Monday, April 25, 2011

Wii successor confirmed for 2012 amidst first fakes

Nintendo has confirmed that a Wii successor will be unveiled at E3 in Los Angeles in early June and released in 2012, as expected. On the Japanese website's investor relations page, a brief notice was published today in the form of a PDF document entitled Wii's successor system:

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has decided to launch in 2012 a system to succeed Wii, which the company has sold 86.01 million units on a consolidated shipment basis between its launch in 2006 and the end of March 2011.

We will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Sales of this new system have not been included in the financial forecasts announced today for the fiscal term ending March 2012.

The last sentence implies that the launch date will be no earlier than April of next year.

Recapping on all rumours so far, the system appears to:

  • be called Stream and bear the codename Project Café
  • feature a tri-core PowerPC CPU by IBM, an R700 series GPU by AMD and at least 512MB RAM
  • be capable of outputting 1080p resolution
  • be capable of stereoscopic 3D (contested by another source)
  • feature motion controls
  • feature a controller with a 6.2 inch HD touchscreen, to which content is streamed from the console, also bearing two analogue sticks, a camera and eight buttons
  • be backwards compatible with Wii software as well as with Wii controllers
  • feature a Blu-ray drive (contested by another source)
  • be already be in the hands of various developers, including Ubisoft, Activision, EA and Rockstar
  • get ´Grand Theft Auto V´, developed by Rockstar, perhaps even for launch
  • get the successor to ´Donkey Kong Country Returns´, developed by Retro Studios 
  • cost between 350 and 400 US-Dollars

In the meantime, various images have popped up purporting to be internal Nintendo documents.The first one appeared on someone's TinyPic account.

Under the headline Innovation reinvented, the text reads:

Project Café is simply the most developer friendly SDK the industry has ever seen. Deliver unparalleled next generation performance at current generation costs. It doesn't get any easier than this.
  • Easy portability from PC, Xbox360
  • Anytime live update past release
  • Integrated M-Live framework

The image itself could, in theory, be genuine. The design of both the alleged presentation slide and the console appear professional enough. But I cannot imagine what kind of presentation such a slide might be from. I do not believe that Nintendo visits publishers with an interest in their top secret SDK to show them a PowerPoint presentation that is designed to convince them of the kit. They do cost money, obviously, but I do not believe that you need to convince a publisher with corny sales slogans like "It doesn't get any easier than this".

Also, if such presentations really were made, they would likely feature lots of technical details and not the general mumbo-jumbo you find in the first paragraph. Lastly, the second bullet point appears to be not too well worded. Okay, even the brief financial statement above contains a syntax error (it should read "of which the company has sold") but I would assume such slides to be compiled with more care. There is no real evidence to go by, but I believe the image to be fake.

On to the second piece. In the following collage of images being sent to TechnoBuffalo, we see the outline of the same console, along with more text.

Here, the text reads:

Screen stream takes the 1080p image and pushes each rendered quarter to the player's personal TV screen.

If the first image was slightly dubious, these ones are doubly so. Any kind of presentation would use renders rather than simple outlines. Such basic images are only ever used in patent documents. This is surely a fake.

Of course, we are free to speculate what the controller may look like and many mockups are circulating, from serious suggestions to plain humorous. In my mind, the idea that we will get a standard, pre-Wii controller with a touchscreen slapped onto it is obviously wrong.

Such a standard controller with an HD touchscreen would not only receive gaming content streamed from the home console, it would have to double as a handheld console to justify the high price. And if so, these sales would cannibalise sales of the DS line. The same is true of a standard tablet setup, though perhaps to a lesser extent.

For this reason alone, I cannot see the controller being a standard setup. Also, remember how we knew the basic elements of the Revolution controller in 2005 but noone actually thought of it mirroring a remote control. I am sure that Nintendo will surprise us in a similar manner this time. Either the 3DS is the Stream's controller or the controller will take a very different shape to whatever we can imagine.

EDIT The following images have surfaced via Wii HD Rumors. They show the same console design present in the other images above.

