Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Good riddance

Right, I apologize for not posting anything new for ages. I had needed a break after posting the last two posts, which involved a bit of research. And as if it had known that, my modem broke. That also explains why I didn´t change the corrupted banner that made everyone believe my blog had been renamed to ´Bandwidth Exceeded´. Although I did like the 8-bit touch, that´s a thing of the past.

But now for the news: Seriousgamer007 who was the biggest self-proclaimed prophet and attention-seeking kid on the Nintendo forums and elsewhere has thrown in the towel. He´s admitted he´s fake in this Nintendo forum thread.

This piece of news comes only a few days after the ominous Nin-Sider blog came out of the same closet. INMHS and the new contender Anonymous Sam posting on this moz la punk article are still in there.

But INMHS blew his cover in a private mail to me, in which he wanted to get me to believe his story. When talking about his findings last year, he kept referring to the Revolution as N5. That was never an official codename that was used in the development community. Everyone who was actually involved in the project called it Gamecube Next. So that´s him off the board.

Anonymous Sam went out in style, when he kept on referring to Reggie and Peter Kaplan as NOA´s marketing team. Wasn´t Peter actually Perrin, people asked. Yeah, he replied, but everyone called him Peter. (For all of you who don´t know, Perrin Kaplan is a woman.)

Well, I have crossed all four kids off my list a long time ago. And good riddance to all of them! It all goes to show: Don´t believe the hype.


dj said...

sam said that he was hacket. that it wassent him who says the peter thing. smart move to get rid of a mistake or did he???( scary music)

ps. we did mis you. finaly a wel thinking persone again

Anonymous said...

Fafaelkid have you seen this now supposed disgruntled Nintendo of Japan employee, with better than ordinary english...

Falafelkid said...

Hi dj. Thank you for your kind words and your patience. I will post more as soon as I fix this modem glitch at home. Also, thanks for the correction on the Kaplan thing. I hadn´t realised the guy tried to explain it away.

Hi anonymous. Hadn´t seen the site yet - thanks for the link. Guess there´s always plenty more where Seriousgamer007 came from ;P

dlphnmod said...

Wow......you can't F something up more than not knowing Perrin Kaplan is a woman.........her friggin picture is plastered all over IGN's nintendo minute for cripes' sake!

I guess sometimes its not a bad idea to check up on your IGN every so often instead of blogs just to keep it honest.

Anonymous said...

well supposedly, the guy called sam went onto say that it was just an impersonator that made the stupid comment about kaplan, and tried explaining that away too..

Anonymous said...

damn sorry for just repeating what you said dj... i'm a bit dozy, me thinks it is time to hit the sack..

HereticPB said...

They are all Teh Fahk! Wait for Nintendo in the fall.

Falafelkid said...

Actually, HereticPB: I won´t post this properly because I cannot name the person, nor even tell you which company he works for or which country he´s from. But someone I asked about the controller told me he would talk to me about that sometime this month, adding ´July is traditionally an interesting month´. Again, to all of you this seems like wild speculation. But I can´t wait to talk to that person.

Falafelkid said...

What I should add, though: Don´t get hyped up about this (most of you wouldn´t anyway), because that comment about July could have just meant nothing. I am closer than your average gamer or fanboy, because I´m journalist with credentials. But I won´t get information sooner than IGN - I may only post it sooner, hopefully ;)

Anonymous said...

Let me say this. SeriousGamer007 is the actual real deal. I know him. Listen he is being deceptive. He makes post to make you believe that he works at Nintendo and then he makes you believe he doesnt.

Everything the guys knows about the Revolution is 100% true. No Shit.

He is in marketing for Nintendo. His job was to create hype for the system. Now he is self discrediting himself with crazy antics. I am a person that works for Nintendo as well. Call him on it.

Dont believe his self discreditation. He is the real deal.

Dont you think he knows just a little to damn much not to be real?

He was part of a large marketing campaing headed by Reggie Fils-Aime.

I know SeriousGamer007's identity and he is real. He knows the truth.

Dont flame him or discredit him. Challenge him. Dont give into this marketing bullshit.

What SeriousGamer007 said about the console was true. 100%.

Why am I doing this you ask? I have my own reasons.

If you go to his Blog challenge his ass. Dont believe the discreditation of himself by crazy antics.

He knows the whole plan. He is a high level marketing executive inside Nintendo.

-Disgruntled Nintendo Employee.

Anonymous said...


Challenge his ass. If I know him well enough he will break under the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Dude SeriousGamer007 has a picture on his blog that he says was actually run in realtime on the revolution hardware.

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