Saturday, July 23, 2005

Miyamoto interviewed by EGM

The good people at Electronic Gaming Monthly have interviewed Shigeru ´Shiggy´ Miyamoto. The interview is not up on their site yet, but fans apparently copied it from the magazine´s paper edition. So the original source is not confirmed. But I have copied it from my good friend Phalanx´s blog and that means reliability. Anyway, here goes (formatting is mine):

EGM: Speaking of the virtual console, might older offline multiplayer games, like Mario Party, be altered so you could play them online with the Revolution?

SM: We know that we will offer the past games for sure. But we are discussing the possibility of having older games like Mario Party playable online. So if our discussion goes well, and if the technical aspects of Revolution also go well, that's possible.

EGM: You've said the Revolution controller will be unique - do you worry about it alienating developers? Say Splinter Cell comes out for all the next-gen systems; might the Revolution controller be so different that it'd be tough to map the controls onto?

SM: Well, of course, the idea is that the Revolution will sell and sell and sell so it becomes the standard in the industry. [Smiles] However, at least for the launch period...we designed the controller so it can play any of the different conventional styles. After all, we are talking about it playing games from our past machines via the virtual console. So don't worry.

EGM: Why make the DVD player optional with Revolution? And how will it work - is it an attachment or a remote or what?

SM: The majority of households already own a DVD player or two. We don't want them to spend extra money just to have a console which happens to have DVD capability. And the DVD player isn't going to be an attachment; it´s going to go inside the machine so you won't even be able to tell the difference.

EGM: You've promised Wi-Fi for the Revolution but will it also have a standard Ethernet port?

SM: No, it doesn't have an Ethernet port. However, through the USB port, it´s possible to have Ethernet with an adapter. Considering where the machine will be placed in the household, we think it would be difficult for people to route the typical Ethernet line to it. Also, we're considering connecting the DS with the Revolution via Wi-Fi.

EGM: Some people are saying Nintendo has given up trying to lead technologically and is focused on innovation.

SM: I don't think the Revolution's graphics will be inferior in any way to Xbox 360 or PS3. Even if you look at Zelda on GameCube - I don't think that looks inferior to what the competition is touting as "next generation" visuals. But we think there are more important things for now than making the system work with a high-definition television. The majority of people won't be playing our system with an HDTV, though with the Revolution, 480p resolution will be standard. We are not taking graphics and technology lightly - we are trying to make the best-balanced machine that will appeal to the most people.

EGM: Moving on to other games - we know Smash Bros. is coming to the Revolution, but what about DS?

SM: We're thinking about it.

EGM: What about Luigi's Mansion? Is that series over, or will we ever see another?

SM: The director often says, "Make another one! Make another one!" and I want to use Luigi again.

EGM: Any chance we'll see another Pikmin?

SM: Nothing´s set in stone yet, but the interface we're creating for the Revolution is well suited for Pikmin - I think it would be a good match. Not much I can say other than that.

EGM: Will we ever see anything more of Stage Debut a technology demo that allowed players to map their face on in-game characters?

SM: Yeah, I want to do something with it.

Providing this interview is real, there are some intriguing points to pick up on, here. Most interestingly of all, Miyamoto seems unusually bold in his assertion about market leadership. At E3, I asked him whether he thought that Revolution could return Nintendo to the throne, so to speak. And he was much more coy, essentially avoiding my question by saying something like "it´s not about market leadership". That´s all they ever said until now.

Secondly, about the Ethernet connection, could that be another clue? Now, a normal ethernet port is near the work area, a console in the living room. But most people don´t have a separate study, so the desk wouldn´t be too far away from the television. I guess that could reiterate the rumours that the Revolution will be far more portable than anyone would guess. The size of three stacked DVD cases is already an indicator that Nintendo might redefine the term ´home console´.

Thirdly, there is the bold assertion that Revolution graphics would not look inferior to the competitors´ standard. No comment needed here. I´m just relieved.

