

in australia the n64 launched for a price of $400 aud snes $200 nds $200 ps1 about $700 xbox $700 roughly thunder again i dont expect u to know anything thou lol

Anonymous said...

$99??? No freaking way could that ever be true. The Micro & DS cost more than $99. This is obviously phoney-baloney.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

''Hey... Maybe the kid is rigth about the $400 price tag where he lives... remember he's talking about HIS curency... In mexico for example $1 US dollar is the same as $12 Pesos... Althoug am not shure rigth now... I haven't see the exchange rates... In Dominican Republic it is about $20 "Pesos Dorados" (or something like that) to a $1 US... and they don't get paid $100 "Peso Dorados" an hour...

A (one) Britich Pound is about $1.50 US...
An (one) Euro is about $1.35 US...

Meybe he is from south america...

And consider that for them to get some money they usualy have to work harder... so iven to aford $99 US comodity in their country could mean a week or even two weeks salary...

And usualy thing from other counties get inflated in price as well... with taxes, shiping... etc.

The economies are on crack... not him...''

haha not a kid 24 actually but sometimes the curency was bad but not as bad as a 3rd world like south america fuck that for a joke what im saying is 99 us dollars =$130au and never in hostory has a console been launched at that price
not even a handheld so just stop dreaming about a $99 price tag

Anonymous said...

To Stabby :
That time game like final fantasy 7 plan to make for N64. But price of N64's media is too hight. Developer need money so thay move to sony ps(1).

Same time contract have been make. So nintendo's console developer are all gone.

But that time have pass. Developer endure hard to make 128bit ps2. Think now thay don't like sony.

Clus is DS have more game than PSP. Even it's easy to move game form ps to psp. (I not talk about GBA that like SNES and as easy to move as PSP it's not same time ... and all final fantasy 1,2,4-6 are move to gba. while ff3 is remake in 3D on DS)

I don't know how it will but if it only 99$ and play that way. It's ok for me to buy it and play only zelda and mario.

I will look forword to winner of ps3 and x-box360. And buy one of then too. If revolution have really less game.

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure the Revo will be least powerfull but that doesnt mean the graphics will be rubbish, it should be on par with 360 and for the $99 price tag wow thats just insane if you ask me, maybe 150 or 180 but not 99 thats crazy even doh its better for us because we get it for cheap what about profit.

Anonymous said...

i know bits don't matter anymore, but how many bits are ps3 and xbox360?

Anonymous said...

I think they don't matter so much that we aren't even given this information anymore.

Anonymous said...

I sure one thing. If you wish to make a game for ps3 you must ....

Kutaragi has said, ‘Please develop suitable software for PS3 - this software must not be of the same standard as PS2 software.’ Developing software for the PS3 from scratch will require an initial investment of at least 2 billion yen [US $17.6 million] [not including development costs]

Also sony lose about 100$ each ps3. So each ps3 game MUST add some price ... to restore that lose money. Even that ps3 will be THE MOSE EXPENSIVE of 3.

Remember "I can buy X-box360 after all other lunch". microsoft might reduce X-box360 price that time.

Anonymous said...

"A (one) Britich Pound is about $1.50 US...
An (one) Euro is about $1.35 US..."

not even! £1=$1.76 and €1=$1.212

just to put you right there.

Anonymous said...

about the whole bit thing....what exactly do more bits do? can som1 explain?

Anonymous said...

GameCube isn't capable of normal mapping as it seems but that's the only thing missing compared to xbox and personaly I find that normal mapping makes the visuals appear a little static and plastic-like!I have yet to see a game that matches the perfect balance that Resident Evil 4 achived between its' artistic and technical approach!a talented artist for example can make a character look a lot more realistic or stylish than a less talented artist under the same conditions!So you can have as many polygons on screen at once as you want but at the end of the day it is a matter of what you do with them or how you use them!If you compare Metroid Prime with Halo you could say well,halo has bump-mapping and better textures but does that make it ultimately more beautiful ? Not for me ! because if you compare the detail,the architecture,the level- and character-design there is no doubt or denying that Prime has a lot more going for it ! The whole world in Prime is connected seemlessly, everything is more complex and vibrant and the levels feel much more alive!In Halo you just keep runnig through the same static corridors over and over again or you hide behind some big bump-mapped rocks in out-door environments!never ever is there as much variety or as much atmosphere present in Halo! Conclusion : Retro Studios obviously had better artists than Bungie that were able pull it off! Greetz from Munich!

