Saturday, January 11, 2014

How my predictions turned out.

In my last extensive post in May, I made a number of predictions. A lot of them were spot on, some were spectacularly wrong.

I was right to favour the PlayStation4 over the Xbox One for a number of reasons. Kinect was never a selling factor (certainly not one that would warrant paying a $100 / €100 premium), the name did not suggest a great advance from the previous console, Microsoft's emphasis on television content did not excite anyone (nor did the appointment of former CBS president Nancy Tellem as their newest executive) and things have been very quiet on the 'Halo' front.

As far as the PlayStation4 is concerned, I called the touchpad on the controller a gimmick with little use. And, owning a PS4 since its German launch, it really feels like that.

I was very wrong about Microsoft's and Sony's ability to launch their respective console on time. Although neither manufacturer was able to supply a large amount of stock. Xbox One being readily available despite of this (at least in Germany) speaks for itself. However, both manufacturers claim to have sold around three to four million units or so. My predictions regarding the continuing slump of Wii U sales materialised. So it is a neck-on-neck race at the moment, with Wii U apparently at around five million units, which is still about a million ahead of PS4, which in turn is about a million units ahead of Xbox One, according to VGChartz. It is going to be an exciting year.


Anonymous said...

tune. want to hear this in the next wipeout on ps4 please

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing more content from you Falaflekid.
Have you any comments on the Nintendo stock drop and this?
Keep up the good work buddy.

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