Thursday, July 21, 2005

Let´s count our blessings

First of all, I don´t have any real information for you in this post. I am just shocked by most people´s reactions to Capcom´s recent decision. Most likely, there will be no Resident Evil 5 for Nintendo Revolution. Allow me to be deliberately provocative now: So what? Sure, Resident Evil 4 was an almost flawless game and I very much enjoyed playing it. But its predecessors in the series were far from perfect. Controlling characters in Resident Evil Zero was like steering a car and quite frustrating to everyone but the most loyal fans. So why start whining about a game we know almost nothing about yet?

And even if the new installment lives up to its expectations, it´s still only one game. I very muched enjoyed playing Resident Evil 4, but to be honest I preferred playing Eternal Darkness and I preferred playing Metroid. I don´t want you to flame, I would just like you to realise that it´s just one game, albeit a good one. There will be other good games. And where is everyone´s excitement about a new piece of hardware gone? The way I see it is this: We will get a console that will feature something more or less groundbreaking. At the very least, the Revolution will have gyroscopic controllers. Some kind of haptic device also looks likely. Maybe there will be pressure sensitive pads, there could even be some kind of brainwave measuring device or maybe there will even be stereoscopic 3D projection or an augmented reality visor.

So let´s count our blessings. Don´t let this one announcement kill all your excitement about a console that really could turn out to be a revolution. Think about all the things the console could turn out to be... Until we know, this is a bit like the outcry about the lack of high definition. As I commented before, it´s asking for ketchup without knowing what´s for dinner.


sssd said...


on topic, however..

I agree. I played some Resident Evil 4, but didn't think it was so amazing that I wanted to finish it. It was a good game, and I understand why poeple liked it. However, it's not as though RE5 not coming out on rev. means no other games will.

What about the great games we do know about? FF:CC enabled online would be amazing. Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus, a new Mario and Zelda. Do these mean nothing?

Add to that the reams of unannounced games, and you've definitely got something to be excited about.

it's really just far to early to start freaking out and proclaiming the death of nintendo.

Oh, and since they haven't officially announced Final Fantasy XIII for ps3, does that mean it's going to fail also?

DlphnMod said...

Please try to see it from our point of view guys. We are upset because Capcom is the 3rd party most closely tied to Nintendo and when this happens, its kind of a bad omen.

Whether Nintendo believes it or not, just changing the image of the console and making a few mature titles does not change the minds of the public. Public perception is that if you don't run with the big dogs, you are a kiddie console. Nintendo has made it clear they have no intention of running with the pack. Instead they go their own way.

So yes, lacking HD, being weaker, not giving details, not aggressively marketing are all things that prevent Revolution from growing up and it looks like 3rd parties feel no different about REV than they do about GC.

I am an avid Nintendo fan. I will buy this console and many of its games and I will love them. The sad truth is that I am still forced to buy another console for the other 50% of games I love, and RE5, whether you think so or not is very very high on the list of gamers. I cannot fault Capcom for wanting to push the visual boundaries. Its their game after all.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with dlphnmod. What he states is true. I am also a huge Nintendo fan and I'm very likely going to buy a Revolution because good or bad looking, I won't be able to play a Mario or Zelda game elsewhere. But having a company who worked so close to Nintendo as Capcom moving away from them could mark the beginning of another bad season of poor 3rd pary support, just as we are seeing it with Gamecube. Believe it or not, getting Capcom to do exclusive content for GC was the cause of a lot of exitement among the Nintendo's fans community. You know why? Because it was a small step in getting game content from people outside Nintendo. A reason to buy a Gamecube. So the problem is not loosing Resident Evil 5, but loosing Capcom. Take Sega for instance. They also think that what Nintendo is doing could lead to less 3rd party support. Silicon Knights is another good example. They just don't feel like following Nintendo's philosophy. So little by little, Nintendo Revolution is loosing support, even before being released! I really hope Nintendo is preparing something really revolutionary, because otherwise I will have no option but to go with their competitors.

Anonymous said...

You can thank Matt C (aka penis head) at IGN for blowing this out of the water.

I hate his guts.

Anonymous said...

Once again, with a machine that is intentionly being shrouded in secrecy, do we really expect developers to be shouting out details from the rooftops.

If the "special features" of the RS really will lead to games that cannot be played on the other consoles, thats reason enough for capcom to be silent.

Any information on the games, could lead to us figuring out what makes the revolution so special.

Nomadx469 said...

you know, i don't remember capcom saying that is not supporting the revo. they didn't even say that the resident evil franchise wasn't coming to the revo, i think some of you are just a little paranoid, less than half a year remains for a official confirmation and probly less, because they might show befor the 360 debut's just to counter their sales and give ppl a reason to wait for The Revolution.

Like Falafelkid said, "count our blessings" and that for now means a lot

DlphnMod said...

Well you are sort of correct. We are paranoid, but can you blame us? I can only take so many promises before I start to question.

You are very correct also that we should still be patient because no developers have said anything yet, and we know there are studios working on stuff. What kind of stuff, we don't know.

It looks likely however, that the graphic intensive, high production value games will steer clear of us. I'm sure capcom is supporting Nintendo, but with what idunno.

I do believe that Nintendo, whatever they have cooking, will be unleashed with an aggressive campaign. All signs point to this....almost every nintendo studio has abandoned GC and started REV games, and by laying low, they seem to be conserving capital in order to fund the marketing of DS and REV next year.

