Thursday, July 28, 2005

Three websites to mull over

Welcome to another Super Thursday Post-A-Thon! Just little tidbits to keep you amused.

First of all, has sort of updated their site. They added the sentence ´It´s an ON thing´ to the Nintendo wallpaper. Also, some clever person on a forum somewhere pointed out that you can see the face of a frightened woman in the smaller sphere. However, that´s already in the original. Scary nevertheless. And while you´re looking at it again, don´t these two spheres resemble the two disc formats used for the Revolution and its logo?

Secondly, there´s this mock-up logo an anonymous poster drew my attention to. It´s from this Spanish Revolution blog and was posted alongside a pixelated image from the GameCube demo of Mario128. The latter can only be fake. I like the logo a lot, though. Mind you, Resolution is an awful name for a console and I even suspect the Spanish text to be openly satirical about it. Babelfish doesn´t really pick up on those subtleties yet. (apologies if you have read this in my comments two posts back).

Thirldy - and saving the best for last - the Canadian Nintendo site has a menu section called ´What´s going on´. It´s essentially a news section with features on the Nintendo Power giveaway, press clippings and the like. But there´s more. The menu section dealing with events is called ´On tour´. Those Canadians, eh? ;)


DlphnMod said...

I quit. Thank God DS is going online.

Falafelkid said...

dplhnmod, why be so negative? Sony and MS fans know already they are getting a bog standard console. Greatly improved graphics, perhaps. But nothing new. There´s nothing more exciting than anticipating the new Nintendo console right at this moment. Serious, I love every minute of it. I admit, this post was wacky, but I just wanted to share some comic relief with you. Read my newest post and you´ll have some interesting info.

Takeshi_Kovacs said...

agreed falafelkid...
on a side note, this has probaly been posted already, but how credible is just came across this page on their site offering to prebook these games that will be out for the Rev on March 1 2006... now i came across lesse and slightly 'questionable' game sites offering Rev games for sale as early as Christmas, but this is the first site that i came across as seemingly credible.. Most likely they are just putting out provisional release date...
ON that please correct me if wrong>>

DlphnMod said...

I wouldn't trust those gamestop dates. They just enter a guestimate so that they can start pre-orders. I mean if you just stop to think, do u really believe all those big name titles will release the same day? Nintendo has a very strategic launch schedule and that wouldnt jive with it.

And guys i'm sorry for being negative. Its just the fact that when some kid posts something in a forum, everything sounds great and Nintendo is king, but when we hear Iwata or Miyamoto speak, it makes you feel like they have no idea what they are doing and care nothing about what we want.

Id be much happier if the good news came from them instead of bloggers, u know?

Anonymous said...

The Spanish blog site is of course just for fun and presented in a sarcastic way. It even states under the main title "I know you are not going to believe anything since it's not in English". Anyway, here is the full translation of the last note:


My great relationships allowed me to access this world exclusive [interview], and have a short yet interesting phone conversation with a high directive at Nintendo:

M.-M.: The low resolution seems to be a central aspect for our console, however, the web community has complained about it. What do you think about it "tito"?

S.I.: Inside Nintendo, we've always tried to promote creativity of the players themselves. In the Zelda games, you have to imagine how Link's voice is, and that implies you inside the game in a very special way. Now with "Resolution", imagining the voices won't be enough: you will have to imagine the graphics as well. (wtf???)

M.-M.: Understood. Besides that, any comment about the supposed "Nintendón" fake?

S.I: I've seen it, but I would rather reserve my opinion. I can tell you though that I like it to be in colors and pile uplable (???), and it looks cheap. We are thinking about contacting the creator of this fan art master piece.


If you didn't understand much of these paragraphs, don't worry... me neither! hahahaha (and I do have Spanish as a native language)

Anonymous said...

oh!!! wait !!! i just realized you have to check the whole blog's page to understand what "Nintendón" in... hahaha is just so funny =P

Luigi2 said...

This link to a brand new patent (July 28th) came up over at GameFAQs. It looks real, is new, and states that the technology is licensed to Nintendo.

If you can't view the patent's images because of a missing plug-in (like myself), here's an image that one poster converted:

I think this is the real deal. Wireless controllers, a network interface is mentioned, and that system in the picture bears a striking, if generic, resemblence to the prototype Revolution design.

Falafelkid said...

Thanks Luigi2, just saw the link on the Ninty forums. Will post it asap.

Anonymous said...

the patent tell more about RGB to YUV conversion storage in Framebuffer.

Copying in YUV format reduces the amount of memory used in main memory by 1/3.

from : --------------------------


[0149] Copy out operations, implemented in this example through what is referred to as the copy pipeline, is used to further process the pixel data from the embedded frame buffer (EFB) and to ultimately write the frame data in a selected format into the external frame buffer (XFB) 113 of main memory 112 as display data for display by the video interface or as texture data for later use by the graphics pipeline (see FIG. 11). RGB(A) or YUV420 data in the EFB can be copied out to main memory YUV422, fields or frames. YUV422 data is copied out in scan-line order. There is a stride to allow skipping memory bytes between scan lines. Y8 is the lowest address, followed by U8, Y8 and V8. Copying in YUV format reduces the amount of memory used in main memory by 1/3.


Michelson-Morley said...

I'm the spanish blogger of REVOLUTIONREVELATION and the author of the Nintendo Resolution logo (in fact, I just added the Nintendo logo over some existing Resolution logo I´ve found on the web). It all was a joke (as the over-pixelated version of Mario128 GC demo) on Nintendo´s decission of not to support HD on Revo. I even wonder wether 128 could be the number of pixels Revolution would be able to display.

All the blog is a parody in such a way, mainly over the Nintendo On and all those helmet fakes all over the net. Anonymous has done a good job of translation ( "tito" means "uncle" in a familiar way), and I´m glad he found it funny.

Sorry for my English, and thanks to falafelkid for this serious, really interesting blog.


Falafelkid said...

@Michelson-Morley: *lol* Thanks for the info, man. Funny take on the whole thing. I suspected it was all ironic, but like I said: Babelfish just doesn´t pick up on that ;P So again: Muchos gracias, muchacho!

falafelkid said...

My quest is almost complete to become the most popular Gay Nintendo Blogger in history.

If you are Gay or Lesbian please email me.

Power to the Rainbow!

Anonymous said...

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