Lastly, the Pikmin comment is probably the best clue about the controller yet, coming from the horse´s mouth. In my opinion, that reaffirms some sort of gyroscopic technology. But also the rumour about advanced voice recognition comes to mind. Remember the whistle for the roll call in that game? I just had a mad idea. What if the controller really had no buttons (or just very few) and some functions (the A, B, X and Y buttons for example) were completely covered by voice control? All buttons that don´t need to be kept depressed could easily be substituted by voice commands. In this particular example, you would line up the Pikmins using the gyros and shout out the orders they should perform. It´s a mad thought, I guess and I´m hungry, tired and dehydrated. So please go easy on me in discussion ;P


aepex said...

I think this is really encouraging, especially with the comment about how Revolution's graphics won't be "inferior" to those of the other systems. The DS to Revolution connectivity also has a lot of promise. And of course, the interesting "one-size-fits-all" controller leaves me wondering just what types of games could be made, and how they would be played. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Gamephoria said...

Falfalkid-I would like to point out, having the actual scans on my blog, that it was Iwata, and not Miyamoto, that was being interviewed a majority of the time. Shiggy got a few questions, like about pikmin, and a new luigi's mansion, but the rest went to Iwata.

Googleplexer said...

First off, on the DVD comment, I have seen some confusion over what is really meant. (Not here, but on other forums.) I belive Miyamoto (Or Iwata) is just stating that the add-on will be internal. The console will remain the same on the oudside. This leads me to belive that the add on will only contain DVD decoding software, which then poses the question, "Why can't they just include the software to begin with?"

I don't know what to make of the comment about the controller, so I'll just insert another idea I had. :)

All the buttons on the controller could have small OLED screens under them. Thsi would allow the buttons, while remaining in the same positions, to display game-specific actions. Maybe it's more complicated then it's worth, but the screens could always just display standard letters or colors.

That's all I have to add.

robotplague said...

The DVD comment is a bit weird for me as well, Googleplexer. I was thinking, if it's already there it should just be available for all. Also, when I read the Pikman comment I automatically thought of "picking" the pikmin and "throwing" them. Some sort of physical movement that allows you to do that. That's not really the focus of the game, though. Hmm, interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

the dvd comment i think refers more to how xbox dvds are played, you need to by the remote control, at least tha tis what i got from his statment.

Anonymous said...

SM: Well, of course, the idea is that the Revolution will sell and sell and sell so it becomes the standard in the industry. [Smiles] However, at least for the launch period...we designed the controller so it can play any of the different conventional styles. After all, we are talking about it playing games from our past machines via the virtual console. So don't worry.

i find that comment quite intriguing about the controller, consider it plays older games, meaning the lay out will be simple and i think snes like. also i think the controller will operate via wifi so tha tmight have something to do with it.

but the fact that after teh sell sell statment, he smile. shows alot of confidence in the product they have. so we shall see.

Anonymous said...


Marius said...

Re: Googleplexer: "All the buttons on the controller could have small OLED screens under them."

Nah, no controller should be needed to stare at to see which button does what. Your focus should be on the screen, so no displays on the controller.

Anonymous said...

i like "Tadashi's" view of what the rev could be if he had a say in it..
check it over at
while just fanfiction, it would be something to drool over if ever happened...

Anonymous said...

About the Pikmin clue:

This could show that though the Rev controller will be able to play older games, it will have interfaces that make it extremely different from the older controllers. Somewhat obvious, but it does somewhat disprove the idea of the Rev controller being nothing but an SNES controller

sssd said...

On the comments about graphics:

I agree it is a relief, but he also said that Twilight Princess is comparable to next-gen and that's just not true. As great as that game looks, it's not as high-quality as the stuff coming down the pipeline, so that's a little frightening.

On Falafelkids Pikmin/controller speculation:

It's not that I don't think what you are saying is possible, i just don't want it to be. I would not play a game if i was forced to talk to my controller the whole. that's just not something I would enjoy...

Mattiac said...

It would be stupid to controll every game with your voice! Think of the gamers that are mute and can't speak but wants to play the new games. I don't know how many mute gamers there are out there but I'm guessing there are at least a couple of thousand.

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