I continue to believe that they are fake. Firstly, this cannot be a development kit. Such units look more functional and have less of an emphasis on design. The Dolphin (the GameCube dev kit) looks like an ugly PC and the Wii's dev kit is a simple black box with open LEDs. So this can only be a design prototype for the final console, if real. But judging by the hardware specs the size is too small, while the Nintendo logo, from a design perspective, is far too big. Also, it is very early for a final design to be shown to anyone, even internally. Only very few people within Nintendo are privy to this and it is near impossible that one of these privileged people shares photos such as these.

EDIT Now, another photo of the alleged console has surfaced, courtesy of Wii 2 Blog. Here it is. Thanks to Spazer for the heads-up.

The image has apprently been sent to the blog accompanied by the following information. 

This is not the final design, this unit does not have a working drive or final parts. The unit powers on and is an internal test kit that is no longer being used because more complete units have now been distributed. The design is close to what we will see at E3. The colour scheme does not necessarily reflect that of the final model either.

 The blog author continues:

My source said that the photo was taken by a friend of his who sent the picture to him. His friend does not work directly for Nintendo, but she “has access to early kits.” Lastly, he told me that the final kit will probably be thinner and more detailed.

These words practically prove that these units are all fake. The claim is that the source does not even work for Nintendo. It is obvious that noone outside of Nintendo will have seen any of the final design prototypes. Not a single person. This is true of NCL in Japan and more so of Nintendo of America. Ask yourselves the simple question: would anyone at Nintendo of America even need to see such prototypes? Of course not. And it is way too early to show the design to accessory manufacturers.

The claim that it is an "early kit" is also misinformed. Early kits are development kits and bear no design whatsoever. These are purely functional units. Design prototypes are something different altogether and it is highly likely that even NOA president Reggie has not seen one of those yet.

EDIT Since there have been assertions that the unit shown here could actually be the dev kit, allow me to make this point very clear: dev kits are purely functional units. Have a look at the Wii dev kit right here. This is the GameCube's dev kit. Notice any design kinks? No? No, you wouldn't. Also, this thing is way too small for a first generation dev kit. Compare it to the first PlayStation3 dev kit. Even the PSP dev kit is bigger than this alleged unit. You can check out more images right here. To suggest that this could be a dev kit is just really misinformed and that is being polite.

I have also come across another image in the style of the very first one, this one bearing the logos of both IBM and AMD. It originates from an image sharing website and originally shows a collage of images.

The text is cut off, but there is mention of the terms Streamplay and StreamWare, as well as of N-Live middleware. The collage of three images with the outlined console and controller above, though, mentions Screen Stream instead, while the sister image to this new one almost definitely makes note of an M-Live framework. How many different technologies with similar names could be at work here? Clearly, there are way too many technical terms flung around. Also, most of these are trademarked within software development. This alone should unmask at least some images as fake.


Anonymous said...

This thing will sell.

do you think that GTA 5 rumor is really possible?

I know many of my friends who would return to Nintendo just for this alone.

But drugs and hookers on a new Ninty console?
And didnt Chinatown Wars DS sell terribly?

Unknown said...

Hi Andreas. Long time no seen.

I’ve been waiting for this moment in time that you; along with others on this blog will start speculate about a new Nintendo home console. And thank you and other participants for keeping this blog alive.
Regarding your thoughts about 3DS being the optional controller is sounding indeed…

Keep it up!

/T. Silwer

Anonymous said...

3ds is the controller...btw it went through my mind before i read the sentence where you mentioned makes a lot of sense to me....and the wii controller might be the alternative controller for waggle crap

infamous said...

...or maybe the controller is the funkin screen and u wont need a tv to begin with......some type of tablet controller screen hybrid know what i m sayin??...that could be it...with motion tilting integrated....ok the 3 ds is not the controller ....remember where u heard it first.

Logo Design said...

For me Nintendo will always be the best console manufacturing co. Nintendo is not about HD graphics, sound, and HD movie clips. Nintendo is all about "gaming". The new successor of Wii will be the next generation's gaming trend.

Atlanta Roofing said...

This is good for the 3ds as well, because both will certainly use the same infrastructure for their online play. That is, if Nintendo is serious about upgrading their service. The two systems should be totally integrated. This combined with street pass is exciting stuff.

prasad said...

