Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Global Revolution launch after April

CVG has the following story:
Revolution launch goes global?

Nintendo president looking to a near simultaneous worldwide Revolution launch some time after Q1 next year

Various areas of the internet are reporting this morning that, speaking to Japanese news outlet Nikkei Business, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has outlined plans for a possible simultaneous launch of their next-gen Revolution console some time after April next year.

Iwata reportedly states: "I want to put it on the market to as many countries as possible at the same time." However, Nintendo's president also confirms that we won't be seeing the console or its magical wavy wand of mystery until after April, suggesting that - as expected - the Revolution will be the last of the next-gen machines to spring onto shelves.
Nikkei Business have not updated their webpage with this story, but the weekly paper only has a very limited number of stories online. In my mind, this story could very well be reliable. But, again, I very much doubt a PS3 release in spring. So their conclusion seems to be wrong. In fact, if the Revolution can launch in April or May, I would expect it to launch before the PS3.

Also, the Nintendo hotline apparently got updated. It used to mention a launch "in the later half of 2006." Now it announces an "estimated for release in 2006.

Source: CVG

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EDIT Spong has a similar story, claiming a Nintendo source told them about a worlwide launch in June.
Global ship-dates emerge – countdown begins

Nintendo will ship the Revolution console in June of 2006, it was revealed to SPOnG overnight, with technology and manufacturing partners letting slip Nintendo’s plans for a shock global launch.

It was thought that Nintendo would keep with tradition and deliver a staggered home console launch, with the US following Japan, and Europe keeping up the rear, as it were. This will not be the case. Rising to the challenge set by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, all territories will see launch within a month. A global roll-out with Japan, the US and Europe seeing hardware in the same day is thought highly unlikely.

“As of early October this year, we had agreed with all key partners that a global ship date of June 2006 was achievable,” said one of SPOnG 's several sources associated with the Revolution manufacturing process. “Nintendo will get the launch in Japan and America and Europe as close as possible. It will be like the Xbox 360 launch, only tighter.”

“Everyone at Nintendo in all territories is now focusing on a global launch in June of next year,” another highly-placed source told us yesterday afternoon, under terms of anonymity. “The European launch might slip into July, but that’s it. Everyone at Nintendo has been briefed for this date and the official release schedule everyone is working to shows Revolution down for June 2006; this is simply a matter of fact.”

A mid-2006 release had been hinted at as early as May this year, when memory supplier MoSys inadvertantly revealed the launch window of the Nintendo's next generation system. However, this is the first time other sources have corroborated the faux pas.

In related news, pricing speculation for Revolution has quietened down, with the magic 200 number now seated firmly in the minds of analysts. Although SPOnG has been unable to clarify the Revolution launch price point with anything near the same accuracy as we have its launch date, a tag of $200 for the US, €300 in mainland Europe, and £200 in the UK is a near certainty.
Source: Spong

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EDIT Now even MCV UK follows suit. They talk of September as a possible launch month, but they pretty much confirm rumours of a global launch:
Nintendo hatches secret global launch plan for Revolution

Nintendo is set to mirror Microsoft’s Xbox 360 launch strategy, the Japanese firm believed to be planning a global rollout for its Revolution system next year.
According to online reports emerging today (October 25th), Nintendo’s next-generation GameCube successor could hit Japan, US and European retail as early as June 2006.

However, MCV understands that September is more likely, although no official announcement is expected until early 2006.

Responding to the claims, a Nintendo of Europe spokesperson told MCV: “This is a rumour and we don’t comment on rumours.”
This is good enough for me. Three reliable sources is all a good journalist needs. Whether it´s June or September, the Nintendo Revolution will have a global launch.

Source: MCV UK

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EDIT Unbelievable. All the big sites are coming out to play now. Now even GameSpot has the story:
The Revolution will be globalized

Nintendo prez targets simultaneous worldwide release sometime after April 2006; says Rev will be "complete failure" if it doesn't outsell the GameCube.

TOKYO--Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that the company is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release of its next-generation gaming console, the Revolution. Iwata also confirmed that the system will be coming out after March in 2006.

Talking about the Revolution in an interview with Nikkei Business, Iwata stated, "I can only say that it's coming out during 2006, but it will be after the current fiscal year. We hope to make it a simultaneous worldwide release as much as it's possible."

Since the current fiscal year for Nintendo ends on March 31, 2006, it means the Revolution, as predicted by analysts, will likely be released somewhere between April 1 and December 31, 2006.

When asked by Nikkei Business if he has any specific sales figure targeted for the Revolution, Iwata stated that he hopes the console will sell at least more than the GameCube, which has shipped 18.76 million units as of June.

