Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sega comments on Revolution

Simon Jeffrey of Sega has been interviewed by Nintendo Power. He has said a number of things about the Revolution. Read the entire interview here.

NP: Do you think that those rising costs might lead to even more cross-platform games, and if Nintendo decides to do something radically different with Revolution, is that going to potentially discourage third parties from supporting the platform? Or do you think it might be attractive in terms of trying something different?

SJ: A bit of both, probably. I think it depends how Nintendo rolls out its third-party relations. We’re very excited about the prospects of Revolution, because, like we were talking about earlier, the Nintendo platforms have been great for Sonic and the classic franchises. We think Revolution can absolutely be the same. But I think you’re absolutely right. If Nintendo does choose a different model than Sony and Microsoft, then it might be very difficult for some third parties to adopt this three-pronged, multi-platform approach.


Grahf said...

NP: Speaking to that, the collaboration between Nintendo and Sega on F-Zero GX turned out very well. Do you foresee the two companies working together like that again in the future?

SJ: Well, there’s nothing that we can talk about at this point in time. But there’s absolutely nothing to rule it out, either. (Wry smile)

Thats what interested me the most. I loved FZero GX and would be THRILLED if a new installment came out, or even something brand new. Great things happen when great minds come together.

CountChocula said...

I would especially like an F ZERO for the DS. But one thing I didn't like about the interview was the insinuation that Nintendo fans are to immature for a game like Panzer Dragoon. GOOD JOB SEGA! ONE OF YOUR BEST SERIES AND YOU SCREW IT UP BY MAKING IT AN XBOX EXCLUSIVE! RETARDS!

sssd said...

it sounds as though SEGA doesn't know much about the revolution yet. Do you think that's just him being restricted by NDAs, or maybe the NA branch of SEGA doesn't have all the info yet.

It would be unfortunate if he was really that out of the loop. I would assume SEGA would have as much info as any other 3rd party developer

Nomadx469 said...

i think sega knows plenty, they said they were exited , I wonder about what...

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