If Wii successor also held in India so many gaming lovers will attend and also they know about this generation different gaming consoles i heard that the next gaming console from Nintendo they will launch it in the summer of 2012 i hope this new console will be the best gaming console among all the gaming consoles and its price will also be reasonable for all the people.

Anonymous said...

The size is too small for the specs Hhmmmmmmmm total bullshit ,just because ms and sony made STUPID oversized hot dumb loud breaking systems doest mean nintendo is stupid ........FACT tiny system on chips with low heat and power comsumption are already way above ps3 thats tech FACT...anyone saying otherwise is a loud fan over heating junk ms FANBOY

Anonymous said...

high powered graphics dont fit in small places 3ds says hi.....

Anonymous said...

wonder if its using the new tiny powerpc cpus based on the wiis broadway family there now 128 bit bus and tiny system on chip design and 16 of them can fit on a single chip and be conbined with gpus etc they have 5 instructions per clock vs wii cpu,s 2 ......most powerful 32 bit cores on earth per clock and arm a9 like power consumtion 3 of those and a custom gpu running efficently will kick ps3s ass

Anonymous said...

nintendo isnt about hd hhmmmmmmm hd is now a global tv standard nintendo will support hd as its the standard tvs now are commonsense......

Anonymous said...

2x controller wiimote plus and nunchuck 2 and the pad tablet for total control options bring it on

Spazer said...

Hey Falafel,

check this out :

Another pic of an early project café design in white this time. It looks better :)

Anonymous said...

an old guy is back, and he will
have new insider-information,
for sure!!

i know him for years now and lots of things get true....

so we will see the next days what he has for us in the sleeve ;)

Anonymous said...

hi guys, hi falafelkid!
nice that so much spekulation are starting again, it wasn t so much since the old nintendo revolution :)

i remeber something very strange and crazy i read some years ago...
bust step by step,
first of all, i don t belive that the main-function of the wii2(or however the name will be, maybe wii-power ;) )
will only be a lcd-screen in the controller with stream-functions!
cause do u remeber dreamcast? it was simmilar.. and nintendo would never!! copy an old idea...
i have another thoughts..some years ago i found an strange but very interesting article floating in the web, it was from an "insider" and i didn t know at this time if i could believe it. but now. it make a lot of sense!
he discribed how he was playing with an add-on for wii nintendo was developing in 2005. it was an extra-screen for revolution, with the 3d-depth, without need of special-glasses. and he discribed a simply game, it was bowling from nintendo:

Anonymous said...

part 2:

he discribed how he had the bowling-ball in hishands directly on the screen of the controller, he made an movement towards to throw it in front of the television, where the pins are, and the ball came out of the 3d-screen to fly in direction of the tv... and strike!!
i think that, or something simillar like that would make sense to me.
to combinate motion-controls+3d+tv screen!!
what do you think guys is maybe the real secret of wii2?
see u

Unknown said...

..well an illusion of something moving out from your controller into the main screen would be interesting. anon, cool idea!


RGB said...

All these images etc are fake...its funny that before there was any comment about .wii2 there was nothing of this type of nature and now every boy and his dog is providing info..
Sorry most of this extra stuff outside the traditional circle is bs just like pre-wii was.

prasad said...

very good news from Nintendo i hope the new gaming console will have a great features and available all over the world with affordable price with less price so many gaming lovers can buy it and enjoy those games which are now only available for high class people so price should be available for all the people.

Anonymous said...

anyone stupid enough to think sony playstation isnt over after the latest network hack is blind sony zre dead in gaming computing phones and sinking in the tv market sony is no match for nintendo samsung etc ITS OVER.......

Anonymous said...

it IS the funkin dev kit get over it already falafelkid

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous.

it IS the funkin dev kit get over it already falafelkid

Sorry, mate. You don't know what you are talking about. Dev kits just don't look like that. I have seen a number of dev kits and they are all purely functional units.

Have a look at the Wii dev kit right here. Also, this thing is way too small for a first generation dev kit. They start off rather large. I don't blame you for not knowing, but don't pretend to know.

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous.

