Wednesday, June 08, 2011

E3 reactions

After the big three press conferences at E3, various discussions have sprung up regarding the two new consoles, Sony's PSVita and Nintendo's Wii U. Here are some interesting tidbits.

For a start, PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai told Reuters Japan (via Andriasang) that PSVita will be profitable in three years. This suggests that Sony is selling the hardware at a significant loss.

Sony Computer Entertainment's Head of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida thinks that the PS3 and the Vita can replicate the Wii U setup and that certain games may be developed for both platforms, Develop Magazine writes.

Regarding Wii U, there is some discussion regarding the hardware power of the console. It is a given that Wii U will, by some, be perceived as a mere upgrade and not as the first eighth generation console. Yet in the above forum, a number of posters claim that what we know about the console's CPU already makes it a few times more powerful than the PlayStation3's Cell chip.

If you want to get technical, here is the info you need. The IBM press release regarding the Wii U's CPU is here, the AMD press release regarding the console's GPU is here.

Mark Rein, president of Epic Games (´Unreal´) twittered about potential Wii U support that there was no announcement to make today but that ´water was meeting fish.´ Also, Rein stated that he was at Nintendo's press conference, for the first time ever. Remember that ´Aliens: Colonial Marines´, due to come out for Wii U, is running Unreal 3 technology.

While industry insiders are all marvelling at the level of developer support Nintendo is getting, investors did not get to grips with the Wii U with Nintendo shares taking a 5,7 percent tumble in Tokyo, falling to the lowest level in many years. Some market analysts voice their confusion about the console.

Sony shares, on the other hand, gained a little. Bear in mind, though, that Sony is an electronics giant with a diverse product range. Also, the latest PlayStation Network outage made Sony shares tumble over the last few weeks. With PSN back up, the shares are also set to recover.

Lastly, Microsoft shares rose on Monday but have since returned to the level before their E3 press briefing. Microsoft, too, is a huge corporation and poor sales of Windows Phone 7 handsets may be to blame for a declining share price.


RGB said...

Mark Rein eh, if that stupid stubborn american has jumped on the bandwagon then you know things definitely have changed. What a pratt though...only the first time at Nintendo conference.

Good post BTW

Anonymous said...

ibm edram confirmed as wiiboy101 said it would like a year ago (hoping both gpu and cpu have it not just cpu)

could be power 7 or a next gen broadway core lots of lovely edram as level 3 catch MMMMMMmmmmmmmm yum

power cpus have 32mb of it 32 sexy mb of the wonderful stuff

ps3 cell 512k catch LOL

Raphael said...

Anonymous said...

For you that wants to know more about eDram from IBM that will be in the Wii U$File/rc24142.pdf

"Large capacity eDRAM caches make high bandwidth access to high capacity on-chip storage a reality by offering both wide data paths, and high on-chip transfer speeds.

In conjunction with chip-multiprocessor solutions, it is possible to deliver increased performance at low power and with
reduced bandwidth requirements to off-chip memory"


Aleksandar Manov said...

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Spazer said...

New specs rumor has surfaced regarding WII U :

GPU -> R 770 : a 4850 HD custom ?

Spazer said...

Great news, sorry for the double post...

I've just listened to a french podcast (E3 post reactions) from the site " gameblog " where they said there's another big surprise on WII U Nintendo didn't revealed...
This go on the same way of what was saying " 01net" regarding the big surprise in the early rumors of wii 2.

Damn, what could it be ?

RGB said...

Sorry but I think thats bs.

Spazer said...

@ Grandmaster B : maybe as you think... but they said (and insist) they talk to third parties during E3 and there's apparently another surprise...on the WII U. Perhaps it's not huge but there's something, you'll see...
" 01net " who where the most close of the wii 2 specs and controler mock up said the fucking same thing, there's another stuff not revealed !

Anyway I don't care you trust me or not, you're always negative !

RGB said...

Heh take a chill pill not negative at all. I think people just like to hype stuff up on sites for stories.

Ive been around a long enough time to just not get drawn into the BS. I am not naive so dont get being naive confused with being negative.

Sure all the things are not known about the Wii U but the majority of the concept is there. There will be no extra wow factor other than minor things that the majority will not care about.

Spazer said...

Hey Grandmaster, I'm not here to hype at all and telling bullshit, just speculate.

Of course the main concept has been revealed, but strangely TWO reliable sources spoke about the same thing : a surprise ! huge or not I don't know (surely not a wow factor as you said)

Minor things ? probably some in the future but I'm speaking of ONE feature and it's not online cause we already know that WII U's one will be on par with xbox live and psn. (Reggie told that)

And I really wonder what could it be...hope it has something to do with 3D display and the camera.

I will change " always " by "often " negative...cause you seems to be listless.

kathy said...

thank you for your sharing~~~

jerry said...

Wii U looks interesting. I'm curious to see how it will fare.

On a side note, I picked up a 3DS and OOT 3D. It's a nice handheld so far, the store is still a mess, I don't see why it took nintendo so long to launch it seeing how they were trying to make sure it was better than DSi ware and the wii store.

I'm looking forward to the new RE game.

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