CountChocula said...

Even though the loss of RE5 is a bad sign, it could be a sign of something else to come. We might possibly see a new "Resident Evi type" series for the Rev that could be better than RE5. It's just a natural trend, that, after a while, game companies start trying new things and abandon old games. Look at Square-Enix: They're trying to start new series, knowing that they can't keep making Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy. We know Kojima has stated that most of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid games will be done by others while he simply advises and consents. It's how developers are; they don't want to make a million sequels to the same game. How many Resident Evil games have been made already? Who knows, maybe Capcom wants to start a fresh new series for the Revolution. It's illogical that they would ignore Nintendo/RE4 fans; I mean the game sold incredibly well, and the only reason to assume that they wouldn't make a similar game on the Rev is if the previous game (RE4) didn't sell well. I think we should be optimistic at the possibility of an exclusive Capcom game for the Rev.

Sorry that was so long.

Anonymous said...

its not the fact ath re5 wontr be on teh revoluton that worrys me its teh fact that in that thign that i saw it says somthign like "resident evil 5 will tkae use of ps3 and xbox260s raw power" or somthing, what if they cant port alot of games cus of the revoultions power? i realy hope this isnt the reason though

Marius said...

Currently, I'm very impressed by one game already implementing next generation gameplay: Meteos (loving it so far)

So for me this (and, in fact, the whole PS3 meeting yesterday - see IGN for that) is just a case of "Ooh, shiny", but classic next generation stuff.
I'm in for classic gaming with next gen graphics, so the X180 will be in my home by christmas.
But I'm also getting next generation gaming with classic graphics - next year, on Nintendo Revolution.

Besides, I didn't like RE and have never ever played RE4. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey falafelkid, this is OT but I would like to see you do more investigating into what NEC is doing for Nintendo.

I think it would be more prudent to find out about the chipset than worry about 3-d goggles or something.

runnin_blue said...

I have a feeling the reason developers are openly stating their disinterest in Revolution is because Nintendo are yet to reveal all the information about it to them. Nintendo are doing this to keep their secrets and when the time is right, they will let everyone know. I believe when this happens developers will FLOCK to Nintendo. Trust me. Think about it.

Falafelkid said...

Hi all. Good discussion here, thank you all for your contributions. And I perfectly understand your point of view, DlphnMod. It is being paranoid, but it´s also understandably so.

However, Capcom was not Nintendo´s only close ally. In fact, I believe Sega has become very attached to them. They very much supported the DS with original titles and I know for a fact that Sega is excited about the Rev´s controller and developing for the console.

In fact, I would guess that Capcom is excited about developing for the Rev, too. We most likely will not get RE5, we probably will not get any RE, but there will be Capcom titles for the Rev. As has been pointed out, titles like Viewtiful Joe can really only thrive on Nintendo consoles. Capcom apperciates originality and the Rev will feature something original, whatever it is. Surely, Capcom will want to be in on the action somehow.

Also, wanting to buy another console to play games you won´t get on the Rev is nothing unusual. The PS3 and Xbox360 will in turn lack a number of important titles people can only enjoy on the Rev (not least because of the original feature).

I have all three current-gen consoles here at work. But if I had to choose only one it would be the Gamecube. I wouldn´t want to miss playing Metroid, Eternal Darkness, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, F Zero or Luigi´s Mansion. All these outstanding titles you can only play on Nintendo. I´d have to do without Halo or Gran Turismo, but there you go. You always have to make sacrifices buying only one console. But the Rev could turn out to be one with lots of exclusivity and little sacrifices. Let´s wait and see.

Anyway, I am happy about your comments. Because it seems you are still all excited about the hardware to come.

Anonymous said...

- Production Studio 4 or Clover Studios is NOT involved in the development of RE5 which probably means neither is Shinji Mikami..
- RE5's producer is Jun Takeuchi from Studio 2. His credits include Street Fighter II, RE, RE2 and Onimusha 1 & 2.
- Unresolved mysteries from the first game will be revealed
- Game takes place in Somalia, Africa
- The team is currently working on the 'invisible effects' like wind movements, illusions due to the intense heat, briefly to make us feel the scorching temperature
- Takeuchi said that the models for the game will be the most detailed and realistic ever seen; the hairs on the head and the face of the character will be rendered individually
- Finally, Takeuchi estimates 3 to 5 years of production time

2008 or 2010, that's far away ....

DlphnMod said...

The cost of development has to be astronomical for something that long. Either they expect to sell millions of these or they are gonna jack up the price.

Falafelkid said...

Capcom told me that RE4 already cost a fortune. That is why even the decent sales for Gamecube simply weren´t enough to make a good profit with it.

sssd said...

everyone keeps saying "but RE4 sold so well on GameCube, so Capcom must release RE5 for the Rev!"

Well, the reason RE4 sold so well was because of good marketing, good reviews, and the fact that is was a good game. The fact is, it sold well in spite of Nintendo's limited install base. If the same game would have come out on ps2 it would have sold two to three times as many copies. In fact, the graphically weaker version that's coming out on ps2 will probably sell just as many if not more copies than the Gcube version did, in spite of it being superior.

I hate to sound pessimistic, but it's just a fact when you consider the install base.

I'm really excited about the revolution, and I believe Capcom will continue to release creative, innovative titles on Nintendo systems, but the fact that they probably aren't releasing their biggest money maker on it isn't that surprising.

Kevin said...

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