Falafel, do you think that GTA 5 rumor is really possible?

Sure, why not? Publishers need to earn money, nothing else. They will bet on any horse they consider worthwhile. Even if Mark Rein makes statements that may suggest the contrary, publishing deals are never based on ideology. They are all purely pragmatic.

So, if Nintendo is publishing a new console that is, quite obviously, more powerful than the current generation competitors, it is only natural that studios with a focus on graphics jump on the bandwagon. Expect Rockstar to be interested. Also expect Valve, id and Epic to be interested. Oh, and sorry for the late reply...

Hi Silwer. Thanks so much for your comments.

RGB said...

Correct, especially even more so if PS4 (if it does eventuate) and Xbox 720 are not due for a few years. They are only starting to profit from their systems on a hardware basis so it would only be stupid to bring a new system out (especially for Sony since they are struggling financially) so soon, especially when the games getting pushed out only get nicer looking each month.

Mind you; if Nintendo's new system is more powerful (significantly) and has some other innovative feature that is mindblowing the competition best be worried.

People say most games on PS3/X360 dont run in 1080....if Nintendo achieves this and with more powerful hardware the others are going to look a little outdated, especially when so many homes now have 1080p/1080i TV's.

LookingglassHD said...

Nintendo's business plan with the Wii was to capture the imagination of people. They didn't advertise the Wiimote as having gyrosopes and sensors etc. They advertised it as a wand that could turn into anything; it could be a steering wheel, a sword, a baseball bat, a gun, anything you could imagine. The technical specifications don't tell the story that Nintendo will tell at E3. Assuming that the specifications for the controller (6.3 in HD screen, with camera(s), capable of motion tracking with buttons and control sticks) are correct, it seems clear how Nintendo will use this technology to sell its new console. It will go something like this:

A man turns on his TV. "It's-a me! Mario." Mario runs about and spots the man looking at the TV. Mario runs towards him but, inevitably, is restricted by the glass on the front of the TV. He bumps into it and falls back.

The man lifts his Nintendo Stream Controller (NSC). Like a digital camera the screen displays whatever the man points the lens on the front at. He points it at the TV. (the rest is viewed through the screen on the NSC)

Undeterred by his failure to exit the TV, Mario produces his trusty mallet. With a couple of swings the glass on the TV gives way and shatters out onto the floor in front of the man. Mario jumps out of the tv and stands proudly in front of it.

The man walks 360 degrees around Mario. He extends a hand and pushes mario who falls over. Mario, aggrieved by this insult, whistles for back up. Out of the TV pour Link, Samus Aran and a legion of goombas. A fleet of Star Fox planes circle the man over head. He is surrounded.

The man looks away from the screen, around the room. Its empty; drab and grey. He looks back to the screen.

Nintendo Stream - looking glass to another world.

RGB said...

Good imagination but highly unlikely :)

Least your grammar is good unlike that twat anonymous who frequently visits here with his trash talk.

Anonymous said...


sorry I meant debug unit, not dev kit.
I've seen a Gamecube debug unit myself and it looked identical to the Gamecube console, the only difference being the colour which was greenish if I recall correctly.

So it's most likely the debug unit sent to devs & publishers.

What's the point in faking these pics?

Anonymous said...

@ Grandmaster B

I have tried to post a lengthy explanation of the technology involved (all exists and is usable with the hardware described in the controller spec) but my post won't stay up. I think it is now caught in a spam filter or something. Here are a few videos showing the technology I'm talking about.

Nintendo is very conscious of keeping the price of its consoles down. Touchscreens are expensive. Nintendo would not include them on every controller unless they were part of a system that Nintendo believes will blow people away. So if it is true about the touchscreens then I believe this is the most logical use of the technology.

Anonymous said...

the thing thats pissing me of is the deranged idea that the new controller is core and wii controls are casual BS total BS each controller ia as core or casual as needed second analog ISNT core it was always a inferior stop gap idea mouse,wiimote,touchscreen has always been KING i hope both wii motion pointing and touchscreen mouse are supported i dont fps or cam control via a second analog its old stale mechanical obsolete and restrictive IT IS NOT CORE to suggest such a thing is dualshock fanboying bullshit......

