Sunday, July 10, 2005

Proof that Gorgonbox is a Navy site

The cryptic site Gorgonbox, which deciphers and encrypts messages in order to give users hidden clues, movies and pictures has been rumoured to be part of a Nintendo viral marketing campaign. It´s not. There is proof that it is indeed a Navy site, as has been speculated.

One month ago, the Bluejacket, an apparent Navy newspaper, wrote this article. At the moment the whole server seems to be down. Here´s the full text, copied from the Google cache:
Online video game new tool for recruiting
By Jeffrey G. Nichols CNRC Public Affairs

Your awareness is heightened. You sense someone is watching you, monitoring your movements, waiting for you to get closer. You have no time to waste; you need to reach the downed plane and extract the sensitive information. Your country is depending on you -- are you up to the challenge?

Navy Training Exercise (NTE) “Strike and Retrieve” is a new online video game that was developed by Commander, Navy Recruiting Command and its advertising agency to help build interest in and awareness of Navy high-tech jobs. It uses a hypothetical scenario to challenge the player to locate and secure top-secret documents from within a downed unmanned reconnaissance plane, all the while battling challenging underwater terrain, deep sea creatures and an opposing force also on the trail of the downed plane.

Strike and Retrieve has been developed to provide young men and women aged 17 to 24 with a chance to participate in a “highly sensitive, top-secret” mission. While Navy Recruiting continues to reach out to this audience via more conventional recruiting methods, gaming and interactive electronic media have increasingly become an aspect of this audience’s daily lives. Accordingly, the Navy is working to reach them via these new avenues.

Strike and Retrieve will draw participants and test their skills in different areas that Sailors in the Navy experience in their everyday life and challenge their own skills. There will also be an opportunity for players to learn more about the Navy while searching for special codes to help guide them through the game. The game directs players to to find the special codes. The initial version of Strike and Retrieve is downloadable from the Internet and is stand-alone (one player). Plans for future missions and versions that will grow with technology, the Internet and player demands are still under consideration and planning.

Strike and Retrieve is expected to be rated “E” for everyone. The game is mentally challenging, and while the game is aimed at a specific age group -- younger players -- more experienced players can also enjoy the game without fear of violence and gore.

The game is planned for launch on June 15. For more information on the game scenario, go to

There had been plenty of self-proclaimed insiders out there, pretending that Gorgonbox contained the Revolution´s secret. There is this blog on it. Also, there has been speculation about a zodiac trio, apparently being Iwata, Miyamoto and Reggie. Finally, all this nonsense is proven to be fake. If anyone should doubt the authenticity of the article, it´s on the server. No way to fake that. There is just no such thing as the N-game, people!

I cannot claim I found this article myself. But, again, my browser crashed and I barely salvaged the link. I couldn´t trace its source, though.


Anonymous said...

have you checked out

my god, he is like a sexy detective :)

at least he isn't a fake or an insider

MR.Nintendo said...

Hi Falafelkid,

It is enjoyable to read your blog really.

I sent email to you twice, but seems all failed to deliver, the first try was on 2nd of July.

I guess for now I'd like to post it here. I know it sounds a bit silly since some rumors are "confirmded" to be fake and I don't want to be a rumor creator.

Please See Below for my email.

MR.Nintendo said...

Subject: Hi Felafelkid
Sent: Saturday, 2 July 2005 3:36:43 AM
(Sorry, I had sent the following email to you few days ago, and that was failed to deliver, so I try to send it again...)

Hi Falafelkid,

You have done the best work to publish rev rumor analysis in great depth, thanks a lot ,and your blog is my favorite.

I'd like you to see this photo:

556.jpg,that's what i referred to on the first post of the "cat story" on INMHS's blog.

I found it through his hints and after that, he changed/ added/deleted some comments so that it can't be found that easily any more.

It was actually posted by "ikusalos" on this link,not directly, but the image site.

INMHS always provide some hints/ clues that support the NintendoON, I don't want to sort all those out here.And I guess this photo is he purposely released into that site and for me and other ppl to discover.

When people talk about ON, he will say: "ohh, I will not deny nor confirm,?I can not answer this question."

and for that day before the "magic cat" ,ikusalos" made his last comment saying :did you see something like this?, and no one followed.

That's why INMHS said "I really cant answer" in the cat story and that's y he said "similarities" on the new post.

That's my observations of this N-gamer, and maybe you already know it because you talked to him. he is highly likely the person who did/sent those"think outside the box" posters, including that japanese white poster with ON-shape on the right lower corner.

he is a Revolution-ON-hybrid controllers believer.

Do you have any thought on this person after you interviewed Mr. Belmonte?

Also I like to add one thing, I am not sure you noticed or not.

Tanaka Osoko's site, he had changed it sometime ago, put a picture on the top as the title:


Right, you might see a slight spacing in the word ON-ly and REVO-lution, not so obvious though...

I don't want to post these kind of things because i don't want to be a rumor spreader without any proof. Since these guys are not really reliable and make people to spread rumor is what they want.

I guess you may reveal the truth behind these. And I can more sure about the Revolution.

btw. I am not any suspicious. I am a Chinese Nintendo gamer now living in Australia. And do some "not as good but nearly as good" posts like yours in Chinese and i'd love to refer and cite from your site, for people to know the truth.

If you need any sort of help/assistance on Chinese/Japanese translation or proofreading, contact me if you wish.

Sorry about my horrible english and many typos. Wish hear you soon.



Anonymous said... has Revolution specs on his/her site.

Are they real? I am starting to believe the guy.


Anonymous said...

don't start believing seriousgamer. he already came out in the ninty forums claiming he was just a guy who thought it would be fun to get people hyped about the rev.

DlphnMod said...

Yea this guy makes outrageous claims on his blog and then supports himself by writing anonymous comments in his own interest.

Falafelkid said...

@Mr. Nintendo: Hi and thanks for your nice comments. Xie Xie. (My girlfriend is originally Chinese). However, I don´t believe a word INMHS writes. I´ve read his completely ridiculous story and been in contact with him. He has made some silly mistakes which really out him as a fraud. He claims to have had early access to Revolution information and documents, as early as 2004. However, he continually referred to the console as ´N5´. This was an entirely fan-made term. No developer would ever have used it. All documents referred to the console as ´Gamecube Next´. He also claimed a second party development studio could be behind the so-called N-game. Anyone with experience in the industry knows, though, that no such developer would have the vested interest and the resources to do so - let alone the time. When developing a game, studios can go into ´crunch time´ for many, many months. And that can easily mean working days of eleven hours a day, six or seven days a week. To think that any of these guys or girls would use their spare time to update pages and pages on their blog (at the same time risking to be sacked) or even carefully plan a viral marketing campaign is something only a kid with no inside knowledge could believe. Sorry, he´s fake. Completely and utterly. We exchanged some pleasant mails and I give him all the credit in world for not flaming or trolling. But he still is just another one of those attention-seekers. Don´t believe him. And don´t believe in an N-game. It doesn´t exist.

@Anonym 1&2: Read my previous posts about Seriousgamer007. If INMHS is a clever and polite fake, this guy is a rude and stupid one. Not to mention annoying with a capital ´F´.

MR.Nintendo said...


Thanks for your nice reply. Obviously you have much more insider knowledge than those "insiders" :)

I guess exchanging some opinions is good.

Please take a lood at this Falafelkid, the Patent is uptated , I found it changed just today 12/jul and let you know.

MR.Nintendo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MR.Nintendo said...


Sorry the link seems to be altered when I post it here, anyway it was the original nintendo patent for the 3-D controls.

long technical stuff...

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