Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wii U to become hardware beast, feature Steam?

A quick post to update you on most interesting rumours regarding the Wii U. If true, the Wii U will become quite a hardware beast, sport unbelievable third party collaborations and, consequently, cost more than expected.

The rumours originate from an Italian website citing a source within Ubisoft Milan and were translated by Übergizmo.

To summarise, the rumours state:

* Launch date: November, 23rd
* Price: $350-$450
* RAM: 2GB, with 560MB dedicated to the operating system
* GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6770
* DirectX 11 support
* Crytek, EA and Valve working on games
* Valve supplying digital distribution platform and Portal port

These specs and details are quite surprising, to say the least. In fact, they may border the unbelievable. Valve supporting the Wii U with what would have to be the first console port of Steam would be a system-selling feature that would leave Microsoft and Sony out in the cold, whenever they release their next-gen consoles.

In my mind, now would be a good time to buy Nintendo shares anyway (in fact, I recently have). If these rumours turn out to be true, you should be able to double your money before the year is out. But I am really sceptical.

EDIT It appears that the forum poster has admitted to making the whole thing up. Thanks to Obiettivo Sbloccato for the heads-up.


Metaldave said...

The guys at NeoGAF are saying this is very fake. John Harker at NeoGAF who is a confirmed insider also said that was fake.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Metaldave. That is also my opinion. This would be too good to be true. Especially Valve putting Steam on the Wii U.

Anonymous said...

It's a joke!!
Late in the thread the guy explained this:
"Salve a tutti, spero che vi ricordiate di me.
Volevo dirvi che in verità non sono quello che ho detto di essere prima. Non sono uno sviluppatore di Ubisoft Milano, anzi, non sono nemmeno uno sviluppatore in verità. Sono solo un ragazzo di 15 anni che ama giocare con i videogiochi. Volevo fare uno scherzo agli utenti di questo forum, ma non volevo che il tutto sarebbe finito in questo modo. Mi scuso con tutti, con gli utenti, con tutti i fan che hanno creduto a quello che ho scritto, ma soprattutto ad Ubisoft a cui mi sono reso conto di aver causato problemi. In un primo momento ho pensato a spacciarmi per uno sviluppatore di Ubisoft perchè è stato il primo nome di una società che ha sede in Italia, in modo da essere creduto da più persone possibile.
Mi sono pentito di aver fatto una cosa del genere, perciò desidero chiedere scusa a tutti nella speranza che possiate perdonarmi per questo errore e spero che la Ubisoft perdoni la mia bravata e giuro che non farò più una cosa simile."

Mr. Lake said...

Where's my Nibris story....If you don't care anymore then just a few lines to finish it.

I wanted the Sadness game for many years yet nothing ever came of it other than you tempting us by saying you have their story.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Mr. Lake. I really will publish it as soon as possible. It is two-thirds done, at least. You have got to appreciate though that I am a television producer and family man. And I do appreciate a little me time once in a while, too - which means videogames mostly. But I promise that I will publish the Nibris story as soon as I can put the finishing touches on it.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

wii u....what a silly name lol

Gabe said...

Anonymous said...

wii u....what a silly name lol

May 27, 2012 6:57 AM

What a silly comment.

Anonymous said...

what like wii was silly and then was the fastest selling console in history


nz guy said...

well here we are again, speculating on another Nintendo console.
remember me Falafel? this was my fave place however many years ago it was. guess I'ts time to get back into it.

Of course the story is fake but I expect the wii U to at least be on par, graphically, with the 360 or whats the point? they have brought the "pro" gamer into the discussion themselves this generation and are showing the pro pad off pre-e3.

It could be the second half of a strategy to increase the market for wii first, then sell a more expensive console to its new adoring customers, but start to nudge them towards mainstream gaming for team Nintendo?

Just a thought, It's fun to speculate it has been too long XD

Anonymous said...

It looks like "on par" with x360 and ps3 was accurate.

Anonymous said...

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