Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Revolution in stores by Xmas 2005?

Well, strap yourselves in and buckle up. We´re going on another rumour rollercoaster ride here. The good people at Game Asylum have the Revolution up for pre-orders for $299 (apparently reduced from a list price of $499) and available by Christmas 2005 right here. Thanks to Mets987 for posting that link in this thread on the Gamefaqs boards.

Game Asylum is a Yahoo store without any retail outlets, the company being based in Casper, Wyoming. Though they are an online only store, they claim to be quite big, especially in the wholesale business. Here´s what they claim:
With one of the worlds largest selections of video game accessories for over 35 video game systems, GameAsylum.com is the world's leading source for video game hardware. Major companies regularly order from our pages. Our client base includes businesses and personal users of video game products. Some of our customers include Boeing, CBS 48 Hours News Magazine, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Vivendi Universal Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Sony Computer Entertainment of America as well as thousands of households around the globe.

Now, I would very much doubt them being the world's leading source for video game hardware. Also, they don´t seem to be too up to date on their next-gen stuff. They list the PlayStation3 correctly as available by 1st quarter 2006. Incidentally, for the same price as the Revolution. $299, reduced from a $499 list price.

What really makes me question the site (even more than the amateurish web design) is the PS3 logo they show, which is a pre-E3 mock-up, albeit a good one. They also show it in their homepage intro, which is reminiscent of those old Amiga demos. It just doesn´t look like a professional page.

Also, showing a list price of $499 for the Rev is the best indicator that they make this data up. We all know that Nintendo would never even think of a price in that category. Remember Gamestop listing the Rev as available in March? They must have just made it up. After all, they immediately changed the pre-order page after I (and undoubtedly thousands of others) sent them mails asking to confirm the date. So, I think it´s safe to unbuckle again and call this one a big fake.

EDIT Game Asylum just replied to my mail. Here´s what they had to say:
No sorry can not guarantee a specific date as we are only at the mercy of the manufacturer. The retail price is subject to change, but as it stands we have been told it is $299

Best Regards,
Team Asylum
$299 is a realistic price tag, but $499 as a list price is still ridiculous. Funny they don´t mention that here.


Ninsider said...

They won't release the Revolution by christmas, as Zelda is coming out around that time.

sssd said...

that, not to mention the fact that they've already pretty much said that it will come out after the ps3 just hopefully not too much after.

March isn't really even a very reasonable projected release date (unfortunately) and christmas even less so.

nice to see game asylum being able to make money on something that doesn't even techincally exist yet, though.

thanks for the more detailed debunking, falafelkid

Witness The Revolution said...

I also think this is a big fake. The NRV is supposed to be the cheapest system the X360 is supposedly $299 so the revolution will probably be around the $250 mark. Also the PS3 will be coming out in Q2 I believe because the 360 is expected to cut it's price by the introduction of the Playstation to derail it's sales even more so if they really do slash their price they need at least 3 quarters of regular sales price. But since so little is known on the business end of the next generation most of what I am saying is speculation.

robotplague said...

I just think its a case of unknowledgable staff. Also, I don't trust any site with a pixelated header such as theirs.

DlphnMod said...

Nintendo's success no longer depends on when the console releases. Its too different to need a head start or to be hurt by being late.

The variable in this equation is simply how appealing and new the revolutionary features are.

If its really that groundbreaking, people will anticipate its release. Nintendo is doing the right thing by making the software release schedule more important than the hardware release.

If the DS online campaign is successful, it will create tremendous momentum for the release of revolution.

Falafelkid said...

Hi. Once again, thanks for the good comments everyone. I guess we are all agreed this is fake. I just want to remark that I don´t believe the PS3 will be released before June. Two reasons: the HD-DVD / Blu Ray talks having dragged on longer and the fact that SCE has a history of underestimating product releases (mostly for PR purposes, I guess). Just look at the PSP´s launch in Europe.

Alain Meyer said...

Nice research!

sssd said...

good point about the DS robotplague. I hadn't really thought about it, but I can imagine Nintendo is going to be putting a lot of effort into a strong DS online launch so they can use it as a springboard for the Rev.

@Falalfelkid - I agree about the ps3. History just doesn't speak for sony releasing a product exactly when they want to when they're in control, let alone when there are intense talks about a possible reformatting of a hardware component. What's the latest on that, by the way? Last I heard things weren't going very well.

openupformummy said...



Takeshi_Kovacs said...

seriousgamer007 is really getting odd , have a look at phalanxs blog at

Takeshi_Kovacs said...

^^ sorry .. at http://revolutionrumors.blogspot.com/

Witness The Revolution said...

Oh my lord Seriousgamer007 is so spur of the moment rumor crap I won't even begin to pick him apart.

Falafelkid said...

Hey guys. Good comments. And thanks for that weird pic, openupformummy. It´s written in Wingdings and reads ´Fake or am I´. Where did you get this from? And is this a series? You posted it as number 6... Anyway, I guess it would just be cryptic hints by another Seriousgamer007 guy. Oh, and Takeshi_Kovacs: I agree. This time he´s flipped the lid. I don´t even post his stuff anymore. He´s been proved fake so many times, he´s manipulated so many things. I won´t even try. Someone in the comments called him a ´Nintendo fanboy attention whore´. Nicely put ;P

spoonfedinfo said...

the last clue, start at 4cr blog forum and if you discover the clues you will know who knows

Anonymous said...

GameAsylum.com is definitely one "outfit" to stay away from! It took them over a month (30 days) to complete an order. They took their time in sending out an incomplete order and then would not answer any emails. They did read their emails as they did finally ship the missing portion of the order after an unanswered email was sent to them to inform them of the credit card dispute.

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