Anonymous said...

I only owned a PS2 this generation.

I'm so used to shitty graphics, glitchy clipping, and painful jaggies that if Nintendo re-released the N64, smeared shit on it, and packed in Rob the Robot I'd probably be amazed at it's graphic prowess.

Anonymous said...

This "Its all about the gameplay" approach that Nintendo is taking is a smart move, but I can't help but feel that its been said so much that it has become cliche, and has lost meaning for a lot of people. Graphics are an important and attractive element of video games. I'll admit it, games that look good are more likely to get my attention. But when I really think about it, what I'm most excited about in the next gen is not the graphics, but the new gameplay that the technology will allow.

For example, with MGS4, yes, its beautiful, theres no denying that, but I'm excited more by the fact that facial expressions, etc. will allow the game a more emotional and cinematic experience. So, while the graphics can in some situations actually enhance gameplay, its not the graphics themselves that I'm excited about, its the new gameplay.

To take more examples, it's not really the graphics that gets me excited about games like Spore, The Movies, etc., its the new gameplay elements. And with games like The Sims, Black & White, and Fable, it wasn't the graphics that sold these games, it was the gameplay.

If you can see beyond the cliche, it becomes obvious that gameplay really is the most important aspect of video games, and no doubt Nintendo will bring new gameplay in this coming gen. After the 'shock and awe' of PS3 graphics wares off, gameplay will rule the day, and Nintendo will be sittin' pretty.

Jonathan G. Cohen said...

The notion that Revolution will launch at $99 is almost laughable.

Anonymous said...

$99.... flafelkid why even bother
thats at least how much it will cost to make

Anonymous said...

Actually, they do quote you:
'Nintendo may be aiming for a $99 launch price.'

Anonymous said...

The controller alone is worth 99$ so how on earth can it be that cheap?I think it will cost 250-300$.I hope they won't sell it as cheap as GameCube because as we all know the price had a bad impact on the minds of the people : they thought and still think that GameCube is inferior to PS2 and XBOX.I know that was probably not the only reason why the other consoles were more successfull but definetely one of them.It surely also had to do with the toy like look of the shell and the not-so-mature launch line-up so I would say it was a combination of those three elements.I really can't imagine a cotroller like this and chips that go by the names of "Hollywood" and "Broadway" allowing the console to be that cheap it just sounds to good to be that cheap.Think of Apple products: quite expensive but still very attractive!They should really make it a little bit more expensive because that would fit with the more sophisticated design of the console so that people don't think that it is a toy or something if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

The CPUs aren't going to be used to boost the graphics guys.

It's for AI and physics too.

Either way.. I pretty much expect Rev to sell decently for a few years and then tail off sharply. Hopefully it will sell well enough initially to get sustained software support.

But the reality is, once the other systems go through their price drops and hit those mass market prices, it's over.

And it looks like Microsoft is going to trump Nintendo's DL service before it even gets off the ground with the Live Arcade, which will actually feature new games made by all kinds of people, instead of just Nintendo games.

Sucks for me to say it, but Xbox360 is everything I want Nintendo's Revolution to be (well except for 60 bucks a year to actually play games online and it's missing the controller)

Anonymous said...

who ever said that the controllers would be $100 on thier own? use some common sense here..if nintendo wants you to buy more than one controller for some games they're gona price it say a controller costs around $30

Anonymous said...

You have to consider that the remote will come bundled with a modificated wavebird controller for classic-style games where the remote is supposed to fit in,and judging by the technology featured in the remote controller alone it is not very 'plausibel' that it will be as cheap as you say!