Anonymous said...

FPS control options.......classic pad,classic pad plus map screen,classic pad with DS like touchscreen stylus mouse,zapper,and of course wiimote and nunchuck .....gaming owned by the N

Anonymous said...

mouse = core having a wiimote and a stylus screen is 2 mouse options both core both lag free both easier to master and use than a pc mouse

RGB said...

I wasn't doubting the technology...just as a consumer product I think its highly unlikely :)

LookingglassHD said...

Sony is planning on using this technology as a consumer product. You can see them describe from 3.25 onwards in this video

“As you remove the need for a card. Then it completely is seamless. It really looks like you're looking at the real world but then suddenly there are extra things there.” Richard Marks – Senior Researcher at Sony.

Also, I stole the “looking glass into another world” bit from this video. To be honest, I'm not as imaginative as I am well researched.

Raphael said...

Iwata: "Whenever we make a new game console,
we've done it without throwing away buttons and
the directional pad. The reason for that it's better
to have them, because buttons and directional pads
benefit gameplay response. Taking this into account,
Nintendo isn't planning on completely ditching buttons,
nor is Nintendo thinking of taking tablets as they are
today and implementing them in a game console."


Anonymous said...

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it was excepted threw-out the hardcore land that a mouse like interface was the fps king

wii released into the world with a blindingly great mouse pointer






Anonymous said...

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let them auto aim aim assist there CODS and casmera control with a stick

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the ps3 x30 fans calling themselves core will not admit that auto aim aim assist and qick scoping is automated casual fps-ing

witch is exactly what it is

DS tactile touchscreen is clearly a core precision gaming tool as is the wii remote they also act as great screen navigators in web browsing and men selection and tv or screen control and amassing camera motion ccontrol

play fps on dual shocks second analog stick or even funnier use it or dualshocks d-pad to navigate a web browser HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A JOKE HARDCORES ARE

Falafelkid said...

Hi Anonymous.

sorry I meant debug unit, not dev kit.
I've seen a Gamecube debug unit myself and it looked identical to the Gamecube console, the only difference being the colour which was greenish if I recall correctly.

So it's most likely the debug unit sent to devs & publishers.

Why would debug units exist already? I am sure that they are never produced before a console is released. Debugs are used for the press to play preview and review copies. As far as the Wii successor is concerned, the press know nothing yet and will not receive debug units until launch. And developers use debug units to test near-final software in what pretty much is a final unit. But currently, there is no near-final software. And you can test just as well in the dev kits. They are only more expensive, the hardware is usually better than the final units and they have more uses. So, debugs will not exist until launch or later.

Why do people fake stuff like this? I guess you have not read my interview with Pablo Belmonte who produced the Nintendo ON video, which was a much more elaborate hoax than those pics here.

Anonymous said...

lolove mick, hope u enjoyed the food mate, glad u gained contact with your little girl on Saturday......and hilarious her mother the cow know has a colostomy bag GOD DOES WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS HA ha.....



RGB said...

Talking to yourself now or another split personality?

Unknown said...

New rumors from Swedish gaming site About
Nintendo Feel

use google translate
the rumor is in it´s original english

Raphael said...

Nintendo feel?

Raphael said...

Nintendo isn't planning on completely ditching buttons? Ok, this screen gives you as many buttons as you want; and where you want.

RGB said...

June cant come fast enough so we dont have to put up with all the stupidity.

I am not saying there wont be any touch sensitivity but the system will not be based on that concept primarily. And will not be called Nintendo Feel. Some people read too much into things. Theyre just another gaming site out for attention.

We go through all this rumour crap each generation. Nintendo are tight lipped and they only let people know what they want them to know when they want them to know, just like Apple does. I should hide for a month.

Unknown said...

Grandmaster B.

You are right. But the site just named the rumour Nintendo Feel, not the console. Maybe it got lost in the translation.

So, if the rumour is true or not, is just about a month away.

The site haven't posted any rumours before, and are the site of the biggest gaming magazine in sweden. So they don't wanna shame them selves with making something up.

But their source could be wrong of course.

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Anonymous said...

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