Wednesday, March 07, 2012

´FTW - For the Win´ continues

Once again, it has been far too long since my last post. But, once again, some good news are the reason for me having been extremely busy. My television network has just announced that FTW – For the Win, the videogame program I helped design, will become a series in 2012.

FTW is about competitive gaming and broadcasts eSport matches in full length, currently from both the ESL’s Pro Series and Intel Extreme Masters, alongside interviews and items about the subject.

This year, we will cover seven events with an output of three hours each, starting with the IEM finals taking place at the CeBIT computer fair in Hannover this week. FTW – For the Win will show the Counter-Strike 1.6 final late next Monday and the StarCraft II and League of Legends finals the Saturday after. Here are the viewing times:

FTW – For the Win
Monday, March 12th, 11:15pm – 0:15am
Counter-Strike 1.6 final

Saturday, March 17th, 2pm – 4pm
StarCraft II & League of Legends finals

We will also be updating you in German via our blog, where I will obviously be posting a little more frequently than here for the time being. And, naturally, you will be able to see all of the shows via my network’s streaming portal, the ZDF Mediathek under (just search for FTW), where you can still find the pilot we aired from the gamescom in August, featuring a talk with Richard Garriott.

Of course, we will be going back to gamescom in 2012. Later in the year, we will also be covering events as far away as Guangzhou and New York City. And we will bring you news and reviews concerning online, multiplayer and AAA games.

So you see: great news. And I will try to translate some of the content I write for the FTW blog and post it here. And by the way, does anyone still care for the Nibris article? If ten people request it in the comments, it will become my number one priority once the current shows are through.


jan said...

Great news! Congrats!

Mr. Lake said...

I'd like to know what happened to the game called 'sadness'.

Metaldave said...

Yes I would like to hear the Nibris story too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be interesting to hear the Nibris story but you couldn't have posted it a little sooner? Didn't the studio close over a year ago?

Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for the article some time now, so yes please.

Raphael said...

I would like to read the Nibris story too!

mig said...

I'd love to read the Nibris article.

RGB said...

Although I dont really care and didnt really care so much even back then I would still like to read it as I think it will be a well written and interesting story now.

Anonymous said...

I'm also still waiting for that article... To be honest, if I'd ever meet you in person, my first question would be about that mysterious article! (It's pure sadness it hasn't been published yet!)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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