"It [the Revolution] would be a complete failure if we didn't sell more units than the Nintendo GameCube," said Iwata.

The system's controller, which was revealed in September, was the focus of much of the console's buzz. Surprisingly, Iwata revealed to Nikkei that Nintendo's former president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, was not involved in any way with the creation of the Revolution's controller.

Iwata told Nikkei Business that the Revolution's controller uses several different types of technology, though he did not go into specifics. However, he did note that the controller can be used with any kind of monitor, even digital projectors.
Source: GameSpot

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In conclusion, that means a global launch is confirmed.


Pikachu0071 said...

Wow. I got credit woot.

Falafelkid said...

Well, you posted that Spong story. Even though it got deleted...

Pikachu0071 said...

But I still see it there :| lol go see for yourself.

Falafelkid said...

Yeah, it seems to be back...???

Pikachu0071 said...

Maybe its true!!! They deleted the thread but they thought we were going to be suspicious...and they bringed the thread back up....dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

Falafelkid said...

*Quickly pulls cloak around face and flies out of the window while lightning illuminates the otherwise pitch black night*

Pikachu0071 said...

By the way great blog, I come here everyday to read new news.

Falafelkid said...

Thanks. It´s good to hear that people like it. Thanks for posting the Spong story, though. I would have missed it if it wasn´t for you.

Anonymous said...

i hope that €300 fur europe is a joke, since xbox 360 core system costs €300 too...

Falafelkid said...

Hi Coldblooder. The €300 Xbox360 version is a total scam. You will need some kind of physical memory to save anything. And the cheapest is a memory card for €35, which reduces the price difference between the two versions by a third. It just makes no sense whatsoever to buy it. It´s only for PR reasons, so MS can advertise the Xbox360´s price as "starting from 300§.

Anonymous said...

You're right. That's why people at GAF call it the "retard pack".

Anonymous said...

well, good point falafelkid. but €300 for revolution wich has lower specs than the other two competitiors is too much, even gamecube launched for €200 and it really was an up to date console. my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw rogue leader on my tv for the first time! but i guess i can´t resist the revolution and surely buy one at launch or at least short after!

Thunder Emperor said...

the whole june lunch to me is brillant, what better way to lunch a console after E3 next year when the rev will be playable in full force.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i never thought of that! i think nintendo won´t give out much more information about revolution and then attack the competitors full force with a launch about one to two month later.

but i think we will se some REAL ingame footage soon, since the xbox 360 release has to be disturbed a bit ^^

Falafelkid said...

I think you are right about a possible surprise launch strategy regarding the Rev. Sit tight, then announce all the details and launch soonafter - that´s the Apple way. And I am sure that a lot of companies in the consumer electronics field are trying to mimick their strategy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is sure yet about Revolution's power. Nintendo said that the specs will be a bit worse, NOT the graphics. If I'm right, Xbox360's HD feature demands pretty much power. I'm guessing that Revolution's power will be Xbox360 minus HD with better physics because of a possible PPU wich seems pretty logical if you look at a controller.

I've read somewhere on the Gamespot forums that PPU chips can be mass produced for a mere 70$. I guess that's why it will be a little expensive.

Anonymous said...

€300 in mainland Europe, this seems hard to believe saying it's the price of an Xbox 360 which I'm sorry to say just isn't cheap...

Falafelkid said...

Yeah, I completely agree with you: 200 Dollars is a so much cheaper than 300 Euros. I cannot imagine they would allow for that much of a discrepancy.

Anonymous said...

Satoru say : Revolution will under 200$.
So it will under 200$.

Nintendo may include some game for revolution (as zelda , mario , pokemon , some of his old game) and/or some add-on in same price as x-box360 too

Nintendo will have profit : to sale his old game (both zelda on n64 is really good and some people never been play it). That why it may visible cheaper than x-box360.

Ms can sale his x-box 360 for 300$ (core system -retard pack-) ... so why Revolution can sale under 200$ (-retard pack like x-box360-).

Revolution have low power and don't have hd-tv , harddisk , movie or music player. That why it must visible cheaper than x-box360. or sale under 200$

Nothing is sure about Revolution , ps3 Or x-box price when both on sale (ms increase x-box about 50$ to 400$ set when know that ps3 will as expensive as 600-800$ ... this is one of a reason that why revolution must under 200$). Please careful on your pocket. ^ ^

Jason said...

Probably more of a matter of a site copying one site, then another site copies the copier, then another site copies it from the copier of the copier of the first post.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Heretic. Good to have you back. What do you think has been copied too often? The Euro price? That is Spong pretty much guessing there. So I think it´s quite possible they just made a typo there. They must have meant 200 Euro.

Susan said...

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