Anonymous said...

Still, it won't be 99$.

Anonymous said...

Okay, perhaps more like 50$-70$,but surely not 30$!

Anonymous said...

50$ seems more likely.
Nintendo has always focused a lot on multiplayer. They won't shoot themselves in the foor with a too expensive controller that would refrain people from buying their games.

Anonymous said...

When we talk about games I think it will be very important for Nintendo to introduce new IPs because Mario and the gang seems to get old.I am not saying that they should leave their best selling franchises behind but I think it is time for some new Nintendo characters to get in the spotlight.New heroes that should reflect and express the importance of mature audiences and most of all their new design philosophy!they have to understand that it is easier to appeal to specific audiences than to all audiences!For example why do you think Metroid Prime 2 wasn't as good or as epic as the first one?the awnser is quite easy:a handful of the most talented engineers and artists left Retro after the first one was finished!and why?because they worked 4 years on Metroid Prime and were tired of the franchise and remember that Retro had three or four original projects in the making before they were forced to develop Metroid so everything went according to plan and they were able to pull it off with the first one and you have to understand that while it was kind of a let down for them to leave their other projects behind they were probably still very excited and kurious perhaps even honored to bring such a beloved franchise back to live in full 3D.They probably thought that after Metroid they were going to be able to continue with their original projects that were on ice as they had envisioned and that is the point because that was never going to happen!So Nintendo stepped in once again and told them to do another one and that was probably too much for those talented individuals that went through so much pain to give us perhaps the best game of this generation.So they simply refused to stay and went along!I know that some of the big talent was still intact with the second one but recently I heard that David'Zoid'Kirsch among others if I recall correctly have also left Retro by now and that is quite sad if you ask me!I really have my doubts that Metroid Prime 3 will hold on to the expectaions.Same thing with Silicon Knights.Very talented developer, everything went allright with Eternal Darkness even if it wasn't a big success but they were going to do Too Human for GameCube but then after a meeting that was held in japan between Denis Dyack and Nintendo, Denis had to tell his team that they were going to do Metal Gear Solid remake and not Too Human.Again Nintendo forced a developer to do what they thought was right ignoring their own ideas and vision!And see what happened :Too Human only for Bill Gates and J Allard!Nintendo really needs new and exciting characters and worlds!They have to come up with a 1st party game that has mature themes but not necessarly in the form of violence because that would send a signal to developers like Valve and Id that they would not be alone in their approach to reach a mature market on that system which clearly wasn't the case with GameCube!Greetz from Munich

Anonymous said...

Wow Thunder Emperor. Way to completely misunderstand me.

I gave props to Nintendo's free online service. Re-read your own post where you quoted me and I'm sure you'll get it right the second time.

And I don't know what you're talking about with third parties.

EA sports will not be Revolution, period. Maybe MVP and Tiger woods, but that's it. But of course someone will dig up that quote about EA talking about how excited they are about the controller.

Listen up folks.. EA would release their games on a toilet-bowl with a screen if they thought it would sell. EA's just gonna put like another 8 versions of Medal of Honor on Revolution.

And to the guy above me, jesus christ man.. have you EVER heard of paragraphs? if you're going to write an essay, at least make it readable.

Anonymous said...

why doesn't everyone keep assuming the controller will be very expensive?

isn't all the technology already existing and licensed from gyration? the same gyration that nintendo is a significant shareholder in?

Anonymous said...

Come on. Live Arcade's a joke compared to Revolution's back catalog.
I mean, seriously. How can a bunch of games coming out of nowhere rival something like 20 years of Nintendo games ?

Quality and quantity-wise, this is just impossible.

Anonymous said...

