Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Resurrecting Pablo

Thanks to an anonymous poster for the link to this blog by another one of those guys claiming to work for Nintendo out there in Japan. In his long post he tries something pretty brave, namely to resurrect the ON theory:
Nintendo ON is real, whatever you have heard about the ON being fake is absolutely not true, even regarding the interview with Pablo Belmonte. Pablo is a complete fake, he did not make the video, we at Nintendo did using our own in house crew.

Pablo is a fan boy, three years ago he did make the Mario Universe fake video clip to bring some hype for upcoming Nintendo games, and we thank him for that. He does want to work for Nintendo, he approached Nintendo of America many years ago but NOA simply did not have a position for him at the time. We NOJ were very intrigued by Pablo’s outstanding work, especially for his age and the way in which he has taught himself to use all these different designing tools to create his extraordinary videos.

Nintendo leaked the ON clip especially to cause mass hype before E3 but has continued to stay quiet, there is a statement in a recent article about the ON clip on and Perri Kaplin from NOA said ‘Who knows what comes next - virtual reality Nintendo gaming next, next generation?’ she says next generation, well as you already know this generation for Nintendo is still known as next generation as nothing has been officially released. This is a clue Nintendo is giving, I should know and I can tell you with all honesty it is the real deal.

Now, a week or so after my interview, 1up posted this feature on Pablo and the clip. They went into far more detail, outlining the exact timeframe of the production and even showing polygon grids of the models. After all this, it´s quite bold to claim it was real after all. Sure, the quality is almost unbelievable given one person worked on it for no more than a week. But (and this is just the first contention that springs to mind) an official video would never end that abruptly.

Anyway, we will know the truth about this guy shortly. I posted this comment:

Please tell me which hotel in Kyoto Nintendo uses for visits by NOA and NOE guests. It won´t show you up, if you answer. But I am in a position to verify this claim 100%. This info won´t be anywhere on the net. You should know though. If not, ask a colleague. The only reason for not answering would be not being who you claim to be. Thank you in advance.

Must say I´m feeling pretty smug about this. If he bothers to reply, I´ll call my contacts at Nintendo of Europe and find out about the hotel. If he doesn´t, we know already.


Anonymous said...

check out this site:

Anonymous said...

i stopped reading it once he said that sony or microsoft hired pablo to say that he made it, i don't see why they would waste they're time doing that, cus if it was real them hiring somone to say they made it wouldn't help them in anyway, it wouldn't make all the hype go away it would start somthign like the n-game, and im sure nintendo isn't stupid enough to belive that, it sounds like somthign a 13 year old kid made up in 3 min

Anonymous said...

There's no reason to believe this guy.

Ninja Kokoro said...

That was a rather smart move, can't wait to see the reply.

Gianni said...

Great qustion... but I dubt he'll answer

MickBim said...

This guy is a fake.

If the Nintendo On video was really made by Nintendo, why in the video the release year of the GameCube would be 2002 instead of 2001 ?

2002 is the release year for Europe, not US or Japan.
Only a European citizen in a rush would have make this mistake.

And don't tell me "nintendo tricked us by making some mistakes" please...

Excuse me for the mistakes, I'm French

And by the way, great blog Falafelkid :-)

dj said...

and another one

3th party developer he says.

the new stream of bloggers say that the othere bloggers are bullshit. and that they are real. its mostly the first sentens they begin whit.

Falafelkid said...

Thank you all for your comments. Especially to MickBim - I never realised one of the dates was wrong, important point there. Sure, that could have been to fool us (there´s always a way out, isn´t there), but Sony or Microsoft paying Pablo (a Nintendo fanboy) for their own fiendish plans... this guy should be in Hollywood! Again, thanks for coming here and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

i don't know though -

1 person, 1 week - no help

hard drive crash - very dramatic - who knows?

I believe the concept of ON is real - 10 years after Virtual Boy

Maybe Nintendo had an influence or agreement with Pablo rather than making the video

DlphnMod said...

Even after Revolution is unveiled, there are gonna be crazies running around going "I still believe!!"

The idea is just not realistic. It would cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Anonymous said...

Virual Reality is the future of gaming - FACT

whether Nintendo / Sony / Microsoft does it - it WILL happen and will be affordable - FACT

the idea is possible and development is being done - FACT

Maybe not now but in 3 / 5 / 10 years time - it may be not be perfected for the Revolution but is it going to happen

Look at mobile phones and how they took off and computers - people dismissed those as well -

It is inevitable - FACT

Miyamoto said he would love to have a virtual world - when asked about the future of gaming

DlphnMod said...

Relax man, I didn't say never. I'm just saying that the tech in the ON video would be too costly to market.

Anonymous said...

Declaring something is a fact, does not make it a fact - FACT

Anonymous said...

sorry - i thought you meant generally - the ON technology may happen but in the future - but at the moment too costly

my apologies

to the other person - in the case of gaming - it is a fact that it will go in the way of VR - we both know that

Anonymous said...

how can we know it as a fact if it hasn't happened yet? aren't the two mutually exclusive? By the mere existence of the possibility that gaming might not go to VR, we realize that it isn't a fact that it will. Sorry, I can't help but be annoying sometimes....

Falafelkid said...

Good discussion here. Just want to point something out about costs. AR goggles, for example, needn´t cost more than $100 a piece and that´s to end consumers. Technologies like the one in the ON clip are cheap enough to be implemented in the next-gen consoles. Check my post ´The Price of the Future´.

Anonymous said...

why vr wil there? its a fact that people like vr. they like to live there fantasie. its also a fact that if consuments like something. there wil be a factory that is going to create it cheap. simple issent it

its not a fact. but a good theorie based on good hard facts.

dj said...

that last post was from me.

and the first sentens has to be why vr wil be there?

Anonymous said...

vr - it is destined to go that way

like the concept of keyboard won't be around forever

i see what you are saying - but it is a certainty - its being used by military and medical people - it will be used in mainstream gaming

if i said virtual reality 10 years ago - fair enough

like space travel - it will continue to grow and we will travel faster and further - maybe not like star trek but the idea of space exploration is certain

we can say with certainty some things - we will change in terms of gaming - nintendo wants to change the paradigm of being tethered and it will happen

i'm sorry to sound rude or arrogant - but it is a fact - if i said sony and microsoft will fail next gen - then i understand that is not a certainty and stupid - based on nothing except stupid opinion

vr is based on fact and working models - it is not a theory or a fantast - mark my words - it is coming

and i look forward to playing in my own virtual world


i'm sorry i didn't mean to make anyone upset or angry, i just wanted to emphasise the importance of ON and the idea it conveyed - the design might be different but the concept of VR is tru

i'm truly sorry

Dahila said...

Check out for video content for an insider!

Anonymous said...

the video wont' load, do you think you could summarize it for us real quick?

oh, and as much as I understand that the future might be going towards VR and I wont' deny that it is a viable future for gaming in general, it's pretty obvious that it can't be a fact simply because it hasn't come to pass yet. but that's no big deal, it's just semantics.

More to the topic at hand, I think it's highly doubtful that this upcoming generation will feature it in any extensive way (there will probably be more implementation of eyetoy type technology).

Also, VR not only has to overcome the difficulty of cost, but the societal stigma upon it. As my wife said, "if ON was real, I certainly wouldn't want you to have it." It's far too immersive for many people, and would probably cause excessive outrage for those who arledy think games teach us and mold is in unhealthy ways by removing us from the real world.

DlphnMod said...

Yea partner, that video won't load.

DlphnMod said...

Guys don't bother with this fool's trailer......i saw it on another server......if you wanna see go to

Its just the opening CGI from Resident Evil Outbreak. Its very pathetic. Not only can you see the Tyrant running around, but the credits roll right through the middle giving credit to the CGI studio that did it.

Anonymous said...

Falafelkid - i know you can't and wont' say who you are but do you work for a German/European/American game programme

NON said...

It's all fake "Pablo" said he was the creator of the ON Video and his friend made the ON Logo and I rip it off, well I kind of did.

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSGAMER007 has his own BLOG!


Takeshi_Kovacs said...

any reply from our 'its a cover up' friend over in
yet fafaelkid ?

Trick9 said...

Anyone notice in the video that during the connectivity sequence, it shows the “ON” connecting to a monitor or a TV. Then it goes on to show connectivity between the gamecube and a question mark that somewhat resembles the nintendo revolution? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

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