Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nintendo marketing guy reveals more info?

There´s new release date rumours courtesy of this Gamespot forum thread. Read it yourself.
my girlfriend's dad works for nintendo. he does something with marketing/promotion or something like that. i am a huge nintendo fan and i'm always begging him for any info on the revolution but he is not allowed to tell me anything. however, today when i asked him for any new info he told me that nintendo will be releasing everything soon. how soon? he wouldn't tell me. all he said was that he's seen and used the revolution and that i shouldn't worry so much because it WILL in fact live up to all the hype and then some. word for word he said to me "stop worrying so much about the new system. i've played with it and it's amazing. it will shatter your expectations. think about the greatest system ever and times that by ten. that's the revolution. when the time comes, we'll tell you everything. but don't lose any sleep over this. now stop asking me so many questions." he wouldn't tell me anything else even though i literally begged him for about an hour.

Now, if that is fake, there is surprisingly little info here. It seems all quite understated - not the usual "I know someone who has seen the controller and it´s made of pure gold and plays the violine" type of claim we usually get. Unfortunately, I think it´s still fake. When pressed by other posters, the guy revealed the name of the person to be Derek Hanley. The poster himself lives in Texas according to his profile. I phoned NOA and they knew noone of that name. Nor do they have a branch in Texas. The only Nintendo-related people working in Texas are PR company Golin Harris´ staff and the guys at Retro Studios. Now, Retro do not employ marketing people. And Golin Harris has noone listed by thast name at their Houston and Dallas branches. So I guess this rumour is fake. That doesn´t mean, however, that Nintendo won´t reveal the controller soon. Just hang on in there!


Lectoid said...

Even if it is fake, it makes a good point by saying just to wait and don't loose sleep over it.

Though like everyone else, I can't wait, but sadly we have to.

DlphnMod said...

The more I wait, the less faith I have.

Simon's spot said...

have a look at my blogg if u have time

Falafelkid said...

@lectoid: True. But I am sure there will be info before long. The dev kits have been out for weeks now and Nintendo is well aware of the possibility of leaks. The longer they wait, the higher the risk...

@dlphnmod: C´mon! You don´t mean that, do you? The Revolution could turn out to be a milestones in the history of videogames. Have some faith. There´s just no sense in being disillusioned until we see what´s on the menu.

@simon´s spot: Cool site, keep up the good work. Your latest post is quite interesting. I might have to check that out myself. Thanks.

DlphnMod said...

I don't want to be pessimistic but this blogging and lack of concrete info is taking its toll on me. At least MS and Sony speculators have info to build on. We only have lies to pick apart.

If we just got our hands on one real screenshot, we could dig tons of info out of it.

Falafelkid said...

dplhnmod, why be so negative? Sony and MS fans know already they are getting a bog standard console. Greatly improved graphics, perhaps. But nothing new. There´s nothing more exciting than anticipating the new Nintendo console right at this moment. Serious, I love every minute of it. I admit, this post was wacky, but I just wanted to share some comic relief with you. Read my newest post and you´ll have some interesting info.

Falafelkid said...

I meant the next post, of course ;P

Alex said...

Maybe we get some more Info on the TGS or the GamesConvention

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