"You have to consider that the remote will come bundled with a modificated wavebird controller for classic-style games where the remote is supposed to fit in,and judging by the technology featured in the remote controller alone it is not very 'plausibel' that it will be as cheap as you say! "

yea but even if it is bundeled with a shell thats still all it is....a shell, they wont be that hard/expensive to make, all the technology is in the remote

Anonymous said...

yes, but there is good news: according to G4 TV, the xbox 360 graphics aren't that spectacular, and have many questioning how much better the next gen microsoft system is compared to the xbox

Anonymous said...

well my comments on xbox live arcade were sort of on the idea that they are actually making new games, instead of just offering older ones.

but you guys have a point.. i should wait and see what games nintendo throws out there, and if they get third party games on board. releasing brand new SNES style games would make me flip out though.. that would rock.

but i think MS is going to try and get cool games on xbox live arcade this time around, sort of as an incentive to get people to buy the hard drive.

i do agree with the comments that live arcade games are overpriced for what they are, but i don't think the service should be dismissed outright until more content shows up. remember, they have a 5-7 year console life to get indie games on the service.

also, i don't think i share the optimism of some posters on this blog that they "WaveBird-type Shell" will be included. if it was, why would nintendo expect to alienate some developers (as iwata himself said)? i mean really, it's pretty much either the shell isn't standard or the system will be surprisingly less powerful.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to state that after looking at some Ridge Racer 6 screens and comparing them with Racing Evolution or Forza for example it really makes me wonder how much more powerful 360 can be.Actually it seems to me as if those Xbox games look better than this new 360 Ridge Racer!I must say from all the games(about 15) I have seen in motion for 360, Gears Of War was the only one that really seemed to be a step ahead over this generation from a visual standpoint.The leap from N64 to GameCube was deffinetly bigger than from xbox to 360 which is dissapointing!

Anonymous said...

Aure Anonymous at 2:20

New x-box 360 use NEW 3 core cpu that hard to used. So newly come will more accustomed to developer and game will look better and better.

Anyway if you looking for power. Please wait for ps3 it's the most powerfull ya and some time for developer to accustomed to cell cpu.

But if you looking for new experience. not too expensive price. And game that will have more title by easy develop. lookforword to revolution.

Anonymous said...

i dont really think that the controller shell would be sold with the controller either, wouldnt that just encourge people not to play the "new" way?

Anonymous said...

They'll most likely have bundles for that (directly above me)

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's see jim Merrick said that there are even more secrets to be revealed .

What could it be ? I honestly think that one of the secrets has to do with the GPU ! The thing is, that it probably isn't a real secret in the sense that the remote was !

Iwata said that if you look at the raw numbers, you might think that it is underpowered compared to the other two systems, but do numbers really tell the whole story ? and did he really try to tell us that the system was indeed not competing technicaly, or were his words more of an indication, or even a hint, at what they are aiming at in regards to the GPU and that it doesn't count how much you have of everything but rather that it matters how you make use of what you have!?

And having watched how the visuals of Xbox and Ncube games faired against each other- despite the differences of the specs that are present on paper- I suppose we all have learnt to avoid early judgement .

It is obvious that the key is effiency,the ability to find a solution for a problem and the ability to make compromises in order to achive more with less .

And that's what Jim Merick was reffering to as a secret if you ask me . The next so called secret is the way the GPU will work .

Perrin Caplin once claimed that the system will be two or three times more powerful than Ncube(GameCube) and if that really is the case - and it sounds quite realistic to me - then I am not worried in any way that Revolution won't be on par with PS3 and 360 .

Can someone please show me one game that looks two or three times better than the creme de la creme on NCube (with twice as much poly-count,twice as good textures,lightning,physics) ?well,I can't.

Resident Evil 4 is considered the best looking game of this generation (not just on a technical level but also on a artistic one) and if you think the Ps2 version is anywhere as impressive as the Ncube version, I suggest you check out the comparison shots released by ruliweb just so you can make yourself a picture ! Now imagine a game that really is twice as beautiful as Resi4 which should be possible if what Caplin says is true.And when a game looks two times better than Resident Evil 4 I would definetly be the last person to complain because my system is the least powerful!

Was sind deine Ansichten Falafelkid ?

Anonymous said...

don't even worry they said that the Revolution's graphics would be as powerfull as the PS3's graphics so its not going to be an incredibly cheap peice of junk.

Anonymous said...

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