Thursday, July 28, 2005

Miyamoto interviewed by Gamespy

Yup, the good people at Gamespy have interviewed Shiggy (thanks again to Raphael for pointing this out) - here are the good bits:
"The idea that somebody might look at the Revolution controller and think, 'Oh, this is too much for me' is something that I would really regret. That is something I would love to avoid if I can," says Miyamoto.

"The controllers for this generation do not look fun to use. You don't look at any of the controllers and think, 'Wow, I want to play [with] this.' You look at these controllers and think, 'Oh my God, it looks so difficult.' That scares people away.

"Actually, at Nintendo, we're not even sure which is better. Is the + control pad the better way to, go or is the analog stick the better way to go? I haven't really been able to decide which is best." (...)

"With the Revolution we're hoping to do is utilize the interface to create more interesting and unique games." (...)

"We're looking at utilizing the functionality of the Revolution and its user interface to create really unique gaming experiences." (...)

"What we really want to do is create something that's not frightening to the user that is usable for a Zelda-type game. We're going to have to figure out a way to marry both those ideas."

Miyamoto says that Nintendo has created such a controller. Asked about all the secrecy surrounding the new controller design, he says, "Graphic chips are one thing. Those are hard to imitate. But if we showed our controller, we'd be revealing way too much. It's very easy to copy. We really want to present our interface, the controller, with software as a package."

You can read about how soon that may be in my next post.


DlphnMod said...

Someone tell them to hurry up already!!!!

Lectoid said...

"But if we showed our controller, we'd be revealing way too much. It's very easy to copy."

Very easy? that doesn't sound revolutionary to me. I hope this is just an excuse.

Falafelkid said...

Lectoid, think about it: revolutionary doesn´t mean difficult.

Spak said...

I really expect Nintendo to form a hybrid D-Pad Analog Stick. I think that would allow one less item on the controller and really remove the clutter from the current controllers.

However, What do you do with the second Analog Stick? Turn it into a mouse? Remove it for Gyro control?

I don't have an answer for that...but I personally would love for a hybrid D-Pad Analog controller.

JeroenR said...

"revolutionary doesn´t mean difficult."

Very, true. The wheel was a revolutionary idea at the time, but someone a wheel and they'll instantly get it. Nintendo seems intent on making the controller very simple and easy to use. So, when you'll see it you might be thinking something along the lines of "Wow that's such a great idea, and it seems so obvious. Why didn't I think of that?" Many of the great innovations have actually been very simple ideas that have been implemented very well by people who just 'got' it. ( I should say that I don't think the new controller will be as revolutionary as the wheel ;))

